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新版仁爱版八年级英语上学期 Unit1Topic2SectionD课件

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Unit 1 Playing Sports Topic 2 We should learn teamwork Section D

My Mid-autumn Festival

How did you spend your 3-day holiday? Did you enjoy the Mid-autumn Festival?
get together with your family? guess riddles on lanterns? watch the dragon dances? O(∩_∩)O

stay home?
enjoy the bright full moon? eat the delicious mooncakes? have big meals ?

A 1. ----Would you mind helping me with my English?
---- _______ Let’s go and practice. A. Not at all. B. Don’t mind. C. I’m sorry. D. Sure. C 2. When the children saw the _____ film, they became ____. A. exciting; exciting B. excited; excited C. exciting; excited D. excited; exciting C 3. He ______ yesterday. I hope he’ll be well soon. A. fall ill B. falls ill C. fell ill D. fell illness B 4. He always watches TV for a long time after school. His mother is ____. A. so happy B. angry with him C. kind to him D. angry at him

C 5. You lied to your mother yesterday. You must say _____
her. A. hello to B. sorry for C. sorry to D. sorry C 6. ---- I’m sorry I broke your pen. ---- _____. I have another one. A. You’re welcome B. That’s right. C. It’s nothing D. Too bad B 7. ---- _________ do you play sports? ---- Once a week. A. How long B. How often C. How many D. How much

Can you make sentences with the useful phrases?
do sb. a favor
keep trying be sorry for

be kind of sb.
shout at sb. build sb./sth. up

be angry with sb.
be glad to

be sure to do sth.

Would you mind …?

Of course not./Certainly not./Not at all.

Would / Do you mind not …?

Sorry./I’m sorry about that.

Could you please do me a favor?

Sure. What is it?

I’d be glad to. Will you join us?

Will 表示意愿,常用于第一人称。
I’ll tell them. 我会告诉他们。 I’ll do it right away. 我马上就做。 I won’t do it again. 我不会再这样做了。 I’ll play it more quietly. 我会更小声的弹。

I’m sorry I didn’t call you last night.

Never mind.

I’m sorry for losing your book.

Oh, it doesn’t matter.

You can begin like this:
I am quite healthy now. Because I often have healthy food and drink, such as milk, vegetables and fresh fruit. I often run in the morning. Now, I make an exercise plan for myself. I am going to …

We learn: We can:

some useful expressions.

1. make requests and responses. 2. will for intentions. 3. make apologies. 4. do some exercises about the key. points of this topic.

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