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arch 20,1010
Dear Mom and Dad, The time has come:Im g

raduating ,and I thank you both for all your help during these 15 year

s.I still remember when you used to say, You can be whatever you want

Im so glad you are my parents,especially when I hear kids say they don

t get on well with theirs.Im glad that you supportme when I decide to

do anything.You always try to help,and thats important to me .

Dad,I remember when you first took me fishing.I loved going even thou

gh I never caught anything.I also remember when you would get angry wi

th me.I realize you were only trying to show me the right way.When Iwo

uld cry,you would always be there to try to cheer me up.Thats what I c

all a good,loving,caring dad.Sometimes you and Mom dont agree with me,

but you are there by my side in anything that I do,and thats why I lov

e you both so much. Mom,I enjoy going out with you and having

our happy time every Friday night,and I hope that never changes.I love

telling you everything;the best part about you is that you listen.Im

glad we do a lot together .You love to have fun,and Dad does,too. You

always give me your opinion and I listen. Thank you for bring

ing me up. Love always, A

llison 根据短文内容,选择最佳答案,并在答题卷上按要求作答。 56.Allison writes th

e letter to show ________to her parents. A.wishes B.support



57.In Allisons opinion,other kids of her a

ge may_____their parents. A.have problems with B.get on wel

l with C.like to talk to D.like to listen to 58.Fa

ther might get angry with her when Alilison _______. A.didnt a

ccept him

B.didnt do things in the right way C.didnt catch

any fish

D.didnt agree with her parents 59.The underlined

part and Dad does,tooin Paragraph 3 means _______. A.and Dad i

s funny ,too

B.and so is Dad D.and D

C.and Dad has ,too

ad also loves to have fun 60.What makes Allison and her mother

good friends? A.Cheering up each other. B.Listening to each

other and having fun together. C.Encouraging each other. D.

Going out together. 【答案】DABBB

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