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Ⅰ. 单项填空(20分)

1. Jimmy is very tall, his father is very short. A. but B. and C. or D. so

2. Thank you the letters and photos. A. on B. in C. for D. to

3. John’s parents to work 7:00 the morning.

A. goes; at; in B. go; in; in C. go; in; at D. go; at; in

4. Li Lei has orange. orange is big.

A. the; An B. an; The C. an; An D. a; A

5. Don’t Chinese in English class. A. speak B. say C. tell D. talk

6. —Tom and Jim, let’s play basketball!—That great!

A. looks B. listens C. sounds D. sees 7.

A. What time do you have breakfast? B. When do you eat breakfast?

C. What do you eat for breakfast? D. Do you eat apples for breakfast?

8. —Mike, do you have a ping-pong ball?—

A. Yes, I am. B. No, I am not. C. Yes, I do. D. Yes, I does.

9. — is this blue skirt?—It’s seven dollars.

A. How many B. How much. C. How D. What time

10. —Eric,is this dictionary?—No, it isn’t. I think it’s dictionary. A. you; his B. your; he C. you; he D. your; his

11. ―Your hat is very nice. ―______.

A. You are right B. That's right C. You are welcome D. Thank you

12. He can speak Japanese, ______ only a little.A. and B. so C. but D. then

13. The man ______ in London and he ______ English.

A. live(居住), study B. is live, studies C. lives, study D. lives, studies

14. ―Do Chinese like playing basketball? ―______.

A. Yes, he does B. No, they aren't C. Yes, they do D. No, they can't

15. ―______ does your brother go to school? ―At 7:00.

A. What time B. What C. How D. Where

16. They can_______ English .A .say B .speak C .talk D .tell

17. Don’t play______ basketball .Please play_______ guitar .

A . the ,the B .the , / C . / , / D . / , the

18.Do you often watch news _______________ TV?A. by B. on C. in D. at

19. My father doesn't play sports. He only ________ on TV.

A. watches it B. watch them C. watch it D. watches them

20. _____ your brother _____ fruit?

A. Is, like B. Does, like C. Do, likes D. Does, likes Ⅱ. 完形填空 (10分)

Mr. and Mrs. Turner are from the USA. But now they are in 1 with their children. This is their first time to China. Mr. Turner is a . He likes to drive in Beijing. Mrs. Turner is a . Her daughter is studying at school. Mrs. Turner likes very much. She thinks she can learn about Chinese history. But her daughter doesn’t think so. She likes ,and her favorite movie is Seven Swords. Mr. Turner doesn’t like movies. He thinks they are boring. He likes sports. His favorite sport is playing . He wants to be a player like Kong Linghui. The Turners are going to

They also learn to speak and eat Chinese food in China. They have a good time in China.

1. A. New York B. England C. Beijing D. Paris

2. A. teacher B. worker C. actor D. driver

3. A. nurse B. teacher C. postman(邮递员) D. farmer

4. A. my B. her C. its D. his

5. A. thrillers B. documentaries C. Beijing Opera D. action movies

6. A. cartoons B. thrillers C. action movies D. comedies

7. A. basketball B. ping-pong C. soccer ball D. tennis

8. A. the Great Wall B. Huangshan C. West Lake(西湖) D. the zoo(动物园)

9. A. books B. clothes C. food D. photos

10. A. Japanese B. French C. Chinese D. English Ⅲ. 阅读理解(15分) A

School officials want to change class times from 7:30 in the evening to 7:30 in the

morning. What do you think?

Hilmi Askin—“I think it’s a terrible idea! I usually get up at 9:00 and even that’s difficult for me. At night I like to watch TV and relax. I go to bed around 1:00 in the morning. I can’t catch a bus that time of the morning. ”

Sabel Lopez—“I think it’s a great idea. I’m always up at 5:00 in the morning. It’s the best time of the day. First I go to jogging. Then I take a shower,have breakfast and watch TV. A 7:30 class would be perfect for me. ”

Hwa-Jeong Lim—“I never get up before 9:00. I always have several cups of coffee. Then I walk the dog, check my e-mail, take a shower, call my parents, finish my homework and have breakfast. A morning class would be no good for me.


1. Everyone likes the idea of early morning classes. ( )

2. Hilmi says there are no buses early in the morning. ( )

3. Hwa-Jeong does a lot of things in the morning. ( )

4. Isabel goes jogging in the morning. ( )

5. Hilmi watches TV in the morning. ( )


7. Who likes the idea of early morning?( )

8. Who needs a lot of coffee in the morning?( )

9. Who likes to watch TV at night?( )

10. Who gets up at 5:00 in the morning?( )

B Jane is a lovely girl. She likes basketball and action movies. Her favorite basketball player is Yao Ming and her favorite movie actress is Zhang Jingchu.

1. Is Yao Ming a basketball player?.

2. When is Yao Ming’s birthday?.

3. Where was Zhang Jingchu born(出生)?. 4. Is Zhang Jingchu from Shanghai? Where is she from?. 5. Does Zhang Jingchu like swimming?. Ⅳ. 词汇(25分)


1. The book on the desk is (Anna).

2. March is the (three)month of the year.

3. My sister likes playing the guitar and she can play it 4. The man is a successful (music).

5. How much is the pair of (shoe)?

6. Do you think she is (real)sorry?

7. Li Lei was born(出生)in Shanghai. He is

(good). (China).

8. Do you want to play soccer with (I)?


1. The pair of pants (be)$39.

2. The boy usually (watch)TV on Sundays.

3. My brother (not like)English. He thinks it’s boring.

4. Do you want (know)about Anna’s morning?

5. Please write and (tell)me about your morning.

6. The bus usually takes the man (work)at 19:15.

7. Can you (think)what his hob is?

3. It’s seven o’go to school. 4. It’s six o’clock. I must now.

5. This is Jim’s ruler. Please it him. 6. ,Mike. Look at these flowers. 7. Where are the balls? They are ,under the tree. 8. What’’s four twenty.

9. Lucy and Lily their mother. 10. is your father? He’s about forty.

Ⅴ. 从右栏中找出左栏各句的恰当答语(10分)

( )1. Whose shirt is this? A. Thank you.

( )2. How do you do? B. The one in the black car. ( )3. Is she in Team Two? C. It’s eleven.

( )4. What’s the time? D. How do you do?

( )5. What row are you in? E. She’s Mr. Read’s daughter. ( )6. Can you see a bird in the tree? F. They are black.

( )7. Who’s that girl? G. It’s Bill’s.

( )8. What color are your shoes? H. Yes, she is.

( )9. Sit down, please. I. . I’m in Row Five.

( )10. Which man is your friend? J. No,I can’t.

Ⅵ. 根据汉语完成下列句子,每空一词(10分)

1. 我通常6点起床。I usually at six o’clock.

2. 你的裤子是什么颜色的? your pants?

3. 你想去看电影吗?Do you want 4. Anna会拉小提琴吗?5. 这双袜子多少钱? the pair of socks?

Ⅶ. 写作(10分)


提示:我叫王雷,是一名中学生。每天早晨我六点钟起床,七点钟上学。我最喜欢的科目是历史,因为历史很有趣。星期六晚上我常去看电影。我喜欢动作片。要求:1. 条理清楚,意思连贯,语句通顺,标点正确;

2. 要将提示内容全部体现在短文中;

3. 不少于40词。



Ⅰ. 1~5 BDADC

Ⅱ. 6. China 7. math. 8. 6:20 9. can’t 10. December

Ⅲ. 11. movies 12. Beijing Opera 13. comedies 14. Chinese history 15. Beijing Opera artist Ⅳ. 16. six twenty 17. seven 18. seven twenty 19. nine 20. twelve twenty 笔试部分

Ⅰ. 单项填空1-5ACDBA,6-10CCCBD,11-15DCDCA,16-20BDBDB.

Ⅱ. 完形填空

1. C 2. D 3. B 4. B 5. C 6. C 7. B 8. A 9. D 10. C

Ⅲ. 阅读理解A1. F 2. F 3. T 4. T 5. F 6. C 7. B 8. C 9. A 10. B B1. Yes, he is Practice makes perfect. 熟能生巧。2. His birthday is September 12

3. She was born in Fuzhou/In Fuzhou4. No, she isn’t. She’s from Fuzhou5. Yes, she does Ⅳ. :A)1. Anna’s 2. third 3. well 4. musician 5. shoes 6. really 7. Chinese 8. me

B)1. is 2. watches 3. doesn’t like 4. to know 5. tell 6. to work 7. think

C)1. can’t find 2. Excuse me 3. It’s time to 4. go home 5. give,to 6. Hello

7. over there 8. Let me see 9. look like 10. How old

Ⅴ:1. G 2. D 3. H 4. C 5. I 6. J 7. E 8. F 9. A 10. B.

Ⅵ:1. get up 2. What color are 3. to go to movies 4. play the violin 5. How much is Ⅶ:My name is Wang Lei. I’m a student. I get up at six every morning,and I go to school at seven. My favorite subject is history, because history is very interesting. I often go to a movie on Saturday evening. I like action movies.

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