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I. 请选出正确的答案:

1. “You’ve already got well, haven’t you?” she asked.

→She asked ________.

A. if I have already got well, hadn’t you

B. whether I had already got well

C. have I already got well

D. had I already got well.

2. He asked , “ Are you a Party member or a League member?”

→He asked me _________.

A. am I a Party member or a League member

B. was I a Party member or a League member

C. if I was a Party member or a League member

D. whether was I a Party member or a League member.

3. He asked, “How are you getting along?” →He asked _______.

A. how am I getting along

B. how are you getting along

C. how I was getting along

D. how was I getting along

4. He asked me ________ with me.

A. what the matter is B. what the mater was

C. what’s the matter D. what was the matter

5. He said, “Don’t do that again.” He _____ me _______ that again.

A. said to me; not to do B. said to me; don’t do

C. told me; don’t do D. told me; not to do

6. Can you make sure ___________?

A. that he will come here today B. when he will come here today

C. will he come here today D. whether will he come here today

7. Do you happen to know ________?

A. where is her address B. in which place is her address

C. what her address is D. the place her address is

8. Excuse me, but can you tell me ___________?

A. where can I get to the library B. where I can get to the library

C. how can I get to the library D. how I can get to the library

9. John asked me _______ to visit his uncle’s farm with him.

A. how would I like B. if or not would I like

C. whether I would like D. which I would like

10. I’d like to know ________ Chinese.

A. when he began to learn B. when did he begin to learn

C. when did he begin learning D. for how long he began to learn


1. “I never eat meat.” he said.

He said that ______ never ______ meat.

2. “I’ve found my wallet.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ ______ ______ wallet.

3. “I took it home with me.” she said.

She said that ______ ______ _______ it home with her.

4. The teacher said, “The sun rises in the east and goes down in the west.”

The teacher said that the sun ______ in the east and ______ down in the west.

5. “I met her yesterday.” he said to me.

He ______ me that he ______ met the day ______.

6. “You must come here before five.” he said.

He said that I ______ to go ______ before five.

7. “I bought the house 10 years ago.” he said.

He said that he _______ bought the house 10 years _______.

8. “Did you see her last week?” he said.

He ______ ______ I had seen her the week _______.

9. He said, “You can sit here, Jim.”

He ______ Jim that he ______ sit there

10. He asked, “How did you find it, mother?”

He asked her mother ______ ______ ______ found it.

11. “Where have you been these days?” he asked.

He asked me _______ _______ _______been _______ days.

12. “Do you know where she lives?” he asked.

He asked ______ ______ knew where she ______.

13. “Stop making so much noise, children.” he said.

He ______ the children ______ ______ making so much noise.

II. 将下列句子变为间接引语:

1. “You should be more careful next time,” his father said to him.

2. Mr. Wang said, “I will leave for Shanghai on business next month, children”

3. “I haven’t heard from my parents these days,” said Mary.

4. The geography teacher said to us, “The moon moves around the earth and the earth goes round the sun.”

5. She said to him, “It’s time that you left here.”

6. Zhang Hong said to me, “Doctor Wang passed away in 1948.”

7. John said to his parents, “I had learned 500 Chinese words by the end of last term.”

8. The history teacher said to them, “The Chinese Communist Party was founded on

July 1st, 1921.”

9. He said, “Are you a student?”

10. “Have you anything interesting I can read, George?” she said.

11. “She’s here to ask for help, isn’t she?” he asked.

12. “Where are you going?” the father asked his son.

13. “Are you sorry for what you have done?” the mother asked the naughty boy.

14. She said, “Did you meet this man at the station two hours ago, Mr. Li?”

15. “Write your names on your papers first,” the teacher said to us.

16. “Please come here again tomorrow,” her friend said to her.

17. “Let me pack the parcel for you,” he said.

18. “Don’t make so much noise in class, boys and girls,” said the teacher.

19. “What a lovely day it is!”

20. “Happy New Year to you!” he said.

III. 把下列句子变为直接引语:

1. I told him that I had lost my money and that I would find it.

2. She asked whether I would be free the next day or not.

3. I asked her where she was going and what she was going to do the next day.

4. His father told him not to climb that high tree in his new coat.

5. The stranger asked me what my name was.

6. She said that she would finish her work the next day.

7. The teacher asked if we could do it.

8. The commander ordered his men not to cross the river before dawn.

9. My teacher asked whether he was coming.

10. The scientist asked me what I was doing.

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