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山东省临沭县青云镇中学九年级英语全册 第三单元综合测试题

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Name_________ class___________ score___________

一. 单项选择

1. Which of the following school rule is true?

A. students are allowed to make noise in the hallway.

B. students are allowed to wear their own clothes. C. students are allowed to wear earrings

D. students are allowed to ask teachers questions in class.

2.—Excuse me,you are _________ of my passing through. —I’m sorry,here you go. A.on the way B.in the way C.out the way D.off the way

3.Jill didn’t finish the homework,_________

A.either B.too C.also D.neither

4.I’m sorry to hear that you _________ the math test last term

A.pass B.passed C.failed D.fail

5.—I think art is very interesting. —_________.Music is more interesting than art.

A.I don’t agree B.I think so C.I agree D.I don’t know

6.My little sister is only five years old.She is_________young_________go to school.

A.so;that B.enough;to C.too;to D.such;that

7.—There is a birthday party for John tonight,would you join in?

—I _________,but it depends on the schedule(时间表).

A.wouldn’t like to B.want to do C.would like to D.don’t want to

8.You have to be 18 years before you _________ to drive a car

A.are allowed B.are C.allowed D.allow

9. John likes walking in the open air, _____________.

A. so does Tom B. also does Tom C. Tom likes also D. so Tom does

10. Mr. Wang is very strict _____his son. And he is very _______ everything he does.

A. with; with B. with; in C. in; in D. in; with 11. -----I went to the farm to help plant trees yesterday. ----_______________.

A. So do I. B. So was I C. I did so D. So did I 12. _________ should not be allowed to go out at night.

A. Twelve-years-old B. Twelve-year-olds

C. Twelve year old D. Twelve years olds

13. I got my bike ___________ yesterday. It was broken.

A. repair B. repairs C. repaired D. repairing

14. Let’s go to have a picnic _________ next week.

A. sometime B. sometimes C. some time D. some times

15. Have you decided which coat_______?

A. choose B. choosing C. chosen D. to choose

16. He doesn’t do his homework________. So he always makes some mistakes.

A. careful enough B. enough careful C. carefully enough D. enough carefully

17. Jenny seems __________ my family on Mid-autumn Day.

A. to visit B. visit C. visiting D. visits

18. You should be working instead of _________ there in bed.

A. lying B. lie C. lies D. to lie

19. The assistants don’t allow students __________ in the reading room. A. speak B. speaking C. to speak D. speaks

20. I would like ________ at home this weekend.


A. stay B. staying C. stayed D. to stay

( )1. How many countries sent spaceship with man into space?

A. One. B. Three. C. Two. D. Four.

( )2. How long did Yang Liwei stay in the space?

A. Seven days. B. Five years. C. About five days. D. About twenty hours.

( )3. When will China send up a satellite into space to watch the Olympic venues?

A. In May, 2005. B. In April, 2008. C. In April, 2005. D. In May, 2008.

( )4. How old is Yang Liwei this year?

A. 38. B. 40. C. 39. D. 37.

( )5. According to(根据) the news above, which is right?

A. China will send two more astronauts into space in 2006.

B. Shenzhou V was sent up into space on Oct. 15, 2003.

C. China has sent a spaceship with two people into space

D. The satellite will only help us to keep the environment clean.

B) It’s reported that 300 million people in China have eyesight(视力)trouble. More and more parents hope to save their children’s eyesight with medine, or by correcting the ways that children read and sit. But in fact, one should start with the exercise on one’s feet. Here are three ways to save eyes:

First, don’t tie your shoes too closely. Try wearing comfortalbel and soft socks or walking without socks and shoes at home. While you are traveling m try wearing cloth shoes in order to imorove blood circulation.(循环).

Second, walking on tiptoes is good for one’s eyesight. It can fight against eyesight trouble. Numbers show that most of ballet(芭蕾舞) performer’s eyesight is better.

Third , rope skipping(跳绳)can slso be good for one’s eyesight. While skipping rope, one has to move quickly, making both the brain and the eyes excited. It may also help make one grow taller.

Besides foot exercises, it’s good to pull one’s ears. Pulling the ears 20 times quickly is also a great way. It can keep one’s eyes healthy.

1.What does the passage mainly talk about?

2. Why is most of the ballet performers’ eyesight good?

3.What shoes shuld you wear while travelling?


4.Is rope skipping good for eyesight?

5.Beside foot exercises, there is another way to save one’s eyes. What is it?

5. He is happy that he has s____________ in passing the English exam.

6. All the m_________ on the soccer team are excited to take part in the soccer match.

7.We should be allowed to design our own school u____________. 8. He is busy at p___________ and can’t speak to you now.

B .用括号中所给词的正确形式填空1.The bell is ringing . Stop___________________(talk). 2. He thinks this is his ____________________( success) lifestyle. 3.I think the books should be_____________________(buy) by us.

4.They talk instead of____________________(run) in the park.

5.I_______________(allow) to go shopping with friends on Sundays.

1.He has two _________________ to go to Beijing.

2.There are a few _______________ between the two books. They can’t agree with each other.

3.May I go to bed now? I’m so ________________.

4.Nothing can stop me from _______________ my goal.(目标)

5.Most of people know the __________of time.

6.Bill Gates is a_____________ man .His computer company made him the richest man in the word.

7. My parents don’t allow me to get my ears ____________

D) 翻译下列句子

1. 彻底打扫一次房间怎么样? What about ________ __________ the room?

2. 约翰家有许多家规,彼得家也是这样。

John has a lot of family rules. __________ ________ Peter.

3. 我没机会和她谈话。 I ___________ ____________ to talk with her.

4. 你应该停止戴那个愚蠢的耳环。

You should _________ ____________ that silly ____________.

5. 他的父母对他要求非常严格。

His parents ____________ ______________ ______________ him.

6. 他没在家而是去了上海。

He didn’t at home _________ __________ ___________ to Shanghai.

7. 大声朗读对学英语很有好处。

Reading aloud is ________ __________ __________ English.


不要熬夜, 对你的健康有害。

Don’t _______ ________ .It’s bad for your health.

四. 根据要求改写句子

1. You should ask someone to repair your bike.(同义句)



2. He is so busy that he can’t cut his hair.(同义句)


3. Teenagers should be allowed to surf the Internet.(改为一般疑问句,并作否定回答) ________________________________________________________________ 4.Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own chothes. (划线提问)


5. Parents allow sixteen-year-olds to go out with their friends.(变被动语态)


6. You should teach Tom to swim.(变被动语态)


7. You mustn’t take these books out of the reading room. (变被动语态)


一 1—5_________________ 6—10 _______________ 11—15____________

16—20______________ 二 A)1—5_________________


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