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2013----2014年人教版新目标九年级全册Unit12s Reading

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新目标 九年级 Unit 12

Fill in each blank with the correct word given. Change the form of the word if necessary. Then make your own sentences with each word.

arrive meet spend behave imagine 1. People in Japan and America ______ behave differently at the dinner table. imagine 2. You can _______ how different the table manners here are from ours. 3. In Singapore, the trains always _____ arrive on time. They are never late. 4. On Chinese New Year, people like to spend _____ time with their families. 5. I usually meet my friends in the ____ library on Friday nights.

Complete the crossword.
1. Japanese and Koreans do this when they meet people. 2. Americans do this with their hands when they meet people. 3. Brazilians do this in Brazil when they meet. 4. You eat with these in Japan, Korea and China. 5. You cut your food with this in the United States.

b c h o w p s h t

k i c k s


a k





It is a new kind of written English
that is being used to save time.

Can you write an

example of each on your


How are you? See you! By the way. See you later!

BRB I’ll be right back. CU2morrow See you tomorrow! ASAP as soon as possible

Please write more expressions like the ones above!

2 = to/too B4 = Before

4 = for

4ever = forever BBL = Be Back Later

F2F/FTF = Face To Face
OIC = Oh, I See

Read the passage and answer the questions.

What is the advantages of using email English? It helps us write quickly. So we can

save time.

How many types of e-mail English are mentioned in this passage? What are they? Three. They are abbreviation, homophone, emoticons.



homophone “gr8”-“great”

emoticons : ) -- the happy face

Examples “BTW” --“by from this the way” part

“CSL” --“can’t “CUl8r” -stop laughing” “see you later” …

examples … of our own


Can we use e-mail English in our English test? No, we can’t.

How many e-mail English words are
mentioned in the passage? What are

Six. ICQ, BTW, CSL, gr8, CUl8r, :)

What is the proper time to use email English? 1. when you are e-mailing a friend ___________________________ 2. when you are sending a message ____________________________ to a friend on a mobile phone ___________________________

I. 根据短文内容完成下列表格。
What e-mail It’s a new kind of written English is English that is being used to _________. save time

Where a lot of e- They come from a

mail English
words come

computer program
ICQ called _____ .

Which two types The first is

of word e-mail
English mostly

____________. abbreviation The second is ___________. homophone


When we use When we e-mail a


friend or send a
message to a friend mobile phone on a _____________.

II. 根据短文内容, 选择最佳选项。 (D )1. What is ICQ? A. It is e-mail English. B. It’s a computer program that is used in tests. C. It’s a computer program that is used by

teachers. D. It’s an e-mail “chatline” that is used to have online conversations.

( A)2. A friend sends a message “IMY”

to a friend that he hasn’t seen
for months. He may probably

mean “______”.
A. I miss you C. I see you B. Leave me years D. It’s many years

(C)3. The passage mainly tells us that ______. A. why we should write quickly B. e-mail English is better than normal English C. what e-mail English is D. students like e-mail English better than teachers

3a. Write the names of the three types of e-mail English at the top of each column. Then write an example of each from the reading.

1. abbreviations BTW, CSL
2. Homophones 3. emoticons
gr8, CUL8r :)

3b. Scan the reading to answer these questions.

1. E-mail English is used a) to have fun b) to save time c) to study faster 2. WBQ would mean a) with best wishes b) which queue c) write back quickly

3. “Great” sounds most like a) late b) get c) seat 4. In e-mail English, punctuation marks are used a) normally b) instead of c) to show feelings 5. E-mail English is supposed to be used a) on mobile phones b) in class c) in tests

Complete the chart and discuss your answers with your partner. Do these two on your own: 1. I had a great weekend. And you? 2.Oh no! I am going to be late. My e-mail English ideas I had a gr8 weekend & U? O-no! I’m going 2BL8 :-(

Do them with a partner: 3.I have seen that movie four times. It’s great! 4.Excuse me. Could you please help me?

Our e-mail English ideas I’ve Cn that movie 4xs, it’s gr8, :) Xqz me, cd U pls help me?

Please try your best to write e-mails in e-mail English to your friends or type e-mail English messages on the computer.

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