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1. My favorite player is Liu Xiang. (对划线部分提问) _________ _________ your favorite player? 2. I have a toothache.(对划线部分提问)

______ ____ with you ?
3. They will leave for Beijing tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句) _________ __________ leave for Beijing tomorrow?

4. Lucy is going to be a dancer. ( 改为否定句))
. 5. You’d better go to see your friend now.(改为否定句)

You ______ ______ ______ go to se your friend now.
6. I’m feeling very well now.(对画线部分提问) _______ _______ you feeling now?

7. I do morning exercises for half an hour every day.(同上) ______ _____ do you do morning exercises every day? 8. The teacher was angry with him because he was late again. his teacher angry with him?

9. They will get up early tomorrow.(变为否定句)
. 10. We will meet at the gate of school. (提问)

11. I’ll be in the long jump. (提问) ?

12. They will go shopping at three o’clock. (提问)

13. I will go with you today.(变为一般疑问句) go with The two girl get today? food for us. 14. The two girls will get some food for us.(改为否定句) 15. Jane heard Maria playing the piano at seven last night.

Jane hear Maria

at seven last night?(提问)

6.Jim has a stomachache. (对划线部分提问) _______ ________ with Jim? 9. You’d better eat more fruit and vegetables . ( 改否定句) You’d eat more fruit and vegetables . 10. He has a cough.( 划线部分提问) _____ is the with him ? 11. We should keep our rooms clean and open the windows often to fight SARS . (划线提问) we do to fight SARS ? 12.They will leave for Beijing tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句) _______ __________ leave for Beijing tomorrow? 14. He taught himself on the Internet.(改为否定句)He _______ ______himself on the Internet. 15. They are playing games in the park. (用next Sunday改写) They games in the park next Sunday. 16. May I buy some milk for supper tomorrow ?(否定句回答) , you . 17. I’m going to see a friend this afternoon.(对划线部分提问) __________ are you going to __________ this afternoon? 19. She used to listen to pop music.(变为疑问句,并作否定回答) ---__________ she __________ to listen to pop music? ---No, he __________. 20. He was living with his grandparents when his parents were at work.(对划 线部分提问) __________ __________ he living with when his parents were at work? 21. He is only seven. He can go to school.(合并为一句) He is old __________ to go to school. 22. I play football every day. (对划线部分提问) __________ __________ do you

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