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Unit 3 重点 Topic 1

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Unit 3 重点 Topic 1

1. speak –spoke--spoken

说英语的国家:English speaking country 英语口语:spoken English/oral English

2. stick--stuck—stuck v.坚持 粘住 粘贴 n.棍子 枝条

stick to 坚持(某种观点、主张等),后接


stick on 把……粘在……

2. luck –lucky—luckily

3. one day 将来有一天/过去曾经有一天

4. be/get ready for 为…..做好准备

5. can’t wait to do sth. 迫不及待地做某事 can’t help doing sth. 忍不住做某事

6. have a good chance to do sth 有做某事的好机会

7. practice sth/doing sth 练习某事/做某事

8. throughout the world=all over the world 遍及全世界

9. try one’s best=do one’s best

try to do sth 努力做某事

try doing sth 试着做某事

10. 被广泛的使用: be widely used

11. be pleased with=be satisfied with 对…..满意

12. on business 出差

13. be similar to 和……一样

14. It’s possible that…..有可能….

It’s possible for sb. to do sth 做某事对于某人来说是可能的

15. If necessary=If it is necessary 如果可能的话

16. ask sb for help 请某人帮助

17. have trouble/difficulty doing sth做某事有困难

be in trouble 处在困难中

get into trouble 陷入困境

get out of trouble 走出困境

18. in general 一般说来

19. the first language 第一语言

20. after a while 过了一会儿

for a while 一会儿

all the while=all the time一直,总是

21. used as 用作

22. once in a while =sometimes 有时

23. A number of+名词作主语 谓语复数

24. The number of+名词作主语 谓语单数


25. e.g:Two thirds of the students a

分数+不可数名词,谓语用re League members

Two thirds of the water is clean.

26表示世纪:in the nineteenth century in the twenty-first century 表示在几世纪几十年代:in the 1860s

27. a powerful country 有实力的国家

28.take the leading position in the world在世界处于领先地位

29. as a result 因而

30.be required to do sth 被要求做某事

31. be regarded as =consider as=look on…as

=take… as=think of…as 被看作,被认为

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