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Module 1

1. 买v. buy

buy sth for sb给某人买某物(=buy sb sth)

My father bought a nice toy for me yesterday.我爸爸昨天为我买了一个好玩具。

2.打电话 call call at 拜访(某地)

Call on 拜访(某人)

He often calls on me.他常常来拜访我。

3.开车v. drive

4.享受 enjoy

They are entitled to enjoy many advantages and privileges 他们有资格享有许多优惠和特权。


He broke his leg and had to lie all the time. 他折断了腿,不得不总是躺着。

6.逛商店;购物 shop

She has gone out to shop.她出去买东西了。

7.获得;拿;抓 take

Who has taken my pen?谁把我的钢笔拿走了?

8.拍照 take photos

9.讲;告诉 tell

I have something to tell you.我有件事要告诉你。


I’m waiting to hear your explanation 我在等你的解释。


12.等候;等待wait for


Eg: I bought a postcard yesterday. 昨天我买了一张明信片。

14.长城 the Great Wall.


16.美好时光a good time

17.非常a lot


Eg: Anyway, you can try.至少你可以试试。


20.穿上put on

Eg: He put on his best clothes for the party.为参加晚会他穿上了最好的衣服。


Eg:Pack your things. We’re going to leave.



We’re giving him a party when he leaves.



He’s been working hard all day.


24.在家 at home



Eg: The service in that restaurant was very poor. 那家餐馆的服务很差。

27.歌剧 opera

28.芭蕾舞 ballet

29.睡觉 sleep

30.洗;洗涤 wash

Eg: I must wash before dinner. 我饭前要洗手

31.穿衣服v. dress

32.开始 start

Eg: We started our work at eight.我们八点钟开始工作。

33.正午 midday

34.热狗 hot dog


Eg: Bring me two coffees, please.请来两份咖啡。


Eg: I’m glad to see you.遇到你很高兴。


Eg: Please give my greeting to Mrs zhang.


38.现在,此时 at the moment.

I was writing a letter at the moment when he came in. 他进来时我正在写信。

39.看……look at

Look at the boy run.看,那个男孩跑了。

40.立刻;不久adv. soon

We shall soon start 我们不久就出发。

41.爱;热爱n./v. love

He can’t love but hate.他只能恨不能爱。

42.再见See you later.

43.夜晚 n. night

44.晚安 good night

45.街道n. street

Module 2

1. 节日n. festival

We spent most of the Spring Festival at home.


2.春节 Spring Festival

3.有准备的. ready. Adj

Please get the plates ready. 请备好碟子。

4.为……准备好 get ready for

The letter is ready for post. 这信可以寄出了。

5.打扫;弄干净 clean vt.

6.做饭;烹饪 cook v.

Please cook a cake for the little boy.请给这个小男孩做个蛋糕。

7.一餐,一顿饭 meal n.

This restaurant is known for its Chinese meals.


8.学;学会 learn v.

It is never too late to learn. 活到老学到老

9.龙 dragon n.

Dragons are legendary animals. 龙是传说中的动物。

10.舞龙 dragon dance

11.灯笼 lantern

12.元宵节 Lantern Festival

13.打扫 sweep v.

My mother sweeps the kitchen every day.


14.扫去 sweep away

The wind swept the leaves away. 风吹走了树叶。

15.地板;楼层 floor n.

Our office is on the second floor.我们的办公室在二楼。

16.发生 happen v.

It happened under my eyes.这事就发生在我眼皮底下。

17.帮助 help v.

We will be happy to help if you need us.


18.在工作 at work

19.传统 tradition n.

20.坏的;不好的 bad adj.

He speaks bad English.他说的英语很差劲。

21.运气 luck

I’ll try my luck.我要碰碰我的运气。

22.涂;绘画 paint v.

He painted this picture. 他画了这幅画。

23.意思是;意味 mean v.

What do you mean, you don’t like my cooking?


24.装饰 decorate v.

My mother likes to decorate rooms.


25.装饰 decoration n.

26.剪纸 paper cut

27.每个人;每一个 everyone

Everyone knows it. 大家都知道这件事。

28.理发 haircut n.

Get yourself a haircut.快去理个发吧!

29.给give v.

He gave me a book. 他给我一本书。

30.新年 New Year

31.新年前夜 New Year’s Eve

32.饺子;团子 dumpling n.

33.甜的 sweet adj.

The fruit isn’t sweet enough. 这水果不够甜。

34.布丁;甜点心 pudding

What’s for pudding? 甜食吃什么?

35.(复数)焰火 fireworks n.

36.不多,很少 few pron.

Some few of the students are absent today. 有些同学今天缺席。

37.一些 a few

38.要;想要 want v.

39.星期 week n.

I shall be away from home all this week.


40.圆的;在周围round adj. adv.

The child had a round face. 那孩子脸蛋圆润。

41.一年到头 all the year.

42.带来bring v.

43.颜色colour n.

Some insects can change colour.有些昆虫可以变色。

44.某事;某物 something pron.

I have something important to tell you.


45.剪;切 cut v.

I cut you a piece of meat.


46.圣诞节 Christmas n.

I wish you a merry Christmas.


47.长的 long adj.

Module 3

1. 计划;打算 plan n./v.

What do you plan to do during the holidays. 你打算在假期里做什么?

2. 温习;复习revise v.

You must revise for the examination.


3.温习;复习revise for

4.野餐picnic n.

One spring day the school arranged a picnic. 有一年春天,学校安排了一场郊游。

5.吃野餐 have a picnic.

6.测试;测验 test n./v.

The candidate has passed all tests.


I’ll test my judgment.


7.沿……走;登上 walk up

If you walk up street, you’ll see many shops. 如果你沿街走去,就能看到很多商店。

8.向前 forward adv.

The seats face forward.这些座位面朝前方。

9.期待 look forward to

I’m looking forward to your visit next week. 我在盼望着你下周光临。

10.女儿 daughter n.

Xiao Zhang was a daughter of Zhang Fang

11.(外)孙女granddaughter n.

Her granddaughter lives abroad.她的孙女住在国外。

12.因为 because conj.

I study because I want to learn.


13.飞机 plane n.

14.游览;观光sightseeing n.

Most of our time was spent in sightseeing. 我们的大部分时间用在游览上。

15.游览 do some sightseeing

16.文化culture n.

He has studied the cultures of the Eastern countries. 他研究过东方国家的文化。

17.海滨;海滩 beach n.

18.海;海洋 sea n.

19.妻子 wife n.

20.炊事员;厨师cook n.

My mother is a terrific cook.我母亲饭做的好极了。

21.为什么 why adv.

Why are you late? 你为什么迟到?

22.外国的 foreign adj.

23(从……)到达……get(from…) to…

24.去观光go sightseeing

25.骑自行车cycle v.

He cycled to school. 他骑车上学。

25.去骑自行车go cycling

26.买东西;购物shopping n.

I normally do all my shopping at Saturday.


27.去买东西;去购物 go shopping

28.早early adj./adv.

29.出外;在外out adv.

30外出go out

Don’t go out after dark.天黑后别往外跑。

Module 4

1. 生活;生命life n.

The adolescent life is most important.


2. 将来;未来future n.

The future lies before us.未来展现在我们面前。

3.在将来;在未来 in the future

4.将要;将会will v.

They say that it will rain tomorrow. 他们说明天将会下雨。

5.有线电视 cable TV

6.计算器calculator n.

The calculator was damaged accidentally, and we need to buy a new one. 这个计算器意外被弄坏了,我们需要买一个新的。

7.移动电话cell phone

8.粉笔chalk n.

9.纸paper n.

10.直尺ruler n.

Draw a line with a ruler. 用尺子划一条线。

10.卫星电视 satellite TV

11.没有;无 no adj.

12.没有人;无人 no one

13.农场 farm n.

He lives on a farm.他住在农场。

14.假日;节日 holiday n.

The Fourth of July is the national holiday of the US.


15.雨;雨水;下雨rain n./v.

It’s raining.天正在下着雨。


The weather changed overnight.一夜之间就变天了。

17.风wind n.

There is not much wind today.今天没什么风。

18.因此;所以 so conj.

19.(坐飞机)飞行 flying n.

20.便宜的 cheap adj.

21.燃料 fuel n.

22.昂贵的 expensive adj.

23.短暂的;短的;矮的 short adj.

24.变得;得到;拿到 get v.

I’ve got your telegram.我已经收到了你的电报。

25.变暖 get warm

26.(海浪等)汹涌的;有暴风雨的 rough adj.

27.春天 spring n.

28.秋天 autumn n.

Winter comes after autumn.秋去冬来。

29.大雨;暴雨 heavy rain

30.强壮的;强烈的;强大的 strong adj.

He is as strong as oxen.他健壮得如牛一样。

31.舒适的;舒服的 comfortable adj.

I feel comfortable talking with that nice girl. 和那个可爱的女孩谈话我感觉很好。

32.加热 heat v.

Please heat me some milk.请给我热一些牛奶。

33.轻的 light adj.

I bought a light suitcase.我买了一只轻便手提箱。

34.机器 machine n.

35.单调的;枯燥的 dull adj.

36.工作 job n.

He leaves all the worst jobs for me.


37.自由的 free adj.

Everyone is free to express himself.


38.气候 climate n.

Coffee will not grow in a cold climate.


39.科技;技术 technology n.

40.运输 transport n.

41.容易的 easy adj.

That is an easy question.那是一个容易回答的问题。

42.有趣的 interesting adj.

He is a very interesting man.他是一个很有趣的人。

43.困难的 difficult adj.

It is difficult for me to teach.


44.平静的;平稳的 smooth adj.

45.不舒服的 uncomfortable adj.

I feel uncomfortable in this chair.我坐这张椅子不舒服。

46.弱的 weak adj.

47.梦想 dream n.

It’s my dream to win a Nobel Prize.我的理想是活的诺贝尔奖。

Module 5

1.故乡;家乡 hometown n.

2.比(用于形容词、副词的比较级之后)than conj.

He works better than I. 他工作做的比我好。

3.东方的;东方 east adj.

The wind is blowing from the east. 风从东方吹来。

4.南方的;南方 south adj./n.

I’m lost, which direction is south?


5.千米;公里 kilometer n.

6.米 meter n.

7.高的 high adj.

It’s a high building.这是一幢很高的建筑物。

8.百万 million n.

Three million dollars was set aside.拨出了300万美元。

9.忙的;繁忙的 busy adj.

He is a very busy man.他是一个大忙人。

10.海岸 coast n

11.小山;丘陵 hill n.

We went for the hills last Sunday.上周日我们去山里散步了。

12.岛屿 island n.

13.人口 population n.

The population of this city is neighborhood of three million. 本市人口接近300万。

14.回答;答案 answer n.

It’s the answer to your question.这就是你问题的答案。

15.问题(名词)提问;询问(动词)question n./v.

I asked you a question but you didn’t answer.


16.北方;北方的 north n./adj.

The north wind 北风

17.西方;西方的 west n./adj.

The shop is on the west side of the street.商店在街道的西边。

18.河;江 river n.

19.教堂 church n.

There are three churches in this town.这个城里有三座教堂。

20.著名的 famous adj.

She is famous as a writer.她是个著名的作家。

21.首都;省会capital n.

The capital is located on the river. 首都位于河畔

22.湖 lake n.

23.低的 low adj.

24.山;山脉 mountain n.

There is a high mountain at the back of the house.



26.靠近;接近 near prep

It is near five o’clock.现在将近5点钟。

27.村庄 village n.

28.地区;区域 region n.

29.宽的 wide adj.

30.事实;细节 fact n.

Module 6

1.奥林匹克的 Olympic adj.

2.激动人心的活动;冒险 adventure adj.

3.更多的;更 more adj./adv.

4.危险的 dangerous adj.

It is dangerous to play with fire.玩火是危险的。

5.体操 gymnastics n.

A gymnastics display. 体操表演。

6.滑雪 ski v.

The students often go skiing during winter vacation.

7.流行的;受欢迎的 popular adj.

8.激动人心的 exciting adj.

Skiing is more exciting than skating. 滑雪比滑冰更激动人心。

9.累人的 tiring adj.

A long row is very tiring.长时间的划船是很累的。

10.不流行的;不受欢迎的 unpopular adj.

11.令人厌烦的 boring adj.

He is a boring person.他是个令人讨厌的人。

12.(使)放松 relax v.

Relax when you dance.跳舞时要放松。

13.放松的;轻松自在的 relaxing adj.

14.安全的 safe adj.

15.擅长 be good at

16.居住区;邻近地区;临近关系 neighborhood n.

They are neighborhood paper.他们属于同一区域的报纸。

17.委员会 committee n.

The committee has decided to dismiss him.


18.到达 arrive v.

He arrived at four o’clock.他在四点钟到达。

19.迟的;迟 late adv./adj.

It is too late to go now.现在去太迟了。

20.其他的 other adj.

Are there any other problems? 还有其他的问题吗?

21.后面;后部 back n.

He likes sitting in the back of the class.


22.可是;然而 however adv.

It’s raining hard. However, I still want to go there.


23.慢地 slowly adv.

He nodded slowly.他慢慢地点了点头。

24.大声地;吵闹地 loudly adv.

25.清楚地 clearly adv.

26.游客;观光者 visitor n.

27.需要 need v.

I need your help.我需要你的帮助。

28.快地 quickly adv.

A bright boy learns quickly.聪明的孩子学得快。

29.坏地;糟糕地 badly adv.

30.粗心地;马虎地 carelessly adv.

31.更好 better adj./adv.

That is good but that is better.这个好,可是那个更好。

32.年轻的 young adj.

He is old in body but young in heart.


33.努力地 hard adv.

The young man worked very hard and soon began to get ahead. 那个年轻人很勤奋,他的事业很快有了进展。

34.领(某人)四处参观 take around

35.盒式磁带 cassette n.

36.播放机 player n.

37.词汇 vocabulary n.

There is a vocabulary at the back of our English book. 我们英语课本的后面附有词汇表。

38.认真地 carefully adv.

Now listen carefully everybody.请大家仔细地听。

39.安静地 quietly adv.

40.继续 continue v.

He is to continue as manager. 他要继续当经理。

41.直到……时;到……为止 until prep.

Revision module A

1.思考;考虑 think about

2.故事 story n.

He likes to listen to fairy stories.他喜欢听神话故事。

3. 不正确的;假的 false adj.

I think his documents are false.


4.真的;真实的 true adj.

It is a true story.那是一个真实的故事。

5.教育 education n.

6.城镇;城 town n.

7.也;而且 also adv.

I am also writing a short story.我也写短篇小说。

8.特殊的 special adj.

His accent is quite special.他的口音非常特别。

9.庆祝活动;典礼 celebration n.

The celebration of Christmas is a custom.


10.形状;样子 shape n.

They are uniform in size and shape.


11.短袜 sock n.

Two pairs of socks are enough.两双袜子足够了。

12.装满 fill v.

The hall soon filled.大厅里很快挤满了人。

13.传统地;习俗地 traditionally adv.

14.玩具 toy n.

15.环绕;包围 around prep.

They sat around the table.它们围着桌子坐。

Module 7

1.旅行;旅程 journey n.

I don’t envy your journey in this bad weather.


2.渡船;渡口 ferry n.

You can cross the river by ferry.


We waited at the ferry for two hours.


3.地铁 subway n.

He goes to work on the subway.


4.出租车 taxi

5.拥挤的 crowded adj.

6.现代的 modern adj.

He was steeped in modern history.


7.最远地 farthest adv.

Of all the students, I ran farthest.


8.最好 best adv.

Whoever does best will get the prize.


9.快;迅速 fast adj./adv.

You’re very fast, aren’t you? 你动作很快,对吧?

10.最多的;最 most adj./adv.

11.近的;靠近地 close adj./adv.

12.车站 stop n.

13.公共汽车站 bus stop

14.终点站;总站 terminal n.

15.客运码头 ferry terminal

16.车站 station n.

The railway station is some distance from the village.


17.机场;航空港 airport n.

18.英国的;不列颠的 British adj.

19.航线;航空公司 airway n.

20.快车 express n.

That evening they saw her get on the No.12 special express to London. 那天晚上它们看见她上了开往伦敦的12次特快车。

21.星星;明星 star n.

22.花费(时间) take v.

The flight took two hours.


23.乘客 passenger n.

24.航线;航空公司 airline n.

25.距离 distance n.

26.小时 hour n.

27.快的;迅速的 quick adj.

They took a quick train.它们乘坐快车。

28.方式;道路 way n.

29.车费;飞机票价;船费 fare n.

A single fare is 170 dollars. 单程票价为170美元。

30.知道;了解 know v.

I really don’t know. 我真的不知道。

Module 8

1. 过去(的);超过 past adj./n.;prep.

Winter is past. 冬天已经过去了。

It is past my ability. 这是我力所不及的。

2.动词be(am,is)的过去式 was v.

3.(动词bear的过去分词)出生 born v.

4.出生于 be born

He is a born leader.他天生是个领袖。

5.创建者 founder n.

6.科学家 scientist n.

He approached the question as a scientist. 他以一个科学家的眼光去处理这个问题。

7.教授 professor n.

8.动词be(are)的过去式 were v.

9.严格的;严厉的 strict adj.

She is a strict teacher. 她是一个严厉的教师。

10.友好的 nice adj.

She was the nicest person I know.


11.淘气的 naughty adj.

If you are naughty you won’t get any ice cream. 你要是再淘气,就吃不到冰淇淋了。

12.初等的;初级的 primary adj.

13.小学 primary school

14.有礼貌的;循规蹈矩的 well-behaved adj.

A well-behaved class 一班守规矩的学生。

15.嘿;喂 hey

Hey! Stop! 喂,止步。

16.省,省份 province n.

17.夫人;太太 Mrs n.

18.总统 president n.

The President fastened on the idea at once. 总统立即拿定了这个主意。

19.带有;和……在一起 with prep.

Would you like to go to the street with me?


20.商店 store n.

21.电影;电影院 movie n.

He is going to the movies. 他打算去看电影。

22.棒球 baseball n.

I like to play baseball. 我喜欢玩棒球。

23.起居室 living room

24.厨房 kitchen n.

I was too awkward to help in kitchen.


25.浴室 bathroom n.

We’ve installed a new bathroom.


26.卧室 bedroom n.

27.墙 wall n.

He fastened the calendar to a wall.


28.招贴画;海报 poster n.

29.花园 garden n.

Our garden affords us fresh vegetables. 我们的园子为我们提供新鲜蔬菜。

30.池塘 pond n.

31.鱼;鱼肉 fish n.

The little boy caught a fish.


32.回(原处);向后 back adv.

I am not ready to go back to work yet.


33.回去 go back

34.某处;某个地方 somewhere n.

35.不友好的 unfriendly adj.

Our neighbors are unfriendly to us.


36.第二 second num.

Our team gets a second.


37.性格 character n.

38.搭档;同伴partner n.

He is my bridge partner.他是我的桥牌搭档。

Module 9

1.曾经;一度 once adv.

I once went around the world.过去我周游过全球。 Once you begin, you must continue.


2.从前 once upon a time

3.熊 bear n.

4.开始 begin v.

Let’s begin. 我们开始吧。

5.决定 decide v.

We must decide that ourselves.这得由我们自己决定。

6.骑(马,车)ride n./v.

We ride our horses in the park each morning.


7.去乘(骑……) go for a ride

8.金黄色的 golden adj.

The room was flooded with warm and golden sunlight. 房间充满着温暖、金色的阳光。

9.小的;矮小的 little adj.

She was beautiful when she was little. 她小时候很漂亮。

10.采摘 pick v.

Ripe apples pick easily.熟了的苹果容易摘。

11.注意到 notice v.

She pretended not to notice.她假装没看见。

12.赶忙;匆忙 hurry v./n.

Don’t drive so fast; there’s no hurry.


13.敲 knock v.

Please knock before entering. 进来前先敲门。

14.没有;无人 nobody pron.

It was so cold that nobody can make his hands naked. 天气太冷,没有人能把手露在外面。

15.推 push v.

She pushed the door open.她把门推开。

16.敞开的;打开 open adj./v.

The meeting will open the day after tomorrow.


17.进入 enter v.

More and more people entered and the train was crowded. 越来越多的人上了火车,火车非常拥挤。

18.数 count v.

Let’s count the people who are present.


19.碗 bowl n.

He finished off two bowls of noodles in no time.


20.捡起 pick up

I picked up your book by mistake.


21.全部的;全部地 all adj./adv.

All my flowers have died. 我的花全死了。

22.饿的 hungry adj.

I’m hungry, please quickly. 我饿了,请快点。

23.冲;奔 rush v.

Don’t rush, take your time.别急急忙忙的,慢慢来。

24.尝试 try v.

If you can’t do it the first time, try again.


25.毁坏;破坏 destroy v.

It seems he’s destroying himself. 他似乎正在毁灭自己。

26.不高兴的 unhappy adj.

For all this wealth, he was unhappy.


27.睡着的 asleep adj.

28.返回;归还return v.

I’ll return at 10 this evening. 我今晚十点回来。

29.哭;喊叫 cry v.

The baby can cry as soon as he is born.


30.指 point v.

It’s rude to point.用手指人是不礼貌的。

31.跳 jump v.

He jumped the ditch.他跃过了那条沟。

32.无;没有 without prep.

I don’t like a house without a bathroom.


33.向四周看 look around

34.死 die v.

He became very ill and then he died. 他病得很重,接着就死了。

35.变成 change into

36.皇帝 emperor n.

Module 10

1.一月 January n.

Generally speaking, the coldest weather comes in January. 一般来说,一月的天气是最冷的。

2.二月 February n.

He was born in February. 他是二月出生的。

3.三月 March n.

March 8 is the International Woman’s Day.


4.四月 April n.

He started work here last April. 去年四月他开始在这里工作。

5.五月 May n.

We’ll go on holiday in May. 我们五月去度假。

6.六月 June n.

In this case it is necessary to cancel the party planned for June 16th. 既然如此,那就必须取消原定于6月16日举行的聚会。

7.七月 July n.

We’ll take our holiday sometime in July, I think.


8.八月 August n.

The August weather is delicious. 时值八月,气候温和宜人。

9.九月 September n.

Our school will begin on Sept. 3. 我们学校将在九月三日开学。

10.十月 October n.

11.十一月 November n.

It happened on November first. 这件事发生在11月1日。

12.十二月 December n.

She was born in December. 她是在12月出生的。

13.走开;离开 go away

I’m tired of your constant complaints; go away and leave me in peace. 我讨厌你老是抱怨,走开,让我安静点!

14.演员 actor n.

An actor must be able to memorize his lines.


15.作家 writer n.

He was the writer of the letter. 他就是写这封信的人。

16.戏剧 play n.

The college drama society is going to put on a play.


17.诗歌 poem n.

He wrote some poems in English. 他用英语写了几首诗。

18.年龄 age n.

They married at a late age. 他们年龄很大时才结婚。

19.在……岁时 at the age of

He was a middle school student at the age of 14.


20.结婚 marry v.

He never married. 他从未结过婚。

21.搬;移动 move v.

Nobody moves. 谁也不许动。

He is going to move his furniture.


22.参加;加入 join v.

Anyone who wants to can join. 愿意的都可以参加。

23.剧团;公司 company n.

24.成为 become v.

Mr. Jones became headmaster last year.


25.成功的 successful adj.

The meeting was successful. 会议开得很成功。

26.富有的 rich adj.

He came from a rich family. 他出身于富裕家庭。

27.下雪;雪 snow v.

Module 11

1.民族的;国家的 national adj.

It is a national newspaper. 这是一份全国性报纸。

I love the national culture very much. 我非常喜欢民族文化。

2.英雄 hero n.

After all a hero is a human. 英雄毕竟也是人。

3.桥 bridge n.

London Bridge is an important construction in Britain. 伦敦桥是英国的一处重要建筑。

4.建造 build v.

They will build us a new school. 他们将给我们建一所新学校。

5.工程师 engineer n.

The engineers projected a new machine.


6.政府 government n.

7.博物馆 museum n.

You won’t see live animals in a museum.


8.爱国的 patriotic adj.

His speech was full of patriotic sentiments.


9.铁路 railroad n.

10.隧道 tunnel n.

The train passed through a tunnel. 火车通过了一条隧道。

11.俄国的;俄国人;俄语 Russian adj./n.

12.从一端到另一端;穿越 through prep.

He went through the forest the next day.


13.穿过 go through

14.在……的上面 over prep.

There is a lamp over the table.


15.宇航员 astronaut n.

There’re three astronauts in the spacecraft.


16.地球 earth n.

17.旗帜 flag n.

18.太空;空间 space n.

19.挥手 wave v.

She waved me a greeting. 她扬手跟我打招呼。

20.宇宙飞船 spacecraft n.

21.标题 headline n.

I only had time to read the headlines of the newspaper.


22.新闻 news n.

The news was announced as official.


23.背景资料 background n.

You’ll have to give me a bit more background before I can help you. 你必须提供我更多的背景情况我才能帮助你。

24.以前 ago adv.

I realized it three weeks ago. 我在三个星期以前才明白的。

25.飞行员 pilot n.

26.儿子 son n.

27.绕轨道运行;轨道 orbit v./n.

A plane orbited over the landing field.


28.到达 reach v.

They reached Paris by plane on March 8.


29.高度;海拔 altitude n.

What is the altitude of the top of the mountain?


30.飞行;航程 flight n.

31.持续 last v.

How long will the fine weather last?


32.着陆;陆地 land v./n.

When are we landing? 我们什么时候着陆?

33.安全地 safely adv.

34.第三 third num.

I got the third prize in the race. 我在赛跑中得了三等奖。

35.人 person n.

36.空军 air force

37.项目;(电视)节目 programme n.

Did you buy a programme. 你买节目单了吗?

38.训练 train v.

They trained the soldiers to fight. 他们训练士兵打仗。

39.休息 rest v./n.

We stopped to rest the horses. 我们停下来让马休息一下。 You need enough rest. 你需要充足的休息。

40.丈夫 husband n.

Have you met her husband? 你见过她的丈夫吗?

41.昨天 yesterday n.

Yesterday was my birthday. 昨天是我的生日。

42.日期 date n.

March 6 is the date of his death. 他死的日期是三月六日。

43.中间(的) middle n./adj.

I noticed two middle-aged passengers.


44.结尾;结 end n./v.

We must fight on until the end.


The road ends here. 此路到此为止。

Revision module B

1.和……一起玩 play with

The kid was playing with his ball. 孩子在玩皮球。

2.意义;意思 meaning n.

There is some dark meaning in his words.


Module 12

1.花费(时间,金钱) spend v.

He has spent all his money. 他把所有的钱都花光了。

2.希望 hope v./n.

We hope that we will be better paid. 我们希望得到更好的报酬。

3.在度假;在休假 on holiday

4.时钟;计时器 clock n.

He heard the regular noise of the clock.


5.买东西;购物 do some shopping.

6.报纸 newspaper n.

The newspaper is proper for young people.


7.明天;在明天 tomorrow n.

Tomorrow will be Saturday. 明天是星期六。

8.奶奶;外婆 granny n.

A plane orbited over the landing field.

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