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Unit 9
My favorite subject is science. Section B(1a—self check)

7 There are ___ days in a week .
Sunday Monday Tuesday Friday

Wednesday Thursday Saturday

星期天 Sunday

星期一 Monday

星期二 Tuesday



星期五 Friday

星期六 Saturday

When do you have math?

I have math on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

When do you have +科目 ?

I have + 科目

every day on + 星期


Warming up School schedule A: When do you have science? B: I have science on Monday, …
Mon. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Chinese computer Chinese English math geography Chinese math science math English science history science music Chinese art English history P.E. English computer Chinese math P.E. art

Chinese science math
English English


1a Match the words on the left with their

opposites on the right.

boring ∨ difficult busy

easy interesting ∨ fun free cool

1b Listen and check (∨)the words you

hear in 1a.

1c Listen again. Circle the classes David talks about on this schedule.

1d Talk about David's favorite subject with your partner.

A: What's David's favorite subject?

Chinese B: ____________.

Chinese A: Why does he like ____________? interesting B: Because it's _______________.
A: When is the class?
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday __________________________. and Friday.

B: It's on

Then talk about your favorite subject.

2b Read the following letter. Underline the

subjects that Yu Mei likes. Circle the subjects she doesn’t like. Are Yu Mei’s ideas the same as yours? Dear Jenny,

I am very busy on Friday. At 8:00 I have math. It is not fun. The teacher says it is useful, but I think it is difficult. Then at 9:00 I have science. It is difficult but interesting. At 10:00 I have history. After that, I have P.E. at 11:00. It is easy and

fun. Lunch is from 12:00 to 1:00, and after that we have Chinese. It is my favorite subject. Our Chinese teacher, Mrs. Wang, is great fun. My classes finish at 1:50, but after that I have an art lesson for two hours. It is really relaxing! How about you? When are your classes? What is your favorite subject? Your friend, Yu Mei

1. What does Yu Mei do at 8:00?

She has math at 8:00.
2. What does Yu Mei do at 9:00?

She has science at 9:00.
3.Yu Mei thinks science is difficult, but interesting. ___________________________ _

4. What’s her favorite subject?

Her favorite subject is Chinese. 5. Who is her Chinese teacher? Her Chinese teacher is Mrs. Wang. 6. Yu Mei thinks her art lesson is _______________ relaxing

7. she has an art lesson for two hours __________

2b Read the letter again and answer these questions.

1. What does Yu Mei think of math? She thinks it's difficult. 2. What does Yu Mei's teacher say about math? Her teacher thinks it is useful. 3. What does Yu Mei think of science? She thinks it is difficult but interesting. 4. What doe

s Yu Mei think of P.E.? She thinks it is easy and fun. 5. What is Yu Mei's favorite subject? Why? It is Chinese. Because her Chinese teacher is great fun. 6. What does Yu Mei think of art? She thinks it is relaxing.

Friday Time Subjects/a ctivities Time Subjects/acti vities

8:00 to 8:50 9:00 to 9:50
10:00 to 10:50 11:00 to 11:50

math science history P.E.

12:00 to 1:00

1:00 to 1:50 2:00 to 4:00

Chinese art lesson



1. interesting (反义词) 2. busy (反义词) 3. difficult (反义词) 4. A.M.(反义词) 5. 在星期五 6. 在九点钟 7. 上科学课 8. 上历史课

______ boring ______ free ______ easy ______ P.M. on Friday _________ ______ at nine __________ have science __________ have history

9. 从… …到 10. 在那之后 11. 上一节美术课

from…to… __________ ________ after that

have an art lesson ________________ for two hours 12. 两个小时长 ____________ 13. 我的课在3:30结束。 My class finishes at 3:30. _____________________ 14. 老师说数学很有用。 The teacher says math is useful. ____________________________

选择填空: C 1. Ben _____ P.E.. He thinks it's boring.

A. likes B. don't like C. doesn't like D. isn't like
D 2. ______ does he like art? Because it's fun.

A. When

B. How

C. Who

D. Why

3. --- Do you like orange? B --- No, I don't. My favorite ______ is blue. A. subject B. color C. fruit D. movie

4. In the morning we have four ________. C A. class B. subject C. classes D. teacher

A 5. Today is ____________________. A. Wednesday, October 2nd

B. October 2nd , Wednesday
C. wednesday , October 2nd

D. october 2nd , Wednesday

3a Number these parts of an e-mail

I have P.E. at 1:00. P.E. is fun. Then at 2:00 I have math. It is boring. At 3:00 I have art. It is cool. 2 Let’s meet on Saturday. Is that OK with you? Dale 3 Hi Mei Ling, 1 Thank you for your e-mail. I want to meet you on Friday afternoon, but I am really busy.

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