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考试题(无答案) 人教新目标版

I. 单项选择(20分)

( )1.---Your English is very good. ---

A.OK. B. Thank you. C. No, it isn’t. D. Yes, it is. ( )2. ---Look, what's that in English? --- It's an .

A. pencil case B. car C. English books D. eraser

( )3.---Let’s play tennis . --- . Let’s go.

A. No, it’s boring B. That sounds good

C. Yes, thanks D. Sorry, I don’t have a tennis racket. ( )4. For girls, we have T-shirts red, green and white only 18 yuan. dj

A. in…for B. at…for C. for…in D. of…about ( )5. comes before December, but after October. A. August B. September C. November D. January ( )6. I want some , please them to us.

A. strawberry…take B. strawberries…bring

C. strawberries…carry D. strawberry…bring ( )7. Our teacher is Tony Brown. We call him .

A. Mr. Tony B. Mr. Brown C. Mrs. Tony D. Mrs. Brown

( )8. Is this Gina’s ID card? Please call Gina 0392-3300321.

A. for B. in C. of D. at

( )9. Mike _______ strawberries best.

A. is like B. like C. likes D. do like ( )10.Tom has eggs and vegetables lunch.

A. an, the B. an, / C. some, / D. some, for

( )11. --- Let’s play volleyball. ---__________

A. Great! B. Are you OK? C. Thanks a lot. D. Not at all.

( )12. _______ apple is on the table. You can eat _______ apple.

A. An, an B. A, a C. An, the D. A, an ( )13. My sister is years old, tomorrow is her birthday.

A. twelve, twelfth B. twelve, twelve C. twelfth, twelve D. twelfth, twelfth

( )14. ---Please give me the notebook! ---OK, .

A. Give you B. Here you are C. Yes, thanks D. Here it is

( )15. ---What’s the time, please ? ---Sorry, .


A. Let me see B. I don’t know C. Excuse me D. It’s 7:30

( )16. I can’t play ping-pong. It is _____________. A. difficult B. fun C. interesting D. relaxing

( )17.I like carrots, but Mona doesn’t like ____________.

A. it B. them C. this D. these

( )18. --- I’ m Mary . _____________?

--- Peter.

A. What’s your name B. How are you C. How do you spell it D. Are you Peter

( )19. --- Does Peter have a tennis racket ?

--- ___________. But he has some tennis.

A. Yes, he does B. Yes, he is C. No, he isn’t D. No, he doesn’t

( )20. Her name is Mary Brown, you can call her ________. A. Brown B. Miss Brown C. Mr. Brown D. Mary

I I . 用所给词的适当形式填空。(5分)

21. Look at the white ruler. It’s __________ (she) ruler.

22. She _________ (need) some help.

23. There _______ (be) some chicken on the plate.

24. She needs 120 __________ (dollar) for it.

25. Let’s _________ (watch) TV.

I I I. 用适当的话语补全对话,话语可以是一个词,短语或句子。(5分)

SA (shop assistant) Mr Hall (M)

SA: 26.______________________________

M: Yes, please. I want some clothes. Do you have black trousers?

SA: Yes, we do.

M: 27.___________________________________

SA: They are thirty-five dollars.

M: Do you have shorts?

SA: Yes, we do. 28._______are only 15 dollars.

M: But we don’t like green. How about the blue shorts on the table? How much are they? SA: 20 dollars and those black ones are 13 dollars. M:29.___________________the blue shorts.

SA:OK. 30.______________________________.

M: Thank you.

SA: You’re welcome.

I V. 根据短文内容,从下面方框所给词中选择适当词汇填空.(每词只能用一次)(10分) David and his brother Greg go to 31 in the morning from Monday to Friday. They 32 lunch at school . They 33 math at 1:30. David likes math 34 it’s interesting . Greg 2

doesn’t like math. David 35 Greg have P.E. after math. They like the 36 , Ms White, and they like P.E. because it’s 37 . But Greg’s 38 subject is English and David’s favorite is 39 . He 40 the piano and the violin well. 31. ________ 32. ________ 33. ________ 34. ________ 35. ________ 36. ________ 37. ________ 38. ________ 39. ________ 40. ________

V . 完形填空。(每小题1分,共10分)

Tom is my cousin.He is five years old.He is an American _41__.He likes__42__.He plays __43___soccer every day.And he often watches soccer games on __44___.He wants to be a soccer __45___ . Tom _46___a sister .She is twelve years old.__47___ name is Tina.She likes reading__48__ books.You can see __49__ books in bedroom.She says books are her good __50____ because she can know much from them.

41.A.boy B.girl C.brother

42.A.fruit B.sports C.colors

43.A.the B.a C.不填

44.A.home B.TV C.cards

45.A.player B.student C.runner

46.A.have B.is C.has

47.A.Your B.My C.Her

48.A.interesting B.boring C.difficult

49.A.a B.lots of C.lots

50.A.parents B.friends C.aunts

VI. 阅读理解(25分)



( )51. You can buy in the store.

A. food B. tennis rackets C. clothes D. school things

( )52. Two T-shirts and a sweater are .

A. $21 B. $33 C. $30 D. $42

( )53. You like white and you have only $ 8. You can take .


A. socks B. a sweater C. a hat D. a T-shirt

( )54.You can’t buy in the store.

A. a green sweater B. black pants C. a white hat D. a red T-shirt ( )55.You only have $19. You can buy .

A. a sweater and a hat B. a pair of pants and a pair of socks

C. a T-shirt and a hat D. two pairs of socks and a T-shirt


I have two good friends. We like sports very much. My favorite sport is ping-pong. I have thirteen ping-pong balls and two ping-pong bats. I think playing ping-pong is fun. But Jeff thinks it is boring. He likes playing soccer and tennis. He thinks they’re interesting. He has eight tennis balls and five tennis rackets. My friend Frank likes playing soccer, too. He plays it very well. It’s relaxing for him to play soccer. But he has only one soccer ball. 阅读短文,并根据短文内容判断正(T)误(F).(5分)

( ) 56. My favorite sport is ping-pong.

( ) 57. I have three ping-pong bats.

( ) 58. Frank and Jeff are cousins.

( ) 59. Jeff and Frank like playing soccer.

( ) 60. Jeff has only one soccer ball.


Kate is a nice girl. She lives in Shanghai now. She studies in a middle school. She gets up at six every day. She likes learning Chinese. She is a hard-working girl. She can paint well. After school, she often reads newspapers with her classmates. At seven o’clock pm, Kate has dinner at home. Then she does her homework and goes to bed at nine.

根据短文内容, 选择正确答案。(5分) ( )61. Kate lives in ________.

A. London B. Beijing C. New York D. China

( )62.What does Kate like to do?

A. She likes reading story books. B. She likes playing the guitar.

C. She likes learning Chinese. D. She likes swimming.

( )63. She is a ______ girl.

A. nice B. tall C. beautiful D. nice and hard-working

( )64. What does she often do after school? A. She draws pictures.

B. She has dinner

C. She does some reading with her classmates.

D. She does her homework.

( )65. What time does she go to bed?

A. At 6:00 am B. At 7:30 pm C. At 9:00 pm D. At 9:30 am


Hello, dear friends ! I’m Jenny. Please look at this photo. The girl in red is me . I’m 4

13 . I have a sister and two brothers. My sister, Linda, is 15. She likes red and green. She has two red

rulers and a green pencil case. She also likes sports and she has a great sports collection. She has five baseballs, three basketballs and two volleyballs. The baseballs and basketballs are under her bed. The volleyballs are under her chair. And she is in the baseball club.

My brothers are Alan and Tom. Alan is 14 and Tom is 8. Alan likes English very much, and he is in the English club. He has many English books and English tapes. But Tom only likes watching TV. He watches it every evening.

根据短文内容, 选择正确答案。(5分)



My brother, Dick, is a music teacher. He is good with his students and his students like him very much. He can sing and he can sing well. He can also play the piano, the violin and the guitar. He is busy this month because he wants to play the piano in the school show. The school show is on the fifteenth of this month . He plays the piano from seven to ten every night . I like to listen to his music because I think he plays the piano very well.

71. Does Dick play the piano every night ? ___________________________________________

72. What can Dick do ? __________________________________________________________

73. Why is Dick busy this month ? _________________________________________________

74. When is the school show ? _____________________________________________________

75. 把划线部分翻译成汉语 。 __________________________________________________

VII.句型转换 (每空1分,共10分)

76.The balls are under the table.( 改为否定句 )

The balls ____ _____ under the table.

77.Can you play the guitar? ( 作否定回答 ) No, ______ ________.

78.Tom has a soccer ball.( 改为一般疑问句 )

_______Tom _______a soccer ball?

79.My birthday is October tenth.( 对划线部分提问 )


______ ________ your birthday?

80.Here is your book.( 改为复数形式 ) Here ______ your _______.

VIII. 根据句意及首字母提示写出单词。(共5分)

81. This is not her sweater. I think the red one is h_______.

82. The old TV is black and w______.

83. Are these shoes m______? No, they aren’t yours.

84. Mr. Brown has two c__________, a boy and a girl.

85. I can’t f_______ my coat .Where is it?

IX. 作文。(10分)

请根据所给信息写一篇短文,介绍你的好朋友。题目是My Good Friend。不少于50词。


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