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8A Unit 7 期末复习卷


( )1. —What _____bad weather it is today! —Yes, _____weather makes me so sad.

A. a; a B. /; the C. /; / D.the;\

( )2."Our teachers always make their classes interesting and lively." The main structure of the sentence is _________.


( )3. — Look at the photo ofthe Browns. They are smiling __________.

— Yes. They must be feeling very __________.

A. happily; happy B. happily; happily C. happy; happy D. happy; happily

( )4. —Tom, what do you think of the school?

—Oh, no other school is__________ in the city. It’s__________ one.

A. better; a better B. the best; the best C. better; the best D. the best; a

( )5.In the past, few people knew that the earth _________ around the the sun.

A.moved B. moves C.was moving D.to move

( )6.Nothing serious.I only feel _____________ cold.

A. a few B. a little of C. a bit of D.a bit

( )7. —_________________? —It is sunny but a little windy.

A. How is the weather like today? B. How are you doing?

C. What fine weather! D. What is the weather like today ?

( )8. The__________ it is snowing, the happier the children become, because they can

make a snowman soon.

A. harder B. more hardly C. hardly D. hard

( )9. —What a heavy rain!Will it last long?

— ___________. We’re getting into the rainy season now.

A. Of course not B. I’m afraid so C. That’s impossible D. I’m afraid not

( )10. —Would you like to go fishing with me?

— I’d love to, __________ I have to stay at home __________ my illness(疾病).

A. and; because of B. or; because C. but; because of D.but; because

( )11. —I’m sorry .I__________ my exercise book at home.

—Don’t forget __________it here tomorrow, please.

A. forgot; to take B. forgot; to bring C. left; to take D. left; to bring

( )12. — I think the film a(n) _________one. How about you?

— I can’t agree more. It tells a long and boring story.

A. bored B. awful C. excellent D. exciting

( )13. Because of the rainstorm, the river_________a lot yesterday.

A. rose B. dropped C. raised D. fell

( )14.Many people would like to say, but _______ would like ________

A.a few, to do B. few, to sing C. few, to do D. a few, doing

( )15.The number of students in our school _________ 4000 and a number of them ______

good at playing pingpong.

A. is, is B are, are C. is, are D. are, is

( )16.What a nice time they had ______ together yesterday!

A. to play B. playing C. play D. played

( )17.Try to sing English songs, and you’ll find it easy ________ a foreign language.

A.learning B.learns C.learn D. to learn

( )18.I did my homework very __ ____, so my father looked ___ ___.

A. careless, angry B. carelessly, angrily

C. carelessly, angry D. careless, angrily

( )19. You look good ______red and blue looks nice _______you, too.


A. on, on B. in, in C. on, in D. in, on

( )20. —Is that book so boring?

—______________. You can know a lot about birds.

A. Yes, you’re right. B. I’m afraid so.

C. Not at all. D. Of course.


The bell rang loudly. Everybody packed their schoolbags and got ready to go home. When the 解散) the children, lined up in two rows and walked orderly to the school gate.

Usually David’s _ would take him home from school but today she was not there. _ no response(回答). Just as he was about to go to the nearby coffee shop where his father worked to _ in their house till his mother came back. David till evening when David’s mother came back.

David _ John and his family before he went back into his house. David’s _ David that she had a backache and she had to see a doctor. experience(经历)_, “Neighbors are people who help each other.”

( )1. A. teacher B. nurse C. worker D. farmer

( )2. A. he B. they C. she D. we

( )3. A. father B. neighbour C. mother D. doctor

( )4. A. before B. after C. when D. while

( )5 .A. window B. floor C. wall D. door

( )6. A. hoped B. thought C. said D. wanted

( )7. A. almost B. already C. still D. always

( )8. A. get B. make C. find D. buy

( )9. A. friendly B. angry C. lazy D. unhappy

( )10. A. to sit down B. to stay C. to come D. to drop

( )11. A. carefully B. quickly C. easily D. happily

( )12. A. called B. loved C. thanked D. visited

( )13. A. told B. answered C. asked D. kissed

( )14. A. From B. About C. To D. Of

( )15. A. word B. lesson C. sentence D. saying



1. House prices in our city (上升) by 3.2% last year.

(打仗) on snowy days.

3. The (温度) today is lower than it was yesterday.

4. The weather today is so(糟糕的).

(落下) from the tree and hit him on the head.

6. Look, there are so many colourful (蝴蝶) flying in front of us.


9. The drivers had to drive more slowly and carefully as it got much(shine) clothes and they look excited.

11. I don’t like Guo Jingming’s books. They make me(sleep).

(sudden) and we had no time to find cover.

(noise) here. Let’s find a quieter place to have a rest.

(harvest) crops when I arrived at the farm.


15. He is sitting in the armchair, (read) an interesting magazine.


You must hear about earthquakes,but do you know what to do during and after an earthquake?Here is some advice for you:

Before an earthquake. It is necessary to prepare yourself and your family. All family members should know how to turn off gas,water and electricity and know useful telephone numbers(doctor,hospital,police,119,etc).Never put heavy things over beds.

During the earthquake. It’s important to for each of you to stay calm. If you are indoors ,quickly move to a safe place in the room such as under a strong desk or a strong table. It can protect yourself from falling things. Stay away from windows ,large mirrors,heavy things and so on. If you are cooking,turn off the gas.

If you are outdoors,move to an open area like a playground. Move away from buildings,bridges and trees. If you are driving ,stop the car as soon as possible .Stay in your car.

After an earthquake. Once the shaking stops ,do not run out of the building at once. It’s better to wait and leave when it is safe.

Check around you and help the people in trouble. If your building is badly broken,you should leave it. If you smell or hear gas, get someone outside and open windows and doors. If

1.advice/suggestions 2. Prepare 3 forget 4. put/place/leave 5. During/In

6. Staying/Keeping 7.indoors 8. necessary/important 9.When/until 10. safe


on my new school uniform and looked at 3

and excited as well. I was excited that I looked forward to this day for a long time. I am a student of senior I was in a new school.I didn’t quite know about the teachers and students there. I was afraid that I couldn’ with them. What for the a good beginning in the new school.

Everyone was really sweet to me. Teachers were kind and to help me. I soon .

I believe I will have lots of fun from today on at this new school.

put, everything, worried, because, well;

grades, happy, make, ready, home


1.在下雪天我们在户外喜欢打雪仗,此外我们堆雪人并且用胡萝卜做雪人的鼻子。 2.哈尔滨的冬天白雪覆盖整个地面,气温通常在零度以下。







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