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eec英语6年上-Unit 11

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Unit 11 单元测试


1. 吃早饭非常重要。 ___________ breakfast is very important.

2. 我不想吃任何东西。I don’t ___________ like eating anything.

3. Susan 邀请她的朋友来吃午餐。Susan ___________ her friends to lunch.

4. 需要多少面粉?How ___________ flour do they need?

5. 我需要买一个礼物给Mike。I need to buy a ___________ for him.

6. 让我们等到他来吧。Let’s wait ___________ he arrives.

7. 这家饭店从11点到3点提供午餐。The restaurant ___________ lunch from11:00 a.m.to 3:00 p.m.

8. 请为下节体育课做好准备。Please ___________ yourself for the next P.E. class.

9. 我需要一份蛋糕的菜谱。I need a ___________ for the cake.

10. 把所有的东西倒进一个碗里。___________ all the things into a bowl.


1. What do you usually have ______ breakfast?

A.at B.for C.on

2. Chinese food is becoming more and more popular and many foreigners feel like ______ it.

A.eat B.to eat C.eating

3. My favourite food is Gongbao Chicken. What about ______ ?

A.you B.your C.yours

4. There is ______ milk in the fridge.Let’s go and buy some.

A.a few B.a little C.little

5. ______ milk is good for our health.

A.Drink B.Drinking C.Drinks

6. I usually ______ home at about 5 o’clock in the afternoon.

A.arrive B.arrive at C.get to

7. It’s time to go to school. Let’s hurry ______ school.

A.to B.for C.at

8. ______ forget to close the door when you leave.

A.Not B.Doesn’t C.Don’t

9. ______ your book on the desk,please.

A.Putting B.Put C.Puts

10. The idea ______ great.

A.sound B.sounds C.sounding

11. Pour all the things into a bowl and mix them ______.

A.well B.good C.badly

12. Please ______ your hand.

A.raise B.put on C.rise

13. Don’t make ______ noise. Your grandfather is sleeping.

A.so many B.much C.too many

14. Please do your homework ______ .

A.careful B.carefully C.carelessly

15. Which stress of the following words is different from the others?

A.pleasure B.important C.prepare


It is Susan’Susan and her sister,Jenny, him a present .They to “We have flour .Do we have 5 and milk in the refrigerator?”Susan asks.Jenny 6 the refrigerator and says,“Yes. Look ! There they are.”There of milk. They smile. Susan says,”OK. Let’!” .

( )1. A. father B.father’s C.fathers

( )2.A.to give B.give C.giving

( )3.A.plan B.planing C. planning

( )4.A.on B.in C.to

( )5.A.egg B.eggs C.a egg

( )6.A.opens B.open C.opening

( )7.A.is B.be C.are

( )8.A.lots B.lot C.little

( )9.A.starts B.start C.starting

( )10.A.cooking B.cook C.to cook



Tom has healthy life,so he is very healthy. He goes out for running every morning. His eating habit is very good,too. Vegetables,fruit and milk are all good for his body,so he eats vegetables twice a day and has milk once a day. He eats good fruit like apples and bananas four times a week. The saying goes:An apple a day keep the doctor away. He never eats junk food because it is bad for his health. He does not study too much at one time. And he goes to bed early and sleeps about eight hours every night. So he is very healthy. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。

( )1. He goes out for ______ every morning.

A. walking B. shopping C.running

( ) 2. The underlined word “body” in the passage means “___” in Chinese.

A. 身体 B.健康 C.营养

( )3. What food doesn’t the boy eat?

A.vegetables B.apples C.junk food

( ) 4. How long does he sleep every night?

A. Seven hours. B. Eight hours C.Nine hours

( ) 5. Which of the following is NOT right?

A. He eats vegetables twice a day.

B. He eats fruit four times a week.

C. He doesn’t have milk every day.


I have a little dag. Its name is Bobby. Early every morning,Bobby goes to the shop.The girl in the shop gives him two things: a newspaper and a hot dog.Then he runs home.

I like reading my newspaper in bed before I get up. Bobby brings the newspaper to my bedroom every day. When I am eating my breakfast, he goes outside to wait for the bus. When he sees the bus coming,he makes

a noise. I run out,and the bus stops for me. I love Bobby very much.


( )1.Bobby goes to the shop every day.

( )2.Bobby helps me to bring my books to my bedroom.

( )3.Bobby eats breakfast with me every day.

( )4.Bobby goes outside to wait for the bus for me.

( )5.I love my dag a lot.




Almost everyone the world . Many like to take apples to school to eat with lunches . It is to drink apple juice . Apple pie is of the most favorite foods .


“We have flour . Do we have eggs and milk in the refrigerator ?”Susan asks . Jenny opens the refrigerator and says , “Yes . Look ! There they are .” There are many eggs and lots of milk . They smiles . Susan says , “OK. Let’s start !” They enjoy cooking . 任务1:用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使文章通顺、连贯、合理(每词限用一次)。

1.____________ 2. ____________ 3.____________ 4.____________ 5.____________


6. e___________: like

7. s___________: begin


There are many eggs and lots of milk .

There are manyt eggs and of milk .


10. What are there in the refrigerator ?




A:What are your favorite sports?


A:What do you like to eat?

B:___2___ But I don’t eat any meat.


B:Oh,yes.I love vegetables.


B:No,I never drink beer or wine.___5___

A:I think so.

1.__________ 2.__________3.__________4.__________5.__________


A:Good morning,Mom.

B:Good morning,Susan.What do you want ____6_____ breakfast?

A:I don’t feel like ___7______ anything.

B:You _____8____ to eat something. How about some toast?

A:____9_____ good.But I’m late for school.I have to leave in ten minutes.

B:Take this.You can eat on the bus.


B:____10_____ my pleasure.

6.__________ 7.__________8.__________9.__________10.__________




一完成句子 Eating feel invites much present until serves prepare recipe Pour


三 完型 B A C A B A C A B A


五.任务 1. likes 2. students 3. their 4. healthy 5. one

6. enjoy 7. start 8. a 9. lot 10. Many eggs and lots of milk.

六.DEAGF for eating have Sounds It’s

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