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Ⅰ. 听力原文


1. W: May I borrow two books about science?

M: Sure. Here you are.

2. M: Hello! May I speak to Mr Qiu?

W: Sorry! He has gone to Guiyang, and he will come back in a week.

3. M: You look so nice in green, Mary.

W: Thank you. But red is my favourite.

4. M: Look at the dark clouds!

W: Oh, dear, let’s go back home.

5. W: Why not play ping-pong this afternoon?

M: I’m afraid I’m not good at it. I’d rather play volleyball.

6. W: Did you watch the game yesterday?

M: Yes. My favourite football team lost the game and it made me really sad.

7. W: Excuse me, but it’s a bit hot here. Do you mind if I open the window?

M: Of course not. I feel a little hot, too.

8. W: My father spent 388 yuan buying a watch as my birthday present.

M: How lucky you are!

9. W: Have you ever been to Japan before?

M: Yes, I have. I’ve been there once with my parents.

10. W: I go to see the dentist every four months. What about you, Jim?

M: I see my dentist every two months.



W: It’s raining outside. What shall we do?

M: Let’s watch TV.

W: OK. Here’s the TV guide. Let me see. . . Do you want to watch cartoons?

M: No. What else is on?

W: There’s CCTV news and a few chat shows.

M: How about sports?

W: Oh, the World Cup has begun. Let’s watch it.

M: OK. I love football!


M: Would you like to go to New York with me over Christmas, Sally?

W: Yes, I’d love to. But where will we stay?

M: At a friend’s house. I always stay with him and there’s a room for you, too.

W: OK. Will he mind?

M: Of course not. He is looking forward to seeing you.

W: Will we drive to New York?

M: Yes, it takes about six hours. Let’s leave on Saturday morning. OK?

W: No problem. See you then.


Many students begin to worry when a new school year starts. We asked our readers about their problems. More than six hundred students replied to us. About half the students said they worry most about homework. And about one hundred students said they worry most about making friends. Some students also worry about their appearance. Fifteen-year-old Alan said, “I feel really bad if I don’t do well in the exams. ”Alan is strict with himself. Students like him should learn to be more relaxed. Fourteen-year-old Jenny said, “I’m going to try to make new friends. It’s important to have more friends. I should join some clubs. ” What are your problems? You can write to tell us about them.

1~5 BBBCC 6~10 BCCBC 11~15 BCBCA 16~20 ABCBC

Ⅱ. 21. C astronaut 以元音音素开头,故其前用an。

22. C 由答语“为什么不乘火车去那里呢?”可知空格处表示“方式”,故用how。

23. C 主句是一般现在时,宾语从句可根据需要用任何时态,由句子的时间状语this weekend


24. B practice doing sth.为固定用法,意为“练习做某事”。

25. C 由答语后句“那时我还在开会”可知此处应使用否定回答。故选C。

26. C 以must开头的一般疑问句,其否定回答常用needn’t或don’t have to;第二个空表示许


27. C 由常识可知,如果我们砍伐太多的树,土地会变成沙漠,故选desert。

28. B 由标志词“than”及语境可知,此处表示两者比较,故用比较级形式。

29. D 由句意可知,从句没有疑问的意思,故用that连接。

30. C turn on“打开”;turn off“关上”;turn up“调大(收音机、煤气等)”;turn down“调

小(收音机、煤气等)”。由I can’t hear it clearly.可知,希望对方把声音调大。故选C。

31. C though/although与but不能同时使用,故排除A、B两项;D项与句意不符,故选C。

32. A 由句意“除非你努力学习,否则你将不会在学习方面获得成功”可知用unless。

33. C in order to do sth. “为了做某事”。

34. D 先行词指人,且引导词在从句中作主语,故选D。

35. D feel在此作连系动词。连系动词无被动语态,不能用于进行时。主语是不可数名词,


Ⅲ. 36. A 从下文“We’ll have breakfast when. . . ”推知此处应填before。

37. C 根据or“否则”推知此处需要填terrible,表示交通堵塞。

38. D 根据上下文意思可知此处应该是“当我们到达海边时”,故填get to。

39. B 从后句Dad started driving及In the front of the car. . . 推知,此处填car。

40. B “听音乐”用listen to music。

41. D 从上句“你不必开得那么快”推知“时间还早”。

42. A traffic为不可数名词,排除C、D两项;much too意为“非常,太”,修饰形容词或副

词;too much“太多”,修饰不可数名词,故选A。

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