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1. He likes swimming better than running. prefers to He _______ swimming _______ running. 2. We will not walk to the park. We will take a bus. instead of We will take a bus to the park _______ _______ walking. 3. He went to school with no breakfast. He went to school without breakfast. 4. I like English best. My favorite subject is English.

5. You should say no to smoking and drinking. up You should give smoking and drinking.
6. My father and my mother are both teachers. Both my father and my mother are teachers. 7. The man is over 70 years old. The man is more than seventy years old.

8. Uncle Wang got up early so that he could catch the first

bus. ? Uncle Wang got up early
the first bus.



to catch

9. Mike prefers swimming to playing basketball.

Mike prefers to swim instead
It takes me an hour The book cost to


playing basketball.

10. I spend an hour doing my homework every day. do my homework every day. 11. I spent ¥30 on the book last week. me ¥30 last week. I paid ¥30 for the book last week. 12. Bob is good at drawing. Bob does well in drawing. 13. Tomorrow we will fly to Beijing. Tomorrow we will go to Beijing


air/plane .

14. They arrived in London yesterday evening. to London yesterday evening. They got 15. They had a good time at the garden party. had fun They enjoyed themselves at the garden party.

16. Would you mind if I somke here? Would you mind my smoking here?
17. His mother often asks him not to play computer games. His mother oftenstops him from playing computer games. 18. You pass me the ball like this. You pass the ball to me like this. 19. What other places would you like to go to?



would you like to go?

20. What’s the meaning of this word? What does this word mean ?

21. I often help him and he often helps me,too.

We often help each


. the help of me.

22. I could answer the questions because he helped me. I could answer the questions with

23. They learn teamwork is very important. learn It is important for them to
24. We are sure that we will win next time. win next time. We are sure to 25. Could you please help me? Could you please give me





26. Could you please not speak loudly? speaking loudly? Would you mind not 27. He’s very sorry for his words. He’s very sorry for what he said .

28. I will do my best to learn English well. I will try my best to learn English well.

30. He took an active part in sports in his childhood.
He took an active part in sports when he was 31. It’s my first time to take part in the high jump. a child.

I took part in the high jump for 32. No one can do it.
is able to do it. 33. What’s wrong with you? What’s the matter with you? 34. I want to eat some hot dogs. I would I feel like like No one



time .

to eat some hot dogs. eating some hot dogs.

35. You should take care of yourself. You should look after yourself. 36. Please write down your answers as fast as possible. can . Please wr

ite down your answers as fast as you 37. She will do it in a minute. (同义句) at once She will do it _________ _________. 38. I saw him at that time. He was smoking. (同义句) I saw him smoking at that time. 39. How do you like this city? (同义句) ______ do you ________ ________ this city? 40. I had a good time at the party. (同义句)

I ________ _________ at the party.
41.They’re sure that they will win. (同义句) They’re sure ________ __________ next time.

42. You must take care of yourself.(改为同义句) You _______ ______ take care of yourself. 43. How about going with me?(改为同义句) _______ _______ go with me? 44. She was so weak that she couldn’t carry the heavy box. (同义句) She was _____ weak _____ carry the heavy box. 45.What’s wrong with you? (同义句) ________ the _______ with you? 46. Please take care of yourself when your mother isn’t in. Please _______ _______ yourself when your mother isn’t in. 47. We all like Ms Jones. (同义句) We are all _____ _____ Ms Jones.

48. Tom borrowed lots of money from his sister. (同义句)
Tom’s sister ________ lots of money ________ him. 49. 51. Can you help me? (同义句) Can you ______ me a ______? 50. There are over 1,000 students here. (同义句) There are ______ _____ 1,000 students here. 51. I can’t decide if I can join in your party tomorrow. (同义句)

I can’t decide

I can join in your party tomorrow

52. There is much homework for me to do. (同义句)


much homework


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