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A: Hello,Zhao Lin!

Do you like sports / exercising


B: Yes, I like exercising very much.

What sport favorite sport? A: Oh, that is why you look so healthy. What’s yourdo you like best ?
B: I like playing basketball best.

What about you


A: I don’t like to exercise. I like to stay at home and listen to music. B: But I think exercising keeps us healthy. A: Yes, maybe you are right. How often do you play basketball B: I play basketball four times a week. If you like, you can join us. ?

A: Thank you

. I’d like to exercise with you tomorrow.

A: Your room is too dirty, Mike. Could you please clean it? B:

I’m sorry

. I’ll do it right away.

A: Mike, could you give me a hand? B: Sure, What is it ?

A: I need to move these books to my room. But they’re too heavy for me. Do you mind helping me do it? B: Of course not . Where should I put these books?

A: Put them here, please. B: OK. A: Thank you very much . ?

Do you mind my I borrow a book B: You’re welcome. Do you mind if borrowing a book
A: Certainly not. You can borrow any book you like. B:Thanks.


What are you plan toto do What do you going do


B: I have no idea now. What’s your plan? A: The American movie, Iron Man 3, is on. I’m going to watch it this Sunday.

Would you like to go with me
B: I’d like to. When to meet meet When shall we

? ?

A: What about 6:00 p.m.?
B: I think 5:00 p.m. is better. We can go home earlier after the movie.

Where to we meet A: OK. Where shall meet
B: Outside the cinema. A: OK. See you then. B:


See you (then)


do you going do tomorrow A: Hello, Li Ming! What are you plan toto do tomorrow ?
B: I’m going to watch a basketball game tomorrow. It’s between China and the USA.

Would you mind (my) with with A: Sounds great! Would you mind if I gogoingyou you ?
B: Certainly not. I’m glad to go there with you.

When shall we A: When to meet meet
B: Let’s meet at 2:30. A: OK.


Where to meet meet Where shall we


B: How about my home? And we can go there by bus together. A: That’s fine. B: See you.

See you then


A: Hi, Paul ! It’s time for dinner. B:

I don’t feel like eating anything


A: Why don’t you feel like eating anything? What’s wrong with you? B: I have a stomachache.

A: When did it start
B: About half an hour ago.


A: Do you need to see a doctor? B:

No, I don’t

. It’s not so serious.

A: Take some medicine and have a good sleep. B:Thank you.

You’ll get well soon


A: Hello, John! You look weak today.

What’s wrong with you ?

B: I have a stomacheache and can’t eat anything. A: I’m sorry to hear that.

Did you go to see a doctor


B: Yes, I went to see a doctor this morning. A: What did the doctor say ?

B: The doctor said I ate too much ice cream.
A: Oh, I see. You must have healthy habits to keep fit. B: Yes, you’re right. Do / Can / Will you give me some advice A: Yes, you should eat less ice cream, drink more water and take more exercise. B: All right. Thank yo

u very much . A: You’re welcome. ?

A: Hello ! Could I speak to Jason? B: Hello!

This is Jason speaking

. Who is that?

A: This is John. Do you have any plans for this Saturday?
B: No, I don’t. What’s up? A: I am going to see Li Ming in the hospital.Would you like to go with me ? B: Yes, I’d love to.

What’s wrong with him


A: He hurt his leg when he played football yesterday. B: I’m sorry to hear that. What did the doctor say A: The doctor said he had to stay in hospital for a month. B: I believe he will get well soon. ?


I hope so


A: Hello! B: Hello! This is Li Ming. Who is that? A: This is Wang Qiang speaking.



B: See a movie this afternoon? I’d love to, but I have to see a doctor.

B: I have a cold today. A: B: Yes, I will.


. You should look after yourself well.

A: Drink more water and have a good rest. I hope you will get well soon. B: .

A: What were you doing at this time last night ? B: I was watching a Harry Potter movie at this time last night. A: I saw it last week. It’s wonderful. B: I don’t agree ( with you ). / I disagree (with you) . A: Why? Isn’t it interesting ? B: No, INo, it isn’t. so . I think it is just so-so. But don’t think I enjoy the music. It is very pleasant ! A: I agree with you . Do you like Harry Potter ? I think he is cute. B: I don’t know about that, but I think he is very brave. A: Hmm, you are quite right .

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