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二次课堂检测试题(无答案) 牛津沈阳版



1. There is_______ u and _______s in the word "us".

A. an, a B. an, an C. a, an D. a, a

2. -What's on the table? -There_______ an orange and two pears on the table.

A. is B.are C.have D.has

3. -Excuse me, when is the Christmas party of our school?

-This year,it's_______18:00_______ Monday evening.

A. at; on B. on; in C. at; in D. on; on

4. -_______Tom play football well? -Yes, many people like him.

A. Is B. Are C. Does D. Do

5. He likes to eat rice, _______ and_______.

A. chicken, tomatoes B. chickens, tomatoes C. chicken, tomatos D. chickens , tomatos

6. -_______ do you celebrate Christmas?

-Our family members get together and give each other presents.

A. How B. Why C. What D. Where

7. -How often do you play computer games?

-I don't like computer games. I _______ play them.

A sometimes B. seldom C. often D. usually

8. Daniel buys a teddy bear for Simon in a_______.

A. flower shop B. clothes shop C. bookshop D. toy shop

9. There are_______ months in a year. September is the_______ month.

A. twelve; nine B. twelfth; nine

C. twelfth; ninth D. twelve; ninth

10.-Do we need to buy_______ oranges for the party?

-Yes, we also need_______ bread and juice.

A. some; some B. some ; any C. any; some D. any; any 11. Justin Bieber has many good songs. They are_______ with young people.

A. modern B. beautiful C. easy D. popular

12. Kitty is a good dancer and she_______ dancing after school every day.

A. needs B. practices C. makes D. dreams

13. -What would you like to order? -Let me have a look at the_______, please.

A. book B. window C. menu D. plate

14. _______ everyone in your class_______ watching TV?

A. Is; like B. Do; like C. Does; like D. Are; like

15. -Happy New Year! -_______.


A. It's OK. B. The same to you ! C. Yes. D. Happy birthday !


Yoga(瑜伽)is a kind of sport. It's very 16 around the world now. Everyone can do yoga. It's good 17 both men and women. Why do more and more people 18 yoga? It's hard to say. The short answer is that yoga helps you 19 fit. For many people, this answer is enough, 20 there's more if you have an interest in it.

Yoga began in India about 5,000 years ago. At that time, people wanted to be free, 21 and live a long life, so this kind of 22 was born. Yoga is a Sanskrit(梵文)word and it means(意思是)"to join together". There are 23 parts(部分)in yoga: exercise, breathing, and thinking. If you do 24 in yoga, it can 25 you peace(平和)and help you feel less stressed(不那么有压力).

16. A. easy B. important C. popular D. interesting 17. A. in B. for C. with D. at

18. A. see B. like C. hate D. make

19. A. take B. make C. turn D. keep

20. A. so B. but C. or D. because

21. A. healthy B. warm C. busy D. rich

22. A. sport B. job C. game D. exercises

23. A. many B. two C. few D. three

24. A. good B. well C. bad D. nice

25. A. take B. bring C. find D. get

三、阅读理解(每小题2分,共20分) A

Do you like children? Do you have free time in the afternoon? We need a babysitter for our son. He's five years old. The working time is from Monday to Friday,3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (5 $ an hour)

We need help with: Looking after our son; Reading to him; Playing with him. You must work at our house. We live near Zhangjiagang Shopping Park. Please call Mr. Green at 0512- 56778866.

26. From Monday to Friday, the babysitter works_______ every day.

A. one hour B. two hours C. three hours D. four hours

27. Which is NOT the work the babysitter needs to do?

A. Cooking for the child. B. Playing with the child.

C. Reading books to the child. D. Looking after the child.

28. The babysitter must work_______.

A. at the babysitter's house B. at Zhangjiagng Shopping Park

C. at Mr. Green's house D. in the kindergarten(幼儿园) 29. If_______, you can get the job.

A. you like children, but you have no time in the afternoon.

B. you like children, but you don't know how to play with them.


C. you are good with children, and you are free in the afternoon.

D. you are good with children, and you like reading.

30. The article is _______.

A. a piece of news(新闻) B. a story C. a letter D. an ad(广告)


One day, Mr. Smith goes to a dinner party. He is wearing very old clothes. He comes into the room. But people in the room don't look at him. They don't ask him to sit at the table. He isn't happy. But he says nothing.

Mr. Smith goes home quickly and puts on his best clothes. He goes back to the party. Everyone in the room stands up and looks at him. They give him good food to eat.

Mr. Smith takes off his coat and puts it on the food and says, "Eat, coat!" The other people are astonished and ask, "What are you doing? Why do you do that?"

Mr. Smith answers, "I am asking my coat to eat food. When I wear old clothes, you don't look at me. You don't ask me to sit down. Now I am wearing these nice clothes. And you give me good food. Now I see, you give the food to my coat, not to me.”

31. One day, Mr. Smith goes to_______. A. a birthday party B. a dinner party C. an English party D. a movie

32. When he comes into the room, the people don't look at him. Why?

A. Because the people don't ask him to come. B. Because Mr. Smith wears old clothes.

C. Because Mr. Smith doesn't say hello to them first. D. Because it is night, they don't see him.

33. Why does he go home quickly?

A. Because he doesn't want to stay there. B. Because he goes home for his best clothes.

C. Because the people there ask him to leave. D. Because he doesn't like the food there.

34. What's the meaning of "astonished" in Chinese?

A.高兴的 B.不满的 C.感到奇怪的 D.生气的

35. Which is right according to the article?

A. A person in good clothes should eat good food. B. A good coat should eat good food.

C. We can't judge a man by his clothes. D. Mr. Smith is stupid(愚蠢的).


36. Family members always get_______ / t?'ɡee?/ at the Chinese New Year.

37. How do people in New York_______ / 'selibreit] / Chrismas?

38. If it doesn't rain tomorrow, we will go on a_______ / 'piknik/.


39. The food in these restaurants_______ (尝起来) delicious. 40. The toilet is_______(在……之间)the teachers' office and our classroom.

41. We should clean our_______(牙齿)every morning and evening.

42.The_______(家长)meeting begins at two o'clock in the afternoon.

43. -What's your _______subject? -I like P.E.best. 44. -What do you eat in the morning? -_______ breakfast, I have bread and milk.

45. -Do you like sports? -Yes, I often play football to keep________.

五、短文填词,每空一词(每小题1分,满分10分)。 I have an uncle. He's a bus driver. He goes to 46 at five forty-five in the morning. Every day he is very 47 and gets home very late. He comes back at twelve 48 night. He likes to help 49 bus drivers do more work. He is the first one to come to the bus station and the last one to 50 .My uncle's son and I 51 in the same class. 52 is taller than I. He says he loves his father 53 wants to be a bus driver 54 his father. But my aunt 55 him to be a doctor.


56. 空闲时,我表弟有时练习打网球半小时。


57. 玩太多电脑游戏对你的眼睛有害。


58. 谢谢你带领我们参观这个博物馆。 _____________________________________________________________________________

59. 阅览室只在下午开放。


60. 这个篮球多少钱?








Now, more and more students' bodies are getting worse. There are two main reasons. A healthy lifestyle can make us live longer.

_____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________

A healthy lifestyle can make us live longer.


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