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北师大初二英语同步练习 2

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Unit 2 Making Plans

同步练习 2(答题时间:40分钟)

一. 选词填空。

2. He does poorly at school so his mother is 3. There is a big tree and we feel really cool because of it.

4. People use 5. To 6. Li Ping can speak several foreign 7. Do you know that there are five

二. 汉译英。

1. 你喝什么茶? 2. 要下雪了。

3. 他要去美国学英语。 4. 你怎么不去游泳呢?

5. 在美国有百分之三十的女孩超重。 6. 这周末我忙。

三. 阅读。

Jack and Hob are going to high school now. Jack wants to be an engineer. He is going to build roads, bridges and houses. Hob is interested in maths and science, but he is going to study medicine. He wants to be a doctor.

Kate is good at music. She wants to be an artist. She is going to sing and dance for people. Joan wants to be a woman astronaut. She loves science. She says, “ I am going to explore space some day.”

“What do you want to be, Alice?” Joan asks me, “Oh, I want to be a teacher when I grow up. I am going to teach in the countryside.”

Each of us is doing his best at school. I am sure we will do something good for our country.

1. A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

2. Who wants to be an artist?

A. Joan B. Jack C. Kate D. Alice

3. Three students are interested in 4. What does an engineer do?

A. He takes care of patients in a hospital. A. medicine B. music C. space D. science

B. He sings and dances for the people.

C. He explores space.

D. He builds bridges, roads and houses.


一. 1. mature 2. worried about 3. in front of

4. camels 5. keep fit 6. languages 7. rings

二. 1. What kind of tea are you going to have?

2. It’s going to snow.

3. He is going to America to learn English.

4. Why don’t you go swimming?

5. More than 30 percent of teenage girls in the USA are overweight.

6. I am going to be busy this weekend.


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