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(满分100分 90分钟完卷)

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第Ⅰ卷 选择题(65分)


( )1. —Why do they look so disappointed?

—They look disappointed ____ they can’t go to see Love Me Once More, Mom.

A. so B. but C. because D. because of

( )2. —How is this kind of apple?

—It tastes ____ and sells ____.

A. good; good B. well; well C. good; well D. well; good

( )3. —Mr. Wang, I always feel bad these days. Can you give me ____ advice? —Sure. You should talk to others and listen to soft music.

A. a B. an C. / D. some

( )4. —Oh, Miss Yang, what happened? Why are your eyes ____ tears?

—It’s Mid-autumn Festival today, but I can’t get together with my family. I feel so ____.

A. filled of; lonely B. filled with; alone

C. full of; lonely D. full of; alone

( )5. —Mr. Wang, I have trouble ____ the text.

—Remember ____ it three times at least.

A. to understand; reading B. understanding; reading

C. understanding; to read D. to understand; to read

( )6. The Greens saw the sunrise and the sea of clouds ____ Mount Tai and visited Dai Temple ____ the daytime last weekend.

A. in; in B. on; on C. in; on D. on; in

( )7. —Mom, there are two apples. Are they for me?

—Yes. You can have ____. Leave one for your little brother.

A. both B. all C. neither D. either

( )8. Taiwan is ____ the southeast of China and Japan is ____ the east of China.

A. in; to B. in; in C. to; to D. to; in

( )9. ____ we rode our bikes for one and a half hours, we ____ the bookstore.

A. When; reached B. While; arrived in

C. After; arrived at D. As soon as; reached

( )10. —Do you know when ____? I miss him very much.

—Don’t worry. I will tell you as soon as ____.

A. will he come; he comes B. he will come; he comes

C. he comes; he will come D. he will come; he will come

( )11. We all want to know ____ the famous writer will come to our school or not.

A. if B. that C. whether D. when

( )12. Liu Xiang is ____ popular ____ many students are talking about him in and out of school.

A. too; to B. to; too C. such; that D. so; that

( )13. There are more and more foreigners coming to China. So I think English is ____ useful than before.

A. more much B. much more C. many more D. more many

( )14. —Can you tell me ____ we will have a holiday for May Day?

—Yes, we will. We will have a ____ holiday.

A. if; two days B. that; two days C. if; two-day D. that; two-day

( )15. ____ you are, ____ mistakes you will make in the exam.

A. The more careful; the fewer B. The more careful; the less

C. The more carefully; the fewer D. The more carefully; the less

( )16. I heard him English at 6:00 this morning.

A. read B. to read C. reads D. reading

( )17. Neither my brother nor I a doctor.

A. is B. am C. are D. be

( )18. I read a few articles. I think this article is better than A. other article B. the other C. another D. the others

( )19. She practiced the piano every day.

A. playing B. play C. plays D. to play

( )20. The house us 80,000 yuan.

A. paid B. cost C. took D. spent


Colors and Our Feelings

Color is very important in our life. It has a lot with our feelings. So colors are sometimes called cool or neutral (中性的). Red and yellow are warm colors they make a room feel warmer. They also make the walls seem to us than they really are. We say blue and green are cold. They can give us different feelings—the room feels cooler and the walls seem to be farther away. A neutral color one that does not affect our feelings. Brown and gray neutral, but they may also be put into warm or cool color that affect our feelings.

is important to choose the right colors we want. Though red might be very good for a restaurant, it would be wrong an art gallery(画廊). People want to look at the pictures, not the walls behind. White is used to make a small room look larger. a room is very small, we can use white color for the walls.

( )21. A. to do

( )22. A. dark B. do B. bright C. does C. hot D. doing D. warm

( )23. A. when ( )24. A. near ( )35. A. what ( )26. A. are ( )27. A. neither is ( )28. A. It ( )29. A. in ( )30. A. But

B. why B. more near B. that B. is B. is neither B. He B. at B. If

C. after C. nearer C. if C. was C. are both C. That C. under C. So

D. because D. nearest D. whether D. were D. both are D. What D. for D. Until

三. 阅读理解。(30分)

(A) Bicycles in China

Bicycles are very popular in China. In our country you can see bicycles almost everywhere. When you walk on the road, you will find a lot of people riding bicycles to school, shops and anywhere else. Therefore(因此), China is known as “. In China, many families have one or two bicycles.

Compared(与……比) with cars, bicycles have many advantages. First, they are much cheaper than cars. Most Chinese can’t afford cars, but they can afford bicycles. Second, bicycles are small enough to park anywhere, while cars need a larger piece of land to park. What’s more, with lower speed, bicycles are safer than cars.

However, bicycles also bring some problems. Some riders don’t obey the traffic rules and some riders don’t think about others’ safety. So they ride too fast. During ( )31. Where can you see bicycles in China?

A. In the big city. C. In the country.

B. In the town. D. Almost everywhere.

( )32. “The kingdom of bicycles” here is saying ____.

A. China has a large number of bicyclesB. China makes bicycles C. bicycles are a kingdom

D. only China has bicycles

( )33 Which of the following is NOT an advantage of bicycles?

A. Bicycles are much cheaper than cars. B. Bicycles are easy to park. C. Bicycles are more beautiful than cars. D. Bicycles are safer than cars.

( )34 What problems can bicycles bring?

A. Bicycles are more and more expensive. B. Riding bicycles is more dangerous than driving cars. C. There are no places for so many bicycles. D. Too many bicycles may cause traffic jams.

( )35. What does the last sentence mean?

A. We should drive cars instead of riding bicycles. B. It’s too far to ride bicycles. C. Bicycles are safe enough. D. We still need to do much to solve the problem.


In almost every big university in the USA, football is a favorite sport. American football is not like soccer. Players sometimes kick the ball, but they also throw the ball and run with it. They try to take it to the other end of the field. They have four chances to move the ball ten yards(码). They can carry it or throw it. If they move it to other end of the field, they receive six points(分).

It is difficult to move the ball. Eleven men on the other team try to stop the man who has the ball. If the man does not move the ball ten yards, his team kicks the ball to the other team.

Each university wants its team to win. Thousands of people come to watch. They all yell(喊加油) for their favorite team. Young men and women called cheerleaders(啦啦队长) come to help the people yell more.

Each team plays ten or eleven games. Each season begins in September and lasts about seventeen weeks. If a team is very good, it may play another game after the season ends. The best teams play again at the beginning of January. Many people go to see these games and many others watch them on TV.


( )36.In American football, players can

A. only kick the ball B. only throw the ball

C. only carry the ball D. kick, throw and carry the ball

( )37. If a team wants to get points, it has to move the ball .

A. 10 yards B. 40 yards

C. away from the other end D. to the other end

( )38. Each season lasts about weeks.

A.15 B. 7 C. 17 D. 19

( )39.When do the best teams play again? A. In the middle of the season B. Before the season ends

C. At the beginning of January D. At the beginning of February

( )40. Which is the best title(题目) for the passage? A. American Football B. Most People Like Football

C. Many People Enjoy Watching Football Games

D. Soccer


Today almost everyone knows computers and the Internet. If I ask you “What is the most important in your life?” , maybe you will say “Computers and the Internet.”

The first computer was made in 1946. it was very big but it worked slowly. Today computers are getting smaller and smaller. But they work faster and faster. What can computers do? A writer has said, “People can’t live without computers today.”

The Internet came a little later than computers. It is about twenty-five years later than computers. But now it can be found almost everywhere. We can use it to read books, writer letters, do shopping, play computer games or make friends.

Many students like the Internet very much. They often go into the Internet as soon as they are free. They make friends on the Internet and maybe they have never seen these friends. They don’t know their real names, ages, and even sex. They are so interested in making the “unreal friends” that they can’t put their hearts into study. Many of them can’t catch up with others on many subjects because of that.

We can use computers and the Internet to learn more about the world. But at the same time, we should remember that not all the things can be done by computers and the Internet.

( )41. The Internet can not be used for______.

A. studying B. shopping C. thinking D. playing

( )42. When the computer was invented, it was______.

A. large and worked quickly B. small and worked slowly

C. large but worked slowly D. small but worked quickly

( )43. The Internet was born in about________.

A. 1960 B. 1970 C. 1980 D. 1985

( )44. Which of the following is TRUE?

A. Few students like going into the Internet.

B. Students use the Internet to make “unreal friends.”

C. These “Unreal friends” often meet each other

D. Students know the friends on the Internet very well

( )45. What does the writer think of the Internet?

A. It is wonderful B. It can make students study harder

C. It is not good for students D. It is helpful, but we can’t do everything on it.

第II卷 非选择题(35分)



46. Medicine tastes b____, but it is good for your illness.

47. Don’t make so much n____. The baby is sleeping.

48. Mr. Wang has good s____. He can see things more clearly than us.

49. As soon as I saw Jane, I r____ I hurt her too much.

50. What people wear d____ on what they like.


51. He`s never been there before, _________ __________?(完成反意疑问句)

52. This problem is difficult. I can`t work it out.(合并为一句)

This problem is _________ difficult _________ I can`t work it out. (对划线部分提问)

______ ______will you send the food to me?

54. I didn't go swimming last Sunday because the weather was bad.(改为同义句) I didn't go swimming last Sunday ______ ______ the bad weather.

55. 简上个星期天收到了她妈妈的来信。

Jane ______ ______ her mother last Sunday. (完成译句)

(C)词汇部分 根据中英文提示用所给词的正确形式填空。(5分)

56. Think it over before making an important ______. (decide)

57. —How much did the new skirt cost your sister? .

—She ______ (pay) 350 yuan for it.

58. The students in Class Five did ______ ( badly) in the exam than those in Class One last term.

59. —What will you do tomorrow?

—I have no idea. Can you give me some ______ (建议) ?

60. In the ______ (南方) part of China, people usually like eating rice.



In England, people often eat four meals a day: lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. 否则), you may do something impolite to the English people.

61-65:__________ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________

66-70:__________ ___________ __________ ___________ ___________


假如你要接受一家英文报社的采访,记者提出的问题是 “How can you be a good child?” 请你根据下面所给的提示及要求,准备一段应答稿。(文稿的开头已写出,不计入总词数)

提示:1. What should you do at school?

2. What can you do to give help at home?

3. How do you show your love to your parents ( or grandparents and so on)? 要求:1. 文稿必须包括所提示内容,可适当发挥;

2. 文稿中不得出现真实的人名,校名和地名;

3. 词数:80词左右

Well, to be a good child,







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