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unit3测试题t 演示文稿

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九年级英语Unit 3检测题 一. 写出下列词和词组:(15分) 1. 目前,现在_______ 2 .全神贯注,专心于_______ 3. 担心,关心_______ 4. 几天以前_______ 5. 两者都_______ 6. 对......极感兴趣_____ 7. 代替,而不是_______ 8. 不去睡;熬夜_______ 9. 足够严肃,认真_____ 10. 允许某人做某事…_______ 11.teach的过去式_____ 12.经历,体验_______ 13.重要性(n.)________ 14.成功(名词)_______ 15.会员,成员______

二. 根据中文意思完成句子(10分) 1. 每个人都有优点,我们应该互相学习。 Everybody has strong points. We should ____ ______ each other. 2. --我们昨天7:30前到学校。 --我也是。 -We got to school by 7:30 yesterday. -______ _______ _____ 3. 水果和蔬菜对你有益。 Fruits and vegetables _____ _____ _____you. 4. 他的父母对他要求严格。 His parents _______ ______ ______ him. 5. 我们为中国的数千年文化而感到骄傲。 We are ______ ______ our China’s thousands of culture.

三、单项选择(50分) 1. You look _____. Did you stay late last night? A. asleep B. sleepy C. sleeping D. sleep 2. He’s never read such an interesting book. And _____. A. so am I B. neither am I C. so have I D. neither have I 3. I will have my hair _____ tomorrow. A. cut B. to cut C. cutting D. cuts 4. I don’t think _____ should be allowed to drive. A. 16-years-old B. 16-year-old C. 16-years-olds D. 16-year-olds 5. This story happened __a dark raining night in January. A. in B. on C. at D. for 6. On his way to school, he stopped _____ a new pen. A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. bought

7. When they worked in groups, they talked _____ doing homework. A. instead of B. because of C. instead D. because 8. Everyone needs to have at least _____ sleep a night. A. eight hours’ B. eight-hours C. eight hour’s D. eight-hour’s 9. He _____ until 12:00 last night. A. doesn’t go to bed B. went to bed C. didn’t stay up D. stayed up 10. There are so many beautiful clothes in the store. I really don’t know _____. A. what to choose B. how to choose C. when to choose D. which to choose 11. The other day, many young trees _____ on the hill. A. planted B. plant C. were planted D. are planted

12. We _____ to finish our homework by 5:00 this afternoon. A. ask B. are asked C. will ask D. are asking 13. We all know the _____ of learning English well. A. important B. importance C. different D. difficult 14. I’m allowed __ to movies with friends on weekends. A. going B. went C. to go D. gone 15. The boys allowed _____ football in the park. A. played B. playing C. to play D. play 16He__the classroom now.He can clean it this afternoon. A. don’t need clean B. need not to clean C. need not cleanD. needs not clean 17. “Would you like to have dinner with me this evening?” “_____.” A. Yes, please B.I’d love C.I’d love to D.Yes, I would

18. Study harder, and I’m sure you can _____ your dream some day. A.come true B. ac

hieve C.come with D.come out 19. This kind of cloth _____ soft. A. feels B. is felt C. was felt D. feel 20. There is _____ beef at home. Let’s go and buy some. A. a few B. few C. a little D. Little 21. --Do you like English? -- Yes ,it __ by many people in the world. A. is spoken B. speak C. spoke D. speaks 22. I __to have a part-time job. A.am not allow B.not allow C.don’t allow D.am not allowed 23.--He went to see the man who was in hospital yesterday.


A.So did we B.So we did C.We did so D. Did so we

24. You mustn’t go out ________ school nights. A. to B. with C. of D. on 25.Sixteen-year-olds shouldn’t __to go to an Internet bar. A. be allowed B. be allow C. allow D. are allowed people in China 五. 将下列主动句改为被动句(10分) 1. They clean their classroom after school. Their classroom______ ____after school by them 2.Li Lei gave Tom a new pen last week. Tom ______ _______a new pen last week by Li Lei. 3.A lot of people in China can speak English now. English _____ ______ ______ by a lot of people in China now 4.We should plant trees. Trees ____ _____ _____. 5.They will write these story-books next month. These story-books ___ ___ ____next month by us.

六。用所给词的正确形式填空:(10分) 1.Teenagers should be __ (allow) to choose their clothes. 2.Sixteen-year-olds ___(be) not allowed to drive. 3.He should stop __ (wear) those silly earrings. 4.Young people need ___(sleep) about 8 hours at least 5.We should pass the test instead of __ (fail) the test. 6.We have a lot of __(rule) at school. 7 Mr Brown will go fishing if it __(not rain) tomorrow. 8. I think he ____(be) back in a week. 9–Who_____ (knock) at the door? --I don’t know. Let me go and see. 10. Bill is strict with himself. He never ___(leave) today’s work for tomorrow.

七。句型转换。(5分) 1 I spent 2 hours in finishing the homework.(同义句) It ____ _____finish the work. 2 I gave Tom a new pen last week.(改为被动语态) A new pen _____ _____to Tom last week. 3.The child is six years old. He should go to primary school.(用enough 改写,句意不变) The child is ___ __to go to primary school. 4.Middle school students are allowed to use mobile phone at school .(变一般疑问句) __middle school students___mobile phone at school? 5.Liu Yu is a boy of fifteen..(同义句) .Liu Yu is a ______boy.

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