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Ⅰ.听力部分(每小题1分,共20分) A)听对话回答问题。(读两遍) 1. Where are the speakers talking? A. In a park. B. In a library. 2. Where is Mr Qiu now? A. He is in Guilin. B. He is in Guiyang. 3. What colour does Mary like best? A. Green. B. Red. 4. How is the weather now? A. It’s rainy. B. It’s windy. 5. What does the man want to do this afternoon? A. To play ping-pong. B. To play badminton. 6. What are they talking about? A. A basketball match. B. A football match. 7. What will the woman do? A. Close the window. B. Go out with the man. C. Open the window.

8. What present did the girl get from her father? A. A bike. B. A camera. 9. How many times has the man been to Japan? A. Never. B. Once. 10. How often does Jim go to see his dentist? A. Every four months. B. Every three months. C. Every two months. B)听对话和短文回答问题。(读两遍) 听第一段对话,回答11~12小题。 11. How is the weather? A. It’s sunny. B. It’s raining. 12. What TV programme will they watch? A. CCTV news. B. A chat show. 听第二段对话,回答13~15小题。 13. Where will they stay in New York? A. In the hotel. B. At the man’s friend’s house. 14. How will they go to New York? A. By train. B. By plane. 15. When will they leave for New York? A. On Saturday morning. B. On Sunday morning. C. On Saturday afternoon. 听一篇短文,回答16~20小题。

16. How many students answered the question? A. More than 600. B. About 300.

C. In a bookstore. C. He is in Guangzhou. C. Blue. C. It’s cloudy. C. To play volleyball. C. A film.

C. A watch. C. Twice.

C. It’s snowing. C. The World Cup.

C. At Sally’s uncle’s. C. By car.

C. About 100.

17. What do about half the students most worry about?

A. Making friends. B. Their homework.

C. Their appearance.

18. What does the speaker advise Alan to do?

A. To work hard at school. B. To be strict with himself.

C. To learn to be more relaxed.

19. How old is Jenny?

A. 15. B. 14. C. 13.

20. What does Jenny want to do?

A. To talk with her teacher. B. To spend more time on study.

C. To join some clubs and make more friends.


21. —What are you going to be when you grow up?

—I hope to be _______ astronaut.

A. a B. the C. an D. /

22. —I can’t decide _______ to go to Suzhou for a trip.

—Why not take a train there?

A. that B. when C. how D. what

23. —Mum, I wonder if you _______ me to the park this weekend.

—If I _______ free, I will take you there.

A. take; am B. will take; will be C. will take; am D. take; will be

24. We should practice ________ English as much as possible.

A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. speaks

25. —Could you get to the park before 3 o’clock?

—_______. I’m still at the meeting then.

A. I think so B. Yes, I could C. I’m afraid not D. I’m afraid so

26. —Must I park my car behind the building?

—No, you _______. You _______ park it here.

A. mustn’t; may B. may not; must C. don’t have to; may D. shouldn’t; must

27. If we cut down too many trees, this area will turn to be a _______.

A. valley B. mountain C. desert D. waterfall

28. The red pencil is ________ than the green one.

A. short B. shorter C. nice D. the shortest

29. I’m sure _______ he will keep a secret for you for he’s a true friend.

A. what B. when C. where D. that

30. I love this song by Lady Gaga. Would you ________ the TV a bit, please? I can’t hear it


A. turn on B. turn off C. turn up D. turn down

31. _______ I got up early,_______ I didn’t catch the early bus, so I got to school late.

A. Though; but B. Although; but C. Although;/ D. Because; yet

32. You won’t make success in your studies _______ you work hard.

A. unless B. if C. when D. after

33. Some students usually stay up late to prepare for the coming exam _______ get good

results in the exam.

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