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Unit8 P601.帮助某人某事 help sb. with sth. 帮助某人做某事 help sb. (to) do sth. 2.打扫干净;收拾整齐 clean up 3.在室外工作 work outside 4.帮助无家可归的人们help homeless people 5.在食品库中分发食物give out food at the food bank 6.使生病的孩子高兴起来cheer up sick kids 7.帮助孩子做功课 help kids with their schoolwork 8.自愿在课外学习班做义工 volunteer in an after-school study program 自愿做某事 volunteer to do sth. P611.想出 come up with =think up 2.推迟做某事 put off doing sth. 3.距离现在 from now 4.写下;记下 write down 5.张贴标语 put up signs 6.分发广告 hand out advertisements 7.给某人打电话 call /ring sb. (up) give sb. a ring/call phone sb. make a telephone call to sb. P62 是某人的家园 be home to sb.

自愿花时间做某事volunteer one’s time to do sth. 他们中的每个人 each of them

一周几个小时 several hours a week

一个重大的奉献 a major commitment

主修 major in+学科

将...充分利用 put…to good use…

小学 elementary school

计划做某事 plan to do sth.

花费某人多少时间做某事spend …(in)doing sth

=It takes sb. some time to do sth . 成为一名兽医 be /become a veterinarian

一名职业歌手 a professional singer

不但…而且… not only …but also… 开始/着手做某事 get to do sth. 参加学校的志愿者项目join the school volunteer project


help coach a football team for little kids 开办一个中国历史俱乐部start a Chinese History club P63用完,耗尽 run out of=use up 与…相像 take after

= be similar to 修理;修补 fix up=repair sth.

赠送某人某物 give away sth. to sb. P64 1.尽力去做某事 try to do sth. I tried to escape, but I failed. 我努力想逃走,但是没有成功。

2.试着去做某事 try doing sth. Why not try doing it some other way? 何不用其他办法试一试?

3.尽某人的最大努力去做某事try/do one’s best to do sth. 4.一位电台采访者 a radio interviewer 5.告诉某人关于某事tell sb. about sth. 6.为家长开通一条电话热线

7.奏效 work out fine/well 8.算出;制订出 work out P651.分发试卷 give out your papers 2.创建一个笔友网站make a pen pal website 3.把一些衣服捐赠给慈善机构give away some clothes to charity

4.闲逛;闲荡 hang out 5.挣钱;赚钱 make money 6.张贴寻求唱歌工作的广告 put up signs asking for singing jobs 7.学唱歌的钱用完了 run out of money for singing lessons 8.用...把... 装满 fill…with...

P66 set up a call-in center for parents

送给某人某物 send sb. sth.=send sth. to sb. 一张幸运的照片a photo of Lucky 为……而感谢……thank sb. for doing sth. 帮助残疾人 help disabled people

使…成为可能 make it possible 填充, 填写fill in 用……把……装满fill…with... 充满了...be full of(强调状态)=be filled with (强调动作) 有时二者可以互换。

I was filled with fear at that time. 当时我的内心充满了恐惧。 The box is full of books. 箱子里装满了书。 1) 不可数名词, 意为“愉快,快乐”。 with pleasure十分高兴 I will remember this meeting with pleasure. 我会愉快地记着这次的会晤。 2) pleasure还可以用作可数名词, 意为“快乐的事”。 It’s a / my pleasure。不客气,乐意效劳,是对别人感谢的礼貌回复。 —Thank you for doing that. 感谢你那么做。 —It’s a / my pleasure. 不客气。 不能/不会做某事be unable to do sth 面对这些挑战 face these challenges 接电话 answer the telephone 开/关门 open/shut doors 我的一个朋友a friend of mine =one of my friends 帮助某人解决困难(摆脱困境)help sb. out 得到一只特殊训练的狗get a specially trained dog 把……带回家 bring…… home 感到幸运 feel lucky 慈善募捐 kind donation 理解不同的指令 understand different instructions 去把某人的书拿来fetch one’s book 支持某人 support sb 感激某人 appreciate sb. 被用来做某事 be used to do sth.

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