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bigger taller older larger colder

The roads in Picture 2 are wider than the roads picture 1 The buildings in Picture 1 are smaller than the buildings picture 2 The buildings in Picture 1 are lower than the buildings picture 2 The buildings in Picture 2 are higher than the buildings picture 1

The road in Picture 2 are busier than the roads picture 1 The road in Picture 2 are bigger than the roads picture 1

The population of Tianjin is smaller than the population of Shanghai. Tian'anmen than is wider Chinais olderbusierBeijing than Other squares in China Shanghai is Squarethan Hangzhou Xi'an is bigger than Australia










My home town.
My home town is Pingma. It is a small town. It is only 40 or 50 years old and it has a small population. The weather in winter isn't too cold and too hot in summer.

is famous for on the coast

The population of in the northeast
pretty good

older warmer busier


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famous larger

Read the article, tick true or false.

1. Washington DC is located on the west
coast. F 2. It is best known for the White House. T 3. The Lincoln Memorial is a grand white building. T

Place 1 : Place 2 : Business Centre Ancient Area ________________ ______________
It’s in the north of the town. A lot of people work in the offices there. It’s a modern area. It’s large and there are lots of cars there. It’s in the east of the town. People don’t work there. It’s a tourist area. It’s an ancient area and it’s about 500 years old. It’s small and there are

1. The population of He’nan is ______ than that of Shandong. A. bigger B. more C. larger D. higher 2. _____ is the population of China? A. How many B. What C. How D. How much 3. Zhuhai is _______ the coast of South Sea. A. in B. on C. at D. of

4. Hong Kong is _____ busier than Ji’nan.

A. very B. much C. too D. little 5. The city is famous ______ its beautiful places. A. to B. at C. of D. for 6. The girl is coming _____ a bag on her back. A. with B. at C. of D. for

(3)形容词比较级的结构: (4)形容词比较级的修饰词: 在比较级前常用 much (……得多) ,even (甚至),still (更),a little (一点),a bit (有点)等来修饰形容词,表示“程度进一 步加深”。 2. 重点短语: in the north be famous for on the coast pretty good the population of

1. 形容词的比较级:


① 一般的直接在词尾加er。
② 以e结尾的,直接加r。

③ 以辅音字母加y结尾的,先改y为i再加er。
④ 双写最后的辅音字母再加er。

根据提示的信息,比较以下的两个城市, 写一篇50字左右的短文。 Nanning : in the south of Guangxi, 7million people, bigger, hotter, 1600 years old Liuzhou : in the center of Guangxi, four million people, 2100 years old, older

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