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Kaiyuan No.6 Middle School By Ziyundie

What are they / is she doing now? They’re /She’s ~~ing ….
surf the Internet

skateboard go skateboarding

exercise eat junk food drink milk

Eating junk food is bad for you. Drinking milk is good for your health. You should exercise every day.

*usually *often

*hardly ever
*every day *once a week


*twice a week
*three times a month

Make sentences: eat junk food drink milk surf the Internet go skateboarding

Talk about weekend activities
Ask your partners: What do you usually do on weekends? I usually/ often ….

go skateboarding

What do you usually do on weekends?
I often …. play football

go to the movies

What do you usually do on weekends?

watch TV

do some reading

What does she usually do on weekends? She usually / often ….

go swimming

go shopping

How often do you exercise?
I exercise every day.


How often

a. exercise b. watch TV c. shop d. go to the movies e. surf the Internet

every day twice a week once a week once a month twice a month

How often do they do these activities? Make conversations with your partner.

do homework every day

A: How often does he do his homework? B: He does his homework every day.

exercise three times a week A: How often does she exercise? B: She exercises three times a week.

eat junk food once a month

A: How often does he eat junk food? B: He eats it once a month.

surf the Internet
once a week

A: How often does she surf the Internet? B: She surfs the Internet once a week.

What Do Students Do at Green High School? Here _____ the results ____ the student activity are of Most at Green High School. ______ students exercise three _____ four _______ a week. Some students or times exercise once or ______ a week. Some students twice are As ______ very active and exercise every day. ____ for homework, most students do homework every day. Some students do homework three or four week No times a _______. _____ students do homework once _______ or twice a week. results The _______ for “watch TV” are interesting. Some students watch TV once or twice a week, some students watch TV three _______ four _____ or times students a week, but most _________ watch TV every day.

How to keep healthy eating habits? 1. Eat rice for meals. 2.Try to eat vegetables every day.

3.Eat fruit every day.
4. Eat some meat sometimes.

5.Don’t eat the food with too much oil(油).
6. Drink some milk every day.

Jim’s Healthy Eating Habits Jim keeps a _______ lifestyle. His eating healthy ______ are pretty good. He usually eats rice habits _____ meals. He ______ to eat vegetables for tries every meal, and eats fruit very often, too. Sometimes he ______ eats some meat , but he also ________ eats the food ______ too much oil. never with He ________ milk every day. Of course, He drinks

loves junk food, too. But he tries to eat _____ it
only once a week.

pretty exercise …but I’m _______ healthy. I ____

____ every day, usually ______ I come homehealthy school. My ______ from when ________ habits are pretty good. I try ____ eat a lot to ____ vegetables. I eat fruit and _______ milk every So once eating day. I ______ drink coffee. ____ course, I love get to drink ______ food, too, but I try to eat ___ only ______ a of health it week. Oh, and I sleep nine ______ every night. ____ hours Of you see, I look _____ my ________. And my never and _________ lifestyle helps me ______ good grades. junk Good food _____ exercise help me afterstudy better. ___
3.Does she eat junk food very often? 4.Do you think she has a healthy lifestyle? 5.Is her lifestyle the same as yours or different ? What are the differences?

…I think I’m _______ of unhealthy. I ________ ever kind health never exercise. I _____ fruit twice a week, but I _______ eat eat or vegetables. And I like ____ drink milk. Yuck! I love Drinking food less junk ______ and eat _____ three ____ four times a to it week. So ________ I’m not very healthy, _________ I have one healthy habit. I sleep ______ nine hours for every night. 1. A lot of vegetables help you to keep in good hardly ________. (health) although 2. ___________ milk is good for your _________. maybe health 3.You must try _____ eat ______ meat. (little) to 4.Do you have a ________ lifestyle? (health) healthy 5. I’m kind of __________. (health) healthy

An apple a day keeps a doctor away. 一天一个苹果,医生见你躲。

What are good eating habits? Do you have good eating habits? If not. What do you try to do?

I try to eat a lot of vegetables. I eat fruit and drink milk every day. I never drink coffee. Of course, I love junk food too, but I try to eat it only once a week.


A healthy lifestyle helps me get good grades. Good food and exercise help me to study better.





hardly ever


always(100%) >usually >often >sometimes >hardly ever >never(0%)

I do some reading every day.
I surf the Internet once a week. I watch TV twice a week. I do some washing three times a week.

I go to the movies once a month. I go shopping twice a month.

Words and phrases:

go skateboarding exercise surf the Internet hardly ever once a week twice a week three times a week Sentences:
How often do you --- ?


Can you tell their names?


green pepper




Can you tell their names?






Can you tell their names?





Can you tell their names?





junk food

Can you tell their names?




French fries

What kind of food are they?




junk food

How often do you eat /have /drink …? often/ sometimes/ hardly ever/ never once a
week/ three times a week/ every day

Interview a friend of yours how often he / she does something, and then make a report.

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