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The Objective Clause

宾语从句: 是用作宾语的从句。 宾语从句属于名词性 从句. 主句 宾语从句 We know Mr Green teaches English. She asked if these answers were right. 宾语: 是动作、行为的对象,是动作的承受者 I know English.

二、 宾语从句在句中的位置

1. 作动词的宾语
I know that the job is difficult.
2. 作介词的宾语 Our success depends on how hard we will work.

引导词(连接词) 语 序 时 态
连成一句: She asked . Are these answers right? She asked if these answers were right.

二、宾语从句的引导词 1. 由连词that引导的宾语从句(陈述句) Make into a sentence : I’m afraid. You are wrong. I’m afraid that you are wrong. →that在从句中不充当任何句子成分,只起连接主从句的作用,不 用翻译出来,that可省略 2. if/ whether 引导的宾语从句(一般疑问句) Make into a sentence : Do you know ? Will he come? Do you know if/whether he’ll come? I don’t know whether it rains or not . Please tell us whether to go or stay. I’m thinking of whether we should go fishing.
→whether 和if在从句中不充当任何句子成分,只起连接作用,但不能省略,它在句中 翻译成“是否” 只能用whether不能用if的情况: 1. 在含有or not 的句中. 2.带有to 的不定式之前。 3. 在介词后面用Whether

3.由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which,what 和连接 副词 where,how,why,when引导的宾语从句。 代词或副词连接主句和从句,并在从句中担任句 子成分,具有一定的意义,不可省略。
who could answer the question 1. He asked _____________________________. whom they are waiting for 2. Do you know_________________________? whose bike was the best in the class 3. He asked_______________________________. when we’ll have a meeting 4. Do you know _________________________? how I can get to the station 5. Can you tell me ________________________? why the train is late 6. Could you tell me ______________________?


由从属连词 whether, if(是否) 引导的宾语从句

由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which, what 和连接副词 where,how,why,when 引导的宾语从句

宾语从句中的语序必须是陈述语序,即“主语+谓语”的顺序 Is he good at English? (一般疑问句,疑问句语序) →Can you tell me if he is good at English. Why is winter colder than summer.(特殊疑问句,疑问句语序) →Do you know why winter is colder than summer. Where does he live.(特殊疑问句,疑问句语序) →I don’t know where he lives.

当从句的原句为以下句子以及what, who 作主语时,语序不变: What’s wrong? What’s the matter? What’s happening? What happeneed? eg:I don’t know what’s the matter. Can you tell me who is over there?

三、时态 1. 主

句使用一般现在时,从句允许使用任何时态。 left are I think you _____ (be) right. She says that he just ____ (leave). 2. 主句使用过去时,从句须使用过去的某种时态(一般过去时,过 去时,过去将来时,过去完成时等) I didn’t think he ______ (be) wrong. was He told her what ______________ (happened) had happened 3. 如果宾语从句陈述的是客观真理、事实等,其时态不变,但从句 时态限制为一般现在时。 is The teacher told me that the earth ____(be) round. are Everyone knew that there ____(be)sixty minutes in an hour.

Exercise: fill in the blanks
1. The radio says it _________ cloudy tomorrow. will be (be) goes 2. The headmaster hopes everything ______ well. (go) 3. Tom says that they ______________ (play) were playing basketball at six o’clock yesterday evening. 4. I hear they have returned (return) it already. ______________ 5. He said that they ___________ members of the had been Party since 1948. (be) 6. He asked what they _____________ at eight last were doing night. (do) 7. The teacher told his class that light _______ travels faster than sound. (travel) 8. I think you are talking about the murder ____________ now. (talk)

9.I didn’t know whom the letters ______ from. (be) were 10. I didn’t know what time he _______ ____the has written letter. (write) 11. Mr Wang told me that the earth ______ (move) moves round the sun. 12. Could you tell me who ___________ away the has taken book already? (take) 13. Ling Feng told me he had been there several _________ times. (be) rises 14. Our teacher told us in class the sun _______ in the east. (rise) 15. Can you tell me what they ______ yesterday? did (do)

将下列句子合并为一句: 1. Where do they stop on the way? I asked. I asked where they stopped on the way. 2. What will you speak at the meeting? Could you tell me? Could you tell me what you will speak at the meeting? 3. Do they like to go skiing? He asked. He asked if they liked to go skiing. 4. He is doing his homework. He said. He said that he was doing his homework. 5. He will come back. Tom said. Tom said that he would come back.

6. Is she doing her homework? Jim asked. Jim asked if she was doing her homework. 7. When will he come back? Tom asked. Tom asked when he would come back. 8.How can I get to the station?Could you tell me? Could you tell me how I can get to the station? 9.Why is the train late? Would you tell me? Would you tell me why the train is late? 10. Where is Tom? They asked. They asked where Tom was.

二、单项选择 1.Could you tell me _______ ? A. where he live B. √ where he lives C. where does he live D. he lives where 2.He said that he ______ speak a little English when he was five years old. A. might B. would √ could C. D. can 3.I don’t think that the book is very useful , ________ ? A. do I C. doesn’t it D. isn’t it √B. is it 4.Excuse me , can you tell me _______ ? A. when can I get to the station B.I can g

et to which station C. which station can I get to D. √ how I can get to the station 5.My brother asked me ______ kite _______. A. who , this was √B. whose , this was C. whose , was this D. who , was this

6.He asked me _____ I knew French . A .that √ if B. C. as D. what 7.Do you know who _____ with at eight yesterday ? A. he is talking B. was he talking C. he was talking D. is he talking

8.-----What did your mother say , Tom ? ----- She asked me ______ . A. why my sister is crying √ why my sister was crying B. C. why is my sister crying D. why was my sister crying

9.He told me that the sun ______ in the east . A. √ rises B. raises C. rose D. raised
10.Tom asked ______ to school late . A. who did often come B. who often did come C. who often come D. √ who often came

21. —Do you know ____? C —Next year. A. when he come  B. when did he come  C. when he will come  D. when will he come

22.Could you tell us ___?  A A. when you will send the fridge to our house B. when will you send the fridge to our house C. when you would send the fridge to our house 23.Mr King didn‘t know __ yesterday evening.  C A. when does his son come home B. when did his son come home C. when his son came home C 24.Excuse me,can you tell me ___? A. does the train leave B. If the train had left C. if the train left D. did the train leave 25.I wonder _________. D A. where have you gone  B. where you have gone where have you been D. where you have been


26.He wants to know ___ America. D A. when will Mr. Li leave for B. when will Mr. Wang stay in C. why will Mr. Wang stay in D. when Mr. Wang will leave for

B 27.I want to know if __ a meeting tomorrow. A. you have B. you will have C. do you have D. will you have A 28.He asked me whether I ___ to his birthday party if I ___ time. A. was going, had B. would go ,would have C. will go, have
29.He said he ____ to visit that famous museum the next D week. A. will go B. should go C. were going D. would go

D 30.He asked __ they could go to Beijing or Nanjing. A. how B. what C. if D. whether


由从属连词 whether, if(是否) 引导的宾语从句

由连接代词 Who,whom,whose,which, what 和连接副词 where,how,why,when 引导的宾语从句

从 句 时 态


连 接 前 连 接 后 时态保持不变 一般现在时 一般过去时 一般过去时 一般过去时 过去将来时 过去进行时 过去完成时


一般将来时 现在进行时 现在完成时

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