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2013年秋新人教版八年级英语上册Unit 1-10短语

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2013年秋新人教版八年级英语上册Unit 1-10短语 stay at home 呆在家里

go to the mountains 去爬山

go to the beach 去海滩

visit museums 参观博物馆

go to summer camp 参加夏令营

something special 某些特殊的事情

anyone interesting某些有意思的人

go out with someone跟某人出去

take photos拍照

most of the time 大部分时间

quite a few 很多

go shopping 去购物

keep a diary 坚持写日记

arrive in 到达大的地方

arrive at (小地方)

get to 到达

decide to do决定去做某事

feel like doing 想要做某事;感觉像

a lot of/lots of 许多

in the past 在过去 enjoy doing 喜欢做某事

too many people 太多的人

because of (后面加词组或名词)因为

not anything=nothing

try to do 试着做某事

another two hours 另外两个小时

the top of the hill在山顶

go on 继续


keep doing 坚持做某事

the last five hours过去的五个小时

in excitement兴奋的

excitement at 为。。。。而兴奋

up and down 上上下下

start to do 开始做某事

have a good time=enjoy oneself 玩的开心




help with housework帮忙做家务

hardly ever 几乎不


go to the movies去看电影

once a week一周一次

twice a week一周两次

three times a day一天三次

next week 下周

use the internet使用网络

be free 有空

what kind of哪种

at least至少

stay up late熬夜不睡觉

be good for对。。。。有好处(doing)

be good at 擅长于(doing)

be good with 对。。。有办法(doing)

ask ….about问。。。关于

not at all一点也不


the answer to 。。。。的答案

although不能与but 同时使用

such as=for example例如

by,through 通过某种方式

the best way to do 做某事最好方式

how often 多久一次

less than 少于

more than多于

第二单元重点句式:It is 形容词to do

Unit 3

be talented in在某方面有天赋

the same as 与。。。相同

be different from与。。。不相同

make sb. do使某人做某事

as long as 只要

make friends交朋友

That’s why这就是。。。的原因

bring out 使表现出来

be similar to 与。。。相似

have good grades in English英语成绩好

reach your hands 伸手帮你一把

touch your heart 令你感动

help sb. do 帮助某人做某事

第三单元重点语法:1、than用比较级2、as…as中间用原级3、用副词修饰动词4、with表示伴随或拥有5、可用来修饰比较级的:a little,a lot, much等6、both代表两者,all代表三者及以上7、特殊形容词的比较级最高级:加more,most的词:

outgoing,loudly,quietly,hard-working,popular,serious,comfort 3







close to 挨着

So far 到目前为止

in town在镇上

thanks for doing感谢

more and more popular越来越流行

look for寻找的过程find寻找的结果

and so on 等等

have ..in common有相同地方

all kinds of各种各样

be up to 由。。决定

play a role in扮演。。。角色

take someone/something seriously把某人或某物当真

come true实现

make up 编造

the best place to do做某事最好的地方

one of+最高级,名词复数


can’t stand不能忍受

hope to do


plan to do

expect to do

want to do

like to do

have a discussion about进行有关于。。。的讨论 learn from从。。。学到

find out 找出,发现,查明

over=more than 超过

be ready to do 准备做某事

try one’s best尽某人最大的努力

not so …原级 as不如。。。

dress up 装扮

take one’s place代替

do a good job 干得好


take acting lessons上表演课

grow up 长大

be good at doing擅长于做某事

keep on doing sth 坚持做某事

try one’s best to do sth.尽某人最大努力做某事 make sure确保

be going to do打算做某事

learn to play the piano学习弹钢琴

make the soccer team组建足球队

get good grades取得好成绩

get lots of exercise多做煅炼

a kind of(different kinds of)一种;各种各样 get back from从。。。回来

write down写下记下


have to do with与。。有关系

be able to do 能够做某事

be sure about对。。有把握

at the beginning of 在。。。开始

take up开始做

agree with 同意

promise to sb.向某人许诺

promise to do sth,许诺去做某事

too 形容词to 动词 太。。。不能。。

practice 、finish两个词后面加动词的ing形式 an engineer

an actor

Unit 7

live to be 200 years old活到200岁

free time业余时间

be in great danger处于极大危险之中

move to 搬到。。。

across from在。。。对面

help with帮忙做某事

over and over again多次,反复

play a part in doing 参与某事

hundreds of 许多,大量

fall down倒塌,突然倒下

look for寻找

get bored 感到厌烦

try to do试图做某事

look like 看上去像

wake up唤醒

in the future在未来


take a holiday度假

one day 某天 as a reporter作为一名记者


there will be 一般疑问句时回答用there 做主语回答 in 加段时间表示将来时

more 即可以修饰可数名词也可以修饰不可数名词 less修饰不可数名词


an astronaut

Unit 8

turn on打开

turn off关闭

turn up开大

turn down 关小

cut up切碎

cut into small pieces切成小块

pour into倒入

put into把。。放入

two more=another two再两个,又两个

forget to do忘记做某事

a piece of bread一片面包

two pieces of bread两片面包

fill ..with(be filled with)用。。。填充。。

cover ..with用。。覆盖

be full of 充满

one by one 一个接一个

how much 加不可数名词

how many加可数名词复数


It’s time to do (It’s time for doing )


某天前用on,某月、季、年前用in,某一时刻前用at Lettuce,butter,honey,bread均为不可数名词


Prepare for an exam/study for a test为考试做准备 go to the doctor去看医生

have the flu患流感

thanks for doing感谢

go bike riding去骑自行车

not …..until直到。。。才

hang out闲逛

look after照顾

turn down拒绝


the best way to do做某事最好的方法

take a trip to 去。。。旅游

at the end of 在。。。结束的时候

help out 帮助某人排忧解难

leave for出发去。。。

by now到目前为止


so that以便

look forward to doing 盼望做某事

hear from收到某人的来信

would like to 愿意做某事

invite…to 邀请某人做某事

reply in writing以书面形式回复



on the morning of 在某天的早晨

go to the concert去听音乐会

接受邀请用I’d love to

must,have to后加原形


go to the party 去参加聚会

have a great time 玩的开心

talk about谈论 at the party在聚会上

ask …. to do要求某人做某事

too形容词to动词原形 太。。。。而不能。。。 tell….to do告诉某人做某事

tell ….not to do告诉某人不要做某事


a piece of advice 一条建议

make a lot of money挣很多钱

travel around the world环游世界

get advice from an expert从专家那得到建议 talk to 与某人交谈

be afraid to do 害怕做某事

keep doing 坚持做某事

in the end结束,最后

remember to do记得要去做某事

remember doing记得做过鞋带

run away from远离

keep….to oneself保守秘密

cut…..in half 切成两半

be halfway to doing完成了或做了事情的一部分 when,what ,how, 加to do 用法



注:want 、ask、tell、promise、plan、expect、try、would like、invite 、learn 、start、hope、try one’s best、be free、be available、teach、decide、need等动词后面用to do形式

keep on 、mind、practice、finish、look forward to、be good at、be busy、what about、how about、spend等词后面一定用ing形式

remember后用to do 形式表示记得要去做某事;用ing形式表示记得曾经做过某事。

Forget后在用to do形式表示忘记要去做某事;加ing形式表示忘记曾经做过某事

Stop后用to do形式表示停下来去做某事;用ing形式表示停止做某事。


Look at看,look for寻找,look after照顾,look up查字典

Get up起床,turn up开大,make up编造,mix up混合,cut up切碎,put up 张帖,grow up长大,stay up熬夜,wake up醒来 Turn on打开,turn down关小turn off关闭


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