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1.We will stay at home instead of ____ . A. walking B. to walk C. walk D. walks 2. -What 's wrong with you? -It’s ___ . A. nothing serious B. serious nothing C. serious something D. serious everything 3. We should take care ____ ourselves. A. to B. with C. of D. for 4. -Would you mind ___ here? -Sorry, I’ll go ___. A. my smoking … somewhere else B. not smoking … somewhere other C. not to smoke … else somewhere D. not smoking … other anywhere 5. I will ask my father to give up ________. A. smoke B. smoking C. smokes D. to smoke 6. James is ________ boy. A. a 18-month-old B. a 18 months old C. an 18-month-old D. an 18-months-old

7. You kept me _______so long. A. waiting B. to wait C. am waiting D.wait 8. -Must I finish my homework before I go home? -No, you _____. But you ____finish it before tomorrow. A mustn’t; must B needn’t; must C must; mustn’t D needn’t’ mustn’t 9. As we know, ______is good exercise and it is necessary for health A. walk B. to walk C. walking D. walked 10.-You look ____. Can you tell me why you are so happy? -Sure. There will be anther ____relay race in the afternoon. A. excite; exciting B. excited; exciting C. exciting; excited D. excited; excite 11.–I think he will do ____next time. -- I think so. A. good B. better C. best D the best

12.There ____ a football game next week. A. is going to have B. will be C. will is D. are going to be 13.--___ do you ___the medicine? -- Three times a day. A. How often…eat B. How many times…take C. How often…take D. How long…have 14. You look pale.You’d better ___ to see a doctor. A. to go B. going C.go D.went 15. ____ the window, I saw a boy running on the playground. A.On B.Across C.Through D.Over 16.___ girls took part in the singing competition,but only a few of them succeeded(成功). A.Thousand of. B. Many thousands of C.Thousands D. A few thousands of

17.–I hear a horse has twelve ____ . Is that right? --I’m not sure.You can ask Mrs.Han. A.tooths B.teeth C.tooth D.teeths 18.—Did she go to school when she was young? —No,she taught ______ at home. A. her B. herself C. hers D.it 19. You’d better ___ too much meat. You are much too fat. A. not eat B. eat C. not to eat D. don’t eat 20. Don’t worry. We have ___ time to catch the train. A. enough B. a few C. little D. lot of 21.Sally sings very ___ and she is also ___ at dancing. A.well…well B.good..good C.good…well D.well…good 22. It’s hot here. Please keep the windows _______. A.closing B.open C.closed D.opened

23.You ___ wash your hands before meals. A.may B.can C.have to D.must 24.--I’m sorry to keep you waiting for me so long. --____. A. I don’t think so. B. Don’t say so. C. It doesn’t matter. D. I’d love to. 25.Do you prefer ____? A.skate B.skates C.skating D.skated 26. My mother often tells me ___ my classmates when they need. A.help B.to help C.helping D.helps 27. I didn’t know it ____ you told me. A.if B.because C.until D.after 28. I think ____ our duty to

keep our classroom clean and tidy. A. this B. that C. it’s D.one 29.—____ can I keep the books? —Two weeks. A.How long B.How often C.How far D.How soon

30.--Which do you prefer, milk or coffee? --I prefer coffee ___ milk. A. to B. than C. on D. for 31. Eating ____ fast food is not good for your health. A. too little B. much too C. too many D. too much 32. would you mind making ___ the foreign people after games? A. friend with B. a friend C. friends with D. friends 33. On my way ____ home, I met an old friend of mine. A. to B. / C. at D. of 34. I am not good ___ English. Will you please help me ___ it? A. with … at B. at … to C. at …with D. for…for 35. Close the windows! It’s windy. It______. A. rained B. rain C. is going to rain D. will to rain

36. You should do ___ best ___ your work on time(按时). A. yours … finishing B. yourselves … to finish C. your … to finish D. you …to finishing 37. He is ___ to take care of himself. A. enough old B. enough C. old enough D. old too 38. Both my father and my mother teachers. A. are B. is C. be D. am 39. Charlie ________ here next month. A. isn’t working B. doesn’t working C. isn’t going to working D. won’t work 40. He ____ very busy this week, he ____ free next week. A. will be; is B. is; is C. will be; will be D. is; will be

41. –________ you ________ free tomorrow? – No. I ________ free the day after tomorrow. A. Are; going to; will B. Are; going to be; will C. Are; going to; will be D. Are; going to be; will be 42. Mother ________ me a nice present on my next birthday. A. will gives B. will give C. gives D. give 43. – Shall I buy a cup of tea for you? –________. (不,不要。) A. No, you won’t. B. No, you aren’t. C. No, please don’t. D. No, please. 44. He ________ there at ten tomorrow morning. A. will B. is C. will be D. be

45. – Will his parents go to see the Terra Cotta Warriors tomorrow? –No, ________ (不去). A. they willn’t. B. they won’t. C. they aren’t. D. they don’t. 46. Who ____ we ____ swimming with tomorrow afternoon? A. will; to go B. do; go C. will; going D. shall; go 47. We ________ the work this way next time. A. do B. will do C. am going to do D. will doing 48. Tomorrow he ________ a kite in the park first, and then ________ boating in the river. A. will fly; will go B. will fly; goes C. is going to fly; will goes D. flies; will go

49. It ________ the year of the horse next year. A. is going to be B. is going to C. will be D. will is 50.The day after tomorrow they ________ a volleyball match. A. will watching B. watches C. is watching D. are going to watch 51. They ________ an English evening next Sunday. A. are having B. are going to have C. will having D. is going to have 52. If it ________ tomorrow, we’ll go roller-skating. A. isn’t rain B. won’t rain C. doesn’t rain D. doesn’t fine 53. He ________ to us as soon as he gets there. A. writes B. has written C. will write D. wrote

54. I saw him

basketball at four o’clock yesterday afternoon. A. to play B. playing C. play D. to playing 55. I often see him basketball after class. A. to play B. playing C. play D. to playing 56. Would you like or ? A. to eat ... to drink B. eat ... to drink C. eat ... drink D. to eat ... drink 57. Would you like English with me? A. help B. helping C. to help D. to helping 58. Are you going basketball this afternoon? A. playing B. to play C. play D. played 59. the students in our class sixty-five. A. A number of … is B. A number of … are C. The number of … are D.The numbers of … is


I hope our team . A. will win B. to win C. win D. winning 61. The Olympic Games are held four years. A. each B. every C. other D. another 62. —Would you like to go skating with me? — . A. Yes, I think so B. No, thanks C. Yes, I'd love to D. I'm afraid not 63. Mike is going to visit our school Monday morning. A. at B. in C. on D. for 64. --Which subject does she prefer, English or Chinese? -. Because she is very good at them. A. English B. Chinese C. Both D. She prefers English

65. I prefer green tea coffee.. A. to B. of C. for D. at 66. Jane’s mother preferred_______ TV at home to_______ to the concert. A. to watch ...go B. watching ...going C. watching ...go D. to watch ...going 67.Jane’s mother preferred_______ TV at home rather than _______ to the concert. A. to watch ...go B. watching ...going C. watching ...go D. to watch ...going 68. Jane’s mother preferred_______ TV at home instead of _______ to the concert. A. to watch ...go B. watching ...going C. watching ...go D. to watch ...going 69. Sleeping nine hours a night is children. A. bad for B. good for C. good at D. bad to

70. Michael seldom goes out to play because he has friends here. A. quite a few B. quite a lot of C. very few D. very little 71. They spend much time TV last night. A. watches B. watched C. watching D. to watch 72. My friends and I often play basketball Saturday afternoon. A. on B. in C. at D. of 73. Running every day me very healthy. A. makes B. make C. to make D. making 74. She goes twice a week . A. swimming B. swiming C. to swimming D. swims

75. You know, Ann is very good at baseball. A. play B. playing C. played D. plays 76. We are sure English well. A. study B. to study C. studying D. to studying 77. It takes me two hours every day. A. in exercising B. to exercise C. exercising D. exercise 78. This kind of bike ¥1500. A. spends B. costs C. takes D. cost 79. She cycling twice a week and mountain climbing next Sunday. A. goes ... goes B. goes ... is going C. go ... will go D. will go ... will go

80.-do you do exercise? -- Once a day. A. How long B. How soon C. How often 81. -is it from our school to my home? --It is two li away. A. How far B. How long C. How much 82. -subjects do you have ? -- Seven. A. How many B. How long C. How much 83. -will he come back ? ---I will come back in a week. A. How long B. How soon C. How often 84. -is Yao Ming? --He’s 2.26 meters

tall. A. How tall B. How old C.How high 85. She likes swimming very much and it is a good way fit. A. keep B. to keep C. keeping

86. Walking after supper can make me . A. relaxing B. to relax C. relax 87. I like listening to music before I go to bed and it can help me well . A. sleeping B. to sleep C. to sleeping 88. Playing soccer is good our health. A. at B. for C. to 89. Swimming helps us strong. A. to make B. making C. made 90. –We are going to have a basketball game against Class One this weekend. --Really? I am going to . A. cheer you on B. cheer you at C. cheer on you D. cheer at you

91. We can see the old people Tai Chi (太极拳) every morning. A. plays B. playing C. play D. to play 92. –Which subject do you prefer, English or maths? --I English maths. A. prefer … on B. prefer … to C. prefer … on D. prefer … for 93. My sister Dingning best and she wants to be a table tennis player her. A. likes ; likes B. like ; like C. likes ; like D. like ; likes 94.–How often do you have a basketball game in your school ? -. A. Two a month B. Twice a month C. Twice D. Two

95. –There a wonderful movie tomorrow. Would you like to watch it with me? --Sure, I’d like to. A. is going to have B. is going to be C. will have D. is 96.Toney Shanghai with his father yesterday. He looked very excited. A. arrive at B. arrive in C. arrived at D. arrived in 97.-are you going to stay in Japan? --For two weeks. A. How long B. How soon C. How often D. When 98. Mum and I for Beijing next month. A. leaves B. left C. leave D. are leaving

99.David Beckham and his team are going to play Japan’s national team the day after tomorrow. A. for B. at C. against D. to 100. Do you like playing soccer? A. a B. an C. the D. ? 102. We are going to have soccer game against Class Five on Saturday. A. a B. an C. the D. ? 103. It’s too late. Don’t keep him for you so long. A. wait B. waiting D. to wait 104. Summer holiday is coming. What is your plan the holiday? A. to B. for C. with D. in 105. Mr Smith and three teachers are from Australia. A. else B. other C. other’s C. else’s

106. Could you please loudly(大声地)? We can’t hear you. A. to speak B. speak C. speaking D. not speak 107. Would you mind the window for me? I feel a little cold. A. opening B. closing C. to open D. to close 108. Miss Yang feels because of the heavy work. A. healthy B. fit C. ill D. strong 109.—Would you like to go shopping with me? --Sorry, I have to do. A. something else B. else something C. else anything D. anything else 11O. -- Would you mind not smoking here? -. A. Not at all B. Of course not C. OK, I will. D. Sorry, I won’t.

111. 1. This is father. A. Tom and Mike’s B. Tom’s and Mike C. Tom’s and Mike’s 112. Why was your mother angry you yesterday? A. with B. about C. at 113. You shouldn’t shout him because he is your grandpa. A. at B. to C. for 114. -- What stories do you know about our English teacher? --Nothing . A. other … other B. el

se … else C. other … else D. else … other 115 What about basketball with me? A. playing B. to playing C. play 116. I exercise every day and Mike , too. A. exercises B. do C. does

117. A large number of children watching TV. My son does, too. A. likes B. like C. liked D. to like 118. I am sorry what I said just now. A. for B. to C. at 119. Close the windows before you the room in a minute. A. will leave B. leave C. are leaving 120. Could you please pass your pen me ? A. for B. to C. with 121. –I am sorry for losing your pen. -. I have another one. A. It’s nothing B. You’re welcome C. Don’t say sorry to me D. All right 122. the help of Maria, I learn to swim. A. With B. Under C. At D. For

123. Jane and Maria are sure good friends. A. to be B. be C. being D. to being 124. –Can you play football? --Yes, I can, I can’t play it very well. A. or B. and C. but D. so 125. –Would you mind if I sit here? -. It’s for Mr. White. A. Not at all B. Never mind C. Better not D. Of course not 126. I will finish my homework on time. A. to do B. do C. doing D. did 127. Tom was late for school, his teacher was angry with him. A. so B. because C. but D. or

128. Our English teacher would like us English every day. A. to practice speaking B. to practice to speak C. practicing speaking D. practicing to speak 129. --Don’t throw bottles around. -. A. Sorry, I don’t again B. No, I won’t C. Sorry, I won’t D. I hope not. 130. I want to make a big cake my grandfather. A. to B. for C. in D. of 131. The TV shows are more and more persons famous stars. A. turning ... down B. turning ... on C. turning ... off D. turning ... into 132. Most children play the ball fun. A. for B. to C. with D. of

133. Let’s sit the table and sing a birthday song for her. A. with B. into C. around D. against 134. There are fishes in the river. A. three hundreds B. three hundreds of C. hundred of D. hundreds of 135. What do we get food? A. of B. from C. into D. to 136. I like drinks, juice and Coke. A. as B. such as C. for D. for example 137. Mr. Li was angry A him coming late to school. A. with … for B. at … for C. about … to D. for … of 138. –Would you mind closing the door? -. A. Never mind B. It doesn’t matter C. No, thanks D. Certainly not

139. –We are going to have a soccer game. Will you join us? -. A. I’d be glad to B. I hope not C. Not at all D. It’s nothing 140. The little girl has fun songs. A. sing B. to sing C. sang D. singing 141. They often study by with a group. A. working B. to work C. work D. worked 142. You must stop her them the bad news. A. to tell B. telling C. to telling D. told 143. China is a country a long history. A. on B. with C. for D. in 144. Mike threw his dog the river and it came out of the water soon. A. in B. to C. into D. through

145. Do you enjoy TV in the evening ? A. to watch B. watching C. watched D. watch 146. Mr. Smith is one of the most popular in our school. A. teachers B. teacher C. teacher’s D. t

eachers’ 147. Michael practices more he will do better next time. A. when B. if C. so that D. because 148. It is difficult them the baseball game. A. for ... winning B. of ... to win C. for ... to win D. for ... win 149. It's very nice you me. A. of … to help B. for … to help C. of … helping D. for … helping 150. She is a girl eleven years old. A. with B. of C. in D. for

149. She keeps on playing soccer fall over强调的是“向前摔倒、跌倒”。 herself strong. advise A. make B. to make C. makes D. making She fell over and broke her leg. 她跌倒并把腿摔断了。 1、其名词是advice [U] 150. Basketball and football my favorite sports. fall down强调的是“滑倒、倒下”,后接宾语时应加上介词from。 A. all hit C. are both 2、常用句型 tree to are The boy are the B. both hard that he fell down. D. are all 151. May I ask + doing sth. 建议做某事 two days’ leave? ①advise 男孩重重地撞在树上,结果自己倒下了。 A. for B. + sb + to do sth.建议某人做某事 of C. to D. with ② advise fall off强调的是“跌落、从……掉下来”,后直接接宾语。 152. I am sorry you that my grandmother is ill. The girl fell off the bike. A. telling B. to tell C. to telling D. tell = The girl fell down from the bike. 153. I advised home at once. 那女孩从自行车上摔下来。 A. going B. to go C. went D. go 154. I advised him home at once. A. going B. to go C. went D. go 155. Mike fell his bike and hurt himself yesterday. A. from B. off C. down D. for

156. We bought some fruit for . A. us B. themselves C. ourselves D. they 157. Don’t get off the bus it stops. A. after B. until C. when D. because 158. She needs after his mother at home. A. looking B. to look C. to looking D. look 159. The children are too young, so they need care of. A. take B. taking C. to take D. to taking 160. Now it is very cold in the night. Please close your windows when . A. to sleep B. sleeping C. sleep D. to sleep 161. We should exercise often in order healthy. A. to be B. being C. be D. are 162. is important for your health. A. Happy B. Happily C. Happiness D. Happier

163. Can I take a message you? A. to B. for C. with D. by 164. We often exercise ? A. build up us B. to build us up C. building us up D. to building up us 165. You should say no to smoking and . A. drink B. to drink C. drinking D. to drinking 166. He will call us as soon as he in Beijing. A. arrive B. will arrive C. arrives D. is arriving 167. I must tell him in the street. A. not playing B. play C. not to play D. playing 168. late is bad for your . A. Staying up … healthy B. Staying up … health C. To stay up … healthily D. To stay out … health 169. We will go and cheer them on tomorrow. A. can B. be able to C. are able to D. able to

170. It’s our first time this museum. A. visit B. to visit C. to visiting D. visiting 171. The bad weather may stop us from basketball. A. plays B. playing C. play D. played 172. One of

my favorite basketball Michael Jondan. A. stars are B. stars is C. star is D.star are 173. The teacher is not sure my answer. A. of B. with C. for D. to 174. Fast food will make you fat and . A. health B. healthy C. unhealthy D. unhealthily 175. We can’t live water air. A. with … and B. without … or C. without … and D. with … or 176. Smoking can cause many to people. A. ill B. illness C. illnesses D. illes

177. -- May I ask you questions? -- Sure, go ahead. A. any B. some C. something D. anything 178. We should keep our classroom every day. A. cleaning B. clean C. to clean D. cleans 179. Sorry, I forgot your bike to you on time. A. return B. returning C. to return D.returned 180. Not only the students but also the teacher to follow the school rules. A. have B. has C. haves D. having 181. I can’t finish my homework the help of you. A. with B. without C. under D. to 182. He always uses the computer him to study. A. to help B. helping C. helps D. help 183. accident Michael found the cabbage was delicious. A. By B. In C. With D. At

184. What do you usually have breakfast? A. with B. for C. in D. of 185. Jane’s mother always forces her milk. A. drink B. to drink C. drinking D. drinks 186. During my childhood, mother often me,―Exercise a lot.‖ A. told B. said C. spoke D. talked 187. She mustn’t eat candy ice cream. A. too much … and B. too many … or C. much too … and D. too much … or 188. I had milk and bread. A. two glass of … a piece of B. two glasses of … two pieces of C. a glass of … two piece of D. a glass … a piece

189. Our class teacher made them A some cleaning yesterday. A. do B. to do C. doing D. did 190. Mike was surprised A that it was delicious. A. to find B. finding C. find D. found 191. I’m reading an article about smoking the newspaper. A. in B. on C. to D. over 192. Let’s practice A pairs. A. in B. with C. for D. to 193. I will give him the message by B . A. me B. myself C. my D. meself 194. Why C your classmates for help? A. not to ask B. not asking C. not ask D. to ask 195. Some students like English and C like physics. A. other B. the others C. others D. another

196. This shirt is too large for me. Please show me C . A. other B. the other C. another D. others 197. I have two pens. One is blue and B is black. A. other B. the other C. another D. others 198. Their school rules are different from the C in our school. A. them B. one C. ones D. it 199. My friend has invited me to his party, so I B go now. A. must B. have to C. can D. may 200. –I am leaving home this afternoon. --Really? Why so D ? A. fast B. quickly C. quick D. soon 201. –When shall we meet, Susan? --Let’s D it six o’clock. A. have B. get C. do D. make

202. –I can’t find my book. Wherer is it? --Don’t worry. It must be C in your room. A. anywhere B. nowhere C. somewhere D. everywhere 203. --Are you free now? I have D to tell you. A. new anything B. new something C. anything new D. something new 204. The man f

elt tired, D he didn’t lie down for a rest. A. so B. and C. or D. but 205. The sunlight came into the room B the window. A. past B. through C. across D. in 206. It’s very cold. Don’t go out B your coat. A. with B. without C. for D. in

208. The old lady has C , but she isn’t . A. enough money … enough happy B. money enough … happily enough C. enough money … happy enough D. money enough … enough happy 209. D you don’t feel well, you need to see a doctor. A. If B. When C. What D. Both A and B 210. My bike is broke. I A walk to school. A. have to B. must C. has to D. need 211. I have a bad cold. I want to ask for C leave. A. two days B. a two-days C. a two-day D. two-day 212. My mother often A an hour on housework every day. A. spends B. pays C. takes D. uses 213. –Do you skate C ? --No, seldom. A. many B. more C. much D. most

214. Satying in bed is better than on the farm. A. to work B. working C. works D. work 215. It is possible every student use computers in China in the future. A. to make B. make D. get 以字母0结尾的词复数 C. to get 216. My teacher gives photos ; of goodzoos on how to me lots zoo — 1. photo — remember new words. 2. hero — heroes ; potato — potatoes A. advices B. information tomato D. suggestion — tomatoes C. advice 217. We aren’t sure he will agree with us. A. if B. that C. or D. what 218. He visited the Great Wall and took many . A. photo B. photos C. photoes D. picture 219. This question is more difficult than that one. A. many B. much C. so D. too

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