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Unit 1 0 If you go to the party

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Unit 1 0 If you go to the party, you’ll have a great time!

Section A (1a-2d)


1. If Bob _________ away from the junk food, he will be in good health. A. stay B. will stay C. stays D. stayed

2. Today is a good time____ a walk in the open air. A. having B. to have C. have D. has

3.If you wear jeans to the party, the teacher____ you go in. A. don't let B. doesn't let C. won't let D. didn’t

4.Please buy some___ and ____for me.

A. potato chips; chocolates B. potato chip; chocolate C. potato chip; chocolate D. potato chips; chocolate

5.--_______we don't save water, we will have no water to drink one day. A. Where B. When C. Although D. If

6.--I wonder if the dentist will come to our school this weekend.--If he ____,we will be very excited.

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came


1.The children will go to the zoo if it_________(not rain) this Saturday.

2.Don't worry about your boy too much. His temperature_______(drop回落)back to normal if he takes this medicine.

3.We are talking about where________(go). Do you have any ideas? 4.When is a good time_________(visit) Mount Tai.

5.I think the game is very________(excite).


1.你能告诉我什么时候开班会吗? Can you tell me when______ _______ a_______.

2.我们要在今天晚上看录像:We’ll_______ a_______ tonight.

3.假如我们坐公交车去那儿的话,会有一半同学赶不上车:If we go there by bus,______ ______ ______ won't catch it.

4.现如今我们可以从饭店订年夜饭? Nowadays we can________ New Year's Eve dinner ______ restaurant.

5.假如你待在家里的话,你会很无聊. ____you stay at home, you'1l_______very_________.

Section A(Grammar Focus一3c)


1.-Lucy,what about going camping if it___tomorrow7 --Sounds great! A. didn't rain B. doesn't rain C. won't rain D. will rain

2.____good advice the teacher gave me! A. How B. What C. What a D. How a

3.If I___ to the movie, I___ my homework tonight.

A. will go; won't finish B. go; don't finish C. will go; don't finish D. go; won't finish

4. Alice doesn't know what____ about going lo her friend's birthday party. A to do B. doing C. did D. will do

5. Tell the children ____unhealthy food. It's bad for their health. A. not to eat B. not eating C. to eat D. eating


1.Everyone is here. Let's begin our________(会议). 2. I'm really hungry.1 want to have a piece of_________(巧克力).

3. I'm very u_________ because everyone else in my' class was invited to the party except(除了)me.

4. Please give me some a_______ about how to learn English well.


1.We will get there very fast if we__________(take)a taxi. 2.I don't have enough time____(do) my homework.

3.You____________ (not get) nervous if you_________(finish) enough exercise.

4.I'm sure if he____(go) to the party, he_____(have)a great time. 5. Emma is not sure how_____(go) to the park this afternoon.根据汉语意思或提示完成句子

1.如果努力学习,你就会取得好成绩。If you________ _______,you________ good_______ _________.

2.如果我们为他组织生日聚会,大家都会来的。 Everyone_______ _______if we ______a birthday party____ him.

3._____ ______ ________(会发生什么)if you are late for class7

4.It will be expensive if your brother_________ _______ ______(乘出租车).

Section B(1a~ld)


1. ---Sally , could you give me some _____on English learning?---Of course. You’d better get much listening practice.

A. advice B. news C. gifts D. ways

2. It's the most important ______ me____ happy. A. for; to be B. to; to be C. for; for D. to; for be

3. My parents work hard to _______ more money. A. do B. make C.. take D. bring

4. The two kids practice spoken English _______ joining the English club. A. by B. in C. on D. with

5. lf you ___the club, you'll become a great singer. A. play a part in B. joined C. joins D. become


join agent play never hard

1.Would you like______ the Lions! 2.I want to ask the travel __________ for some advice because I am going to travel around the world. 3. The new rules also say that school buses must be______ overloaded( 超载) .

4. If I work _______! I'll get enough money. 5. If I keep on playing tennis, I'Il be a great tennis_______. 根据汉语意思完成句子:

1. My uncle wants to______________________( 环游世界) . 2. If you really work hard, you'll_____________ (上大学)

3. Our country let every children __________________(受教育 ) .

4. If you send your photos to the Internet, you'll ________________( 变得出名) .

Section B (2a~2e)


1.I'm late for school today. I think my teacher must be ___ me. A. worried about B. pleased with C. friendly to D. angry with

2. I enjoy fresh air so I always sleep with the window open _____it is really cold. A. unless B. when C. if D. since

3. -Can I tell others about the good news? -No. Let's keep them to_______ A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. we

4. He worked hard for his dream. _____,he made it come true. A. At the end B. In the end C. By the end D. In the end of

5. -How can I become a famous singer? -The first step is______

A. keep sing B. to keep to sing C. keep singing D. to keep singing

6. My brother and I both wanted to eat the apple, but my mother had only one. She had to cut it ____

A. in half B. in halves C.. in a half D. to half


1.Face the problems bravely and try to s________ them. 2.It's n___________ to have problems and worries in our life.

3.He's poor at spelling. He made a lot of spelling m__________ in his writing.

4.Daniel did the exercises too_________(粗心),and it made his teacher very angry.

5.Liu Wei is a disabled boy. He learned the piano by_________(他自己).


1.Remember________(close) the window if you leave the room.

2.She said she would never forget some pleasant__________(experience) while working there.

3.Keep____(think), and you'll get a good idea. 4.I was late for school and___________(worry) for hours.

5.Peter and Simon enjoyed___________(they)at the English party last night.

6.The more__________(care) you are,the fewer mistakes you will make.


1.最好不要逃避我们的问题.It's best not to_____ ______ ________our problems.

2.他如此粗心,以致常常犯错误。He is so careless that he often________ ___________.

3.青少年经常在学业方面存在问题。 The_________ often have a lot of problems _________their schoolwork.

4.除非你把你的担忧告诉别人,否则你当然会觉得更糟._____you tell others about your worries, you'll _______feel worse.

5.露西认为她父母真得很善解人意。Lucy________ her parents are really _________.

Section B(3a ~ Self Check)


1.-What would you do if it_________ tomorrow? -We have to carry it on, since we've got everything ready.

A. is raining B. rains C. will rain D. rain

2.Could you please give me________ on how to improve my English? A. some advices B. an advice C. a piece of advice

3. You will fall behind others ______you work hard. A. if B. unless C.. though D. since

4. Jim made a lot of mistakes in his homework, so his teacher got _____ A. happy B. angry C. excited D. interested

5. You'd better tell your parents about your problem _____they have a lot of experience

A. because B. although C.. when D. if

6. -You can't go there alone. Susan. -Well, what _____if I go there alone?

A. happens B. was happening C. will happen D. happened


l. What _____ you ________( do) if you visit an old people's home'. 2. My sister decides_______( go) there and stay for a long time. 3. The boy was ill. His mother sent him to _____________ ( children) hospital.

4. You should__________ ( ask) me. when you have a problem. 5. If you __________( not go) to the party, you will miss it. 按要求完成句子:

1. I think I'll be a doctor. ( 提问) _______ do you think you ______ ________?

2. She will travel around the world. She will have enough money next year. (用if合为一句)

She will travel around the world _____she_______ enough money next year.

3. Will he come back on Saturday? I don't know. (合并为一句) I don't know ______ _______come back on Saturday.

4. Could you tell me how I get to the new apartment? (改为同义句) Could you tell me ____ ______to the new apartment?

5. Get up early, or you'll be late for the meeting. ( 改为同义句) ____you _____ ______late , you'll be late for the meeting.


stay at home_____________ take the bus to----_____________ tomorrow night ____________have a class party__________一半的同学______________ 做些食物____________ 订购食物____________ have a class meeting_____________ at the party___________ in the end________ 犯错误_____________

go to the party________ have a great/good=________________ =______________ give sb. some advice________________上大学___________ 赚(许多)钱 _____________ 环游世界_________________

得到教育_______________ work hard_________ 保守秘密________________ talk with sb.____________ in life ___________ be angry at/about sth.______________ be angry with sb._______________在将来__________ run away from ___________第一步 _____________ 分成两半____________解决问题_____________ 学校大扫除 _______________.要求某人做某事________________ 给某人某物____________ 告诉某人做某事________________ 太……而不能做某事_____________________害怕做某事________________ advise sb. to do sth_________________ It’s best (not) to do sth._________________ need to do sth._________________ be halfway to +v.ing_____________________


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