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2013----2014年人教版新目标九年级全册Unit12s Section A 2

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新目标 九年级 Unit 12

Section A Period 2

We are not supposed to spit in public.
When we ask for help, we are supposed to

say Excuse me.

Are we supposed to do these?

pick flowers

say thank you

put rubbish into the right place

Switzerland /`swIts?l?nd/

It’s in Europe.

Lausanne /l??`z?n/

Colombia / k?`l?mbI? / It’s in South America.

Cali /`kɑ:lI/

3a Read and listen, then fill in the chart.

Attitude towards

Colombia We are pretty relaxed about time.

being on time

visiting a friend’s We often just drop by our friends’ homes. house We don’t have to make making plans plans when we get with friends together with friends.

Attitude towards being on time


It’s very important to be on time. visiting a friend’s We never visit a friend’s house without calling house first. making plans We usually make plans with friends to meet friends.

The people in Colombia are pretty _______ about time. relaxed It’s OK for them to arrive __ ___ ____ a bit late when they go for an appointment. They often just drop ___ their friends without ____ by making a plan first. They like walking _______ _______ the town center to see around friends as many as possible.

the land of watches
/l?nd/ 国家

The people in Switzerland are serious about the time. When they meet someone, they must make plans be on time They usually _____ _____ to __ ____, do things. For example, they won’t visit a friend _______ calling first , and they without usually make plans about ____ to do or what _____ where to go.

Role play the conversation between Teresa and Marc. Talk about the different attitudes in Colombia and


What kinds of rules do they have in Colombia?

Well, they have pretty relaxed rules.

Like what?

Well, it’s OK if you’re not on time.

VS A: Do you have many rules in …? B: No/Yes. (Colombia /Switzerland) A: What about (being on time/visiting friends)? relaxed B: … And you? serious A: … make plans

In China, what is supposed to do in these following situations? 1. greeting teachers say, “Good morning.” 2. doing homework at home or in school after class 3. phoning someone say, “Hello, this is….” 4. visiting someone’s call first, and knock place at the door

5. making plans with Discuss the plan, call friends to make changes. 6. being on time 7. giving gifts Always on time or a little early. Festival gifts being necessary.

1. Where I’m from, we are pretty

relaxed about time.
我来的那个地方对时间非常放松。 句子中的 “Where I’m from” 是一个 由 “where” 引导的地点状语从句。

引导地点状语从句的副词除了where 还有wherever。 e.g. Just stay where you are. 就留在你原来的地方。

Wherever you are, you can see new factories and stories, new schools and hospitals. 无论你走到哪里, 你都能见到新建的 工厂, 商店, 学校和医院。

[考例] —How nice the music

sounds! —It does! The peaceful music will make you feel _______. A. excited B. bored C. moved D. relaxed D。relaxed作形容词,意为“放松的、宽 松的、轻松自在的”,可作表语、定语或 宾语补足语。作表语时,主语常为人。

2. We often just drop by our friends’ homes. drop by意为“顺便看望(某人)、顺便到 (某处)”, 用法同come over to。 e.g. Drop by any time you are in town. 来城里的话就到我这儿来玩。

3. We are the land of watches, after all! 毕竟我们是手表王国。 1)句中的land是一个名词, “国家” “国 土”的意思。 e.g. After living in foreign lands for many years, the man went back home. 在外国居住了多年之后, 这个人回到了 自己的祖国。

land 还可以表示 “陆地” 、“土壤”、 “土地”等意思。 e.g. There is a lot of good corn land around here. 这附近有许多良田。

2) 句子中的 “after all’’ 意思是 “毕竟”。

So you see, I was right after all.

你看, 毕竟还是我对吧。
You decided to come after all.


◆ be supposed to ◆ It’s rude to…

◆should ◆ It’s polite to…

while eating

very big family Grandparents, parents, children maybe grandchildren live together.

the eldest first clothes wear their own clothes for festivals favorite food the barbecue

meet bow people favorite eat fresh fish without cooking food daily life The wife does all the housework. visiting take off shoes when going into etiquette the room

meet people favorite food favorite sport etiquette

kiss hot food, meat

soccer ball It’s rude to show “OK” with your hand.

meet people

kiss or hug(拥抱), kiss the ladies’ hands 15 or 30 minutes late

visit friends favorite taste etiquette

hot, even while eating fruit
It’s rude to send people red or yellow flowers.



smoke do our homework get our ears pierced speak aloud in/on… be polite to… clean up

stay up be home by… drive a car wash the dishes bring snakes to the classroom choose our own clothes make the bed by ourselves run in the hallways be late for school

参考句型: We are supposed to… We are not supposed to… We should / shouldn’t… It’s polite/ rude to…

We are allowed to… We aren’t allowed to… We can/ could/ can’t/ couldn’t… Things we are supposed to do…

Things we are supposed to do: _________________________________ _________________________________ Things we aren’t supposed to do: _______________________________ _______________________________

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