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Unit 7 SectionB学案

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Unit 7 SectionB学案



1)They are talking about a movie______I've never watched.

2)The tall boy with______we are chatting is our neighbor.

3)Have you found some information about language______can be used in our study.

4)They visited Wudang Mount______there are some monkeys.

5)They visited Wudang Mount______lies in Hubei province.

6)He is the only student_____climbs up the top of the mountain.

7)The factory is the one_____my father opened last year.

8)She is the best-known singer_____can play different kinds of music.

9)The house in _____we live now is big and bright.

10)The day _____we enjoyed ourselves is on his birthday party.

11)I would like to visit somewhere _____I can swim.

12)I prefer to visit a place _____the weather is always warm.

13)I like living in one place _____is peaceful and comfotable.

14)We'd like to visit Kunming _____the weather is warm in winter.

15)It's the most interesting film_____I've seen over the years.



2)徒步穿越丛林________ _______the_________

3)对……友好 be________ ________sb









12)应该 _____________ 或_____________

13)云南有大量精彩迷人风景Yunnan Province has lots of ________



15)我还能为你做点什么_______ ______can I do for you?

16)你不应该在学校抽烟You ______ _______ smoke at school.

17)你能将该句翻译成英语吗Can you _______this sentence ______


18)她是一个相当美丽的女孩She is _______ ______ ______girl.

19)总体来看,你的建议还相当不错______ ______,your suggestion

is ______good.

20)那个女孩正考虑去购物The girl is _______ ________.

四 根据句意及首字母完成单词

1)I'd like to trek t_______the jungle in Brizail.

2)I'll pack l_______clothes because it's very hot in Singapo.

3)I hope you can p______me with some information about traveling.

4)I love to do many things, e_______ love hiking and swimming.

5)Shanghai is cold at this time of year.You need to p______warm clothes if you go there.

6)Shanghsi lies in the e______ part of China.

7)We have used up all the money, so we have to stay in an i______ hotel.

8)The bus isso c______ that they had no room to stand.

9)We'd like some i______ about vacation tour.

10)We will visit Wudang Mount u_______ is rains.


1)We live in a house. There is a big garden in front of it. (二句合一) We live in a house _____________________there is a big garden.

2)He missed the day. He had a good time at that day.(二句合一)

He missed the day _______he had a good time.

3)It's best to bring an umbrella. (同义句)

______ ______ ______ an umbralla.

4)I spend ten yuan on that book. (同义句)

I spend ten yuan ______ that book.

或 The book _______ _______ ten yuan.

或 ______ takes me ten yuan _______ _______ that book.

或 I _____ ten yuan _______ that book.

5)I hope I can visit Beijing some day.(同义句)

I hope ______ ______ Beijing some day.


Do you want to be healthier?Then go __1 the passage and you may find it’s easyto keep fit.

Eat all kinds of foods, especially fruits and vegetables

You may have a favorite kind of food, but the best __2 is to eat as many kinds as possible. If you eat ___3 foods, you’re more likely to get the nutrients your body needs. Taste new foods that you ___4 tried before. Some foods, such as green vegetables, are very important. Have five servings(份)of fruits and three vegetable.

Drink water and milk often

When you are really ___5 ,cold water is the No.1 choice. Kids need calcium(钙)to grow strong, and milk is a great source of this mineral(矿物质).

How much do children ___6 ? About three glasses of milk every day. Limit screen time

What’s screen time ? It’s the __7 for watching TV, DVDs, and rideos,__ _8 computer gamesw, and using the computer.If you spend much atime__ 9 __ these activities, you may have less time left to take ___10___ ,such as playing basketball,bicycling,and swimming.

1_______ 2________ 3_______ 4_______ 5_______

6_______ 7________ 8_______ 9_______ 10_______

九 书面表达


注意:1 短文包括对调查相关信息的介绍和你自己人的观点;

2 词数:80-100 题目和开头已为你写好,不计入总词数。

The proper way(s)for students to Relax

I am the monitor of Class 3,Grade 9,NO.22 middle school.Recently I have made a survey ogf the students in my class on ways to relax after class.

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