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二次课堂检测试题(无答案) 牛津版


( )1. I saw elephant in the zoo yesterday. It was my first time to see

biggest animal on land.

A. an; a B. an; the C. the; a D. a; the

( )2. There are _______ bears on the earth because they have _____ space on it. A. fewer and fewer; less and less B more and more; fewer and fewer

C less and, less; fewer and fewer D. more and more; less and less

( )3. -Did you sleep well yesterday? You look very tired !

-My mother made me _______ the piano for a whole night.

A. play B.played C.to play D.plays

( )4. “I found him very interesting” The sentence structure is __________


( )5. — Is winter here too cold for a fox?— No, foxes’ fur is _____ to

keep them warm.

A. too thick B. thick enough C. so thick D. enough thick

( )6. Everything was covered _____ white snow. It’s hard for birds to find food.

A. with B. on C. from D.into

( )7.Do you write a report_______ an animal _______ danger for the club?

A. about; on B.on; in C.to; from D.in; with

( )8. I left home for England in 2002 _______ the first time.

A. for B.with C.in D.at

( )9. The number of wild animals_______ now.

A. is getting fewer and fewer B. is getting smaller and smaller

C. are getting fewer and fewer D. are getting smaller and smaller

( )10. _______did you weigh when you were born?

A. How heavy B. How much C. How many D. How


( )11. Do you have _______ problems _______?

A. some; cutting it down B. any; cutting down it

C. any; cutting it down D. any; to cut it down

( )12. Please tell Tom _______too much noise.

A. to make B. not to make C. to not make D. not make

( )13. -Can you give me some advice about learning English?

-I think you should spent as much as you can _______ English.

A. practice speaking B. practicing speak

C. practice speak D. practicing speaking

( )14. Before you learn to do _______, you must first _______ carefully.

A. new something; see B.new anything; watch

C.anything new; look D. something new; read

( )15. -Oh. Mary's not here these days. Is she ill?

- _______.Her mother told me that she was in hospital.

A.I am afraid so B.I hope not C.I don't mind D.I don't think so



Do you often think of your parents? You may say,“Of course, I 36 . I buy

a present for my mother on Mother’s Day and on Father’s Day I give my father 37 too.” But what about the other days of the year?

I have a friend whose parents live in another city. One day I went to see her. We had a nice time together. Then she wanted to 38 . So she dialed (拨号) the number, but then she put down the phone. After about fifteen 39 , she dialed the number again. “Hi, Mom?”

Later I asked, “ 40 did you dial the number twice?” She smiled, “My parents are old and 41 . They can’t get close to the telephone quickly. I always do so when I call them. I just want to give them 42 time to answer the call.”

My friend is a good girl. She is 43 thinking about her parents. You also want to be a 44 child, right? Please always remember to 45 your parents in every situation (情况), not just on some important days.


( )36. A. will B. do C. won’t D. don’t ( )37. A. a cake B. a kiss C. some money ( )38. A. make a call

D. a present

B. pay a visit C. have a rest D. go for a walk

C. hours C. Why

D. days

( )39. A. seconds B. minutes ( )40. A. How B. What

D. When

( )41. A. fast B. slow C. healthy D. careless ( )42. A. little ( )43. A. always ( )44. A. bad

B. quick B. never

C. no

D. enough D. sometimes D. sick

D. listen to

C. seldom C. good

B. clever

( )45. A. think of B. look after C. ring up



While sleeping, you suddenly hear shouts of “FIRE” and smell smoke through the door. You wake up puzzled (困惑的). What should you do now? You may feel the door first and then decide where to go.

If the door is very hot, it means fire is close to you. Try windows. If the building is tall, stand by the window. Wave (挥动) things with bright colour and shout for help. If the building isn’t tall, get down with a “rope (绳子)” made by bed clothing. Remember to tie (绑) one end of the “rope” to something strong. If the door isn’t hot, open and run out of it. Don’t use the elevator, use the stairs. While getting downstairs, cover your nose with a wet cloth and your body with wet clothing.

Call 119 at once when you get to a safe place. Tell the firemen where the fire is and what is on fire.

1. If a fire happens and you are inside the door, what’s the first thing for you to do?

A. To stand by the window.

B. To open the door.

C. To feel how hot the door is. D. To use the elevator. 2. This passage is mainly about ________. A. how to start a fire

B. how to keep safe in a fire


C. how to put out a fire D. how to get help in a fire

3. Which of the following is NOT CORRECT according (按照) to the passage?

A. Cover your eyes with a wet cloth. B. Don’t jump off a tall building.

C. Call 119 at once when you’re safe. D. Making a rope may be helpful.


Gilad Wemer is a ten-year-old boy. He doesn’t like to eat fish, chicken, or any other meat. He stopped eating meat three years ago and became a vegetarian. “I love animals too much,” he says. So he carries ants out of his home before people kill them.

Gilad has helped a lot of animals in trouble. He has many books about animals. He also reads them and knows the best way to feed animals. “I see what they eat and give them food,” says Gilad. He learns all this at a natural (自然的) centre near his home.

Sometimes he tries to save animals’ lives. Once he saved a snake that was hit (撞) by a car. “When I find an injured (受伤的)animal, I always want to help it.” says Gilad. He knows the best way to help is to call a vet (兽医).

The way that Gilad loves animals surprises his friend Achiea Moisis, another ten-year-old boy. Achiea called Gilad a hometown hero. “Gilad’s work made me and some of our other friends join in saving nature and helping animals,” wrote Achiea, “he is a very special person.”

4. How old was Gilad Wemer when he stopped eating meat?

A. Three years old. B. Seven years old.

C. Ten years old. D. Thirteen years old.

5. We can learn from the passage that “a vegetarian” ________.

A. doesn’t eat any vegetables

C. doesn’t eat any meat B. is good at feeding animals D. likes killing wild animals

6. Why did Achiea call Gilad a hometown hero?

A. Because he tries to save nature. B. Because he helps a lot of animals in trouble.


C. Because he always saves injured animals. D. All of the above. 7. The story tells us about a boy .

A. who doesn’t like eating vegetables B. who loves and helps animals

C. who loves feeding animals D. who wants to be a vegetarian


What do you call a school with no tests, no grades, and no teachers? Students of the Met School and their parents think it to be the best school in the world.

The school is in Rhode Island, USA. Dennis Littky opened it in 1996. He was made to leave two other schools, because parents were unhappy with his unusual ideas. The school takes poor students who are failing at schools. Almost everybody has already given up (放弃) these students, and their parents want to try any possible way to help. The Met School gives Littky a great place to try out his new ideas.

“The word most students use when they talk about high school is ‘boring’,” says Littky, “but no one would say the Met was boring.” Teachers work with small groups of students for four years. Students spend almost half of their school time learning real-life skills (技巧), such as working for factories, spending time with government (政府) people, and helping teach younger children. Instead of tests, the students give shows about their work outside school.

In fact, students work harder here than in other schools. All the students from the Met can choose to go to a good university (大学). Now, Bill Gates is starting schools like this one around the USA.

8. What kind of students go to the Met School? A. Students who have failed at other schools.

B. Students who are good at playing.

C. Students who are very good at studying.

D. Students who don’t like the Met school.

9. What do the students do at the Met School?

A. They spent much time learning real-life skills.

B. They keep giving shows about their school.


C. They mostly learn how to work for factories.

D. They spend all their school time playing.

10. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Life at the Met School is very easy because there are no tests.

B. Students at the Met School have to do more homework than at other schools.

C. Students from the Met can choose to go to a good university.

D. Students at the Met School spend all their time working outside school.


Wild animals are our friends, but many of them are getting fewer and fewer. We should try to protect them. The four animals below are now in danger.

Tibetan Antelopes

Tibetan antelopes(藏羚羊) are medium-sized animals. They mainly feed on grass. They are usually found in groups of about 20. They are killed for their wool, which is warm, soft and fine and can be made into expensive clothes. Although people can get the wool without killing the animals, people simply kill them before taking the wool. The number of them is dropping year by year. There are less than 75,000 Tibetan antelopes left in the wild, down from a million 50 years ago.

Golden Monkeys

Golden monkeys are mainly in Sichuan, Gansu, Shanxi province and Shennongjia mountainous area of Hubei Province. Golden monkeys have golden-orange fur. They move around in the daytime, usually in groups of as many as 100 t0 200 heads, or 20 to 30 heads. They feed on fruits and young leaves of bamboos. But people are destroying(毁害) the environment where they live, Trees and bamboos are disappearing(消失) , so golden monkeys have less and less to eat.


Elephants are very big and strong. They are bigger than any other animal on land. They are grey and have long trunks (象鼻) and tusks (长牙). They have poor eyesight, but very good hearing and smell. They can lift heavy things and break down branches with their trunks. Elephants are very friendly towards each other and towards their neighbours. Normally, they live in a group for many years. Young 6

male elephants do not leave the group until they are about 12 years old. Now, there are very few elephants in the world. The number of them is becoming smaller because their living areas are used for farming; Also, people hunt them for their tusks. Wolves

Wolves are not very big. They have grey fur. Wolves have very good eyesight, hearing and smell. Wolves' food is various. They eat animals, insects and snails (蜗牛). They are friendly to each other and never attack people. Wolves are in danger too. They are losing their living areas because people cut down forests. Soon they will have no home or food.

( )11. Tibetan antelopes usually live in groups of about _______.

A. 20 B. 30 C. 100 D. 200

( )12. Which of the following animals are the biggest on land?

A. Tibetan antelopes. B. Golden monkeys. C. Elephants. D. Wolves.

( )13. Which of the following sentences is RIGHT? A. There are less than 7,500 Tibetan antelopes left in the wild now.

B. Golden monkeys usually move around during the night.

C. Elephant have good eyesight, but very poor hearing and smell.

D. Wolves are friendly to each other and they never attack people.

( )14. What qualities do golden monkeys have?

A. They are in Sichuan. B. They are unfriendly.

C. They move around in the daytime. D. They are disappearing soon.

( )15. What can be the best title of the passage?

A. Wild Animals in Danger B. How to Hunt Wild Animals

C. Animals in the Zoo D. How to Train the Animals


1. The Chinese__________( 政府 )should make laws to help the poor.

2. It is necessary for everyone to know the _________( 重要 ) of wetlands.

3. –Why can’t you sleep well?

-- Because the young man upstairs are having the party________.( 吵闹 )

4. Milk is the_______ (自然的) food for young babies.


5. A fire burnt all the trees, and many animals had no ( 生活) areas

6. Children dislike too much homework and too many (考试).

7. Can you give me some good _________ ?(建议)

8.Jim is good at all his subjects because he has a good ________.(记忆)

9.The tree has green _________(叶子) all year round.

10. The _________(突然) change of his homework make us all surprised.

11. Oh,you’ve got a bad ________(咳嗽). Shall I get some medicine for you?

12. My bike broke down and I was late for school. It’s really an _______ (糟糕的)day!

13. --What’s the ________(气温)today? –It’s quite hot, maybe above 30℃.

14. His carelessness _______(导致) to a serious problem..

15. Zhanglong is a ________(完美的) place to watch birds.


1. the a their bought new child bike parents

2. are going a world on they tour

3. rain important earth for and snow are life on

4. the sweet of summer what are memories of summer

5. small goes the forest through a stream.

五、短文填空(每题1分) She makes your lunches. She helps you with your h (1) after school. If you get sick, she always s (2) with you all day. Your mother is always there for you. That’s why there is a s (3) day for the world’s mothers.

Mother’s Day b (4) a modern holiday about 100 years ago in the USA. A woman n (5) Anna Jarvis and her mother, Anna Reese Jarvis, were living in a poor town. The two worked t (6) to make the town better. Jarvis’ mother died on Sunday, May 14, 1905. Two years l (7), their church (教堂) held a Mother’s Day to honor (纪念) her for the h (8) she gave the town. Today, people in more than 40 countries c (9) the day. They give their mothers carnations (康乃馨) and other p (10). In the language of flowers, carnations mean happiness, sweetness and love. How do you show your mother you 8

love her?










5. 他们决定为穷人提供食物和饮料。



1. homework 2. stays 3. special 4. became 5. named

6. together 7. later 8. help 9. celebrate

10. presents


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