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纪中雅居乐凯茵学校 英语科组 复习学案设计

2013年初二上复习 【课堂巩固Unit1】 1. in today’s newspaper? ---No, nothing. B. something important C. important anything D. important something 2. I can’t find to sit on the crowded bus.

A. anywhere B. somewhere C. nowhere D. everywhere

3. What did they decide ________then? A. do B. to do

C. doing

4. I found a little cat ________with a ball in the garden. A. plays B. played C. playing

5. ---Would you like to eat? ---Thanks, please.

A. something B. anything C. some things

D. any things

--Thanks. I won’t. A. bring B. to bring C. bringing D. brings

10. Why don’t you ______ your friends to the party? I want to meet them. A. bring B. to bring C. to take D. take 11. . Why not ______ John a toy car for his birthday? A. buy B. buying C. to buy D. buys 12. He had to retire early ______ poor health. A. as a result B. because C. so D. because of 【课堂巩固Unit2】

1. (2011,四川眉山)--_________do you visit your grand parents? --Once a month.

A. How soon B. How long C. How much D. How often

2. (中考题)A ______ girl named Dong Xinyi looked after her disabled father.. A. three-year-old B. three-years-old C. three years old

3. We should keep _______ in the library. A. quietly B. healthily C. quiet D. healthy

4. I visit my grandparents _________a month.

A. two times B. second time C. the second time D. twice

5.One of my favorite programs ________ Animal World.

A. am B. is C. are D. don't

6.She hardly ever ________ sports games _____ TV on Sunday evening..

A. watching; over B. to watch; in C. watch; by D. watches , on

7. What about ___________ a rest ? -OK.

A. to have B. had C. have D. having

8. Tom has just finished writing a _______ article.

A. nine-hundred-words B. nine-hundreds-word

C. nine-hundred-word D. nine-hundreds-words

9. Tom studies _______.He _______plays with his friends.

A. hard; hard B. hardly; hardly C. hard; hardly D. hardly; hard 10. Thank you for _______ me with my English.

A. help B. to help C. helping D. helped 11. (中考题)______Uncle Li is old , ______ he is quite healthy. A. Although , but B. Although , / C. Because, / D. Because, so 12. There ________a small boy ________in the comer,and I helped him find his mother. A. was,crying B. is,cry C. was,cries 【课堂巩固Unit3】

1. Her hair is______ than______. A long, your B longer, you C longest, yours D longer, yours


纪中雅居乐凯茵学校 英语科组 复习学案设计

2. That boy is very______. He is a great basketball______.

A tall, play B taller, player C tall, player D tall, play

3. Which season do you like______, winter ______ summer?

A better, and B best, or C better, or D best, and

4. She is______ than any other girl in her class. So she is______ .

A outgoing, more outgoing B more outgoing, most outgoing

C more outgoing, the most outgoing D most outgoing, more outgoing

5.--Is that Sam? --No, that’s John. He is______ than Sam.

A thin B the thinner C thinner D the thinnest

6Tom is not so ______at sports as Bill.

A good B well C better D best

7.They______ students. They______ to watch TV.

A are both, like both B both are, both like C are both, both like D both are, like both

8.The building is ______than that one.

A more tall B not tall C much taller D many taller

9.Lily is not ______good at schoolwork ______her sister.

A much, than B a little, as C as, so D so, as

10.Pedro is ______than I.

A funny and outgoing B funnier and outgoing

C funnier and more outgoing D more funny and outgoing 【课堂巩固Unit4】

1. Jazz 107.9 FM plays the most______ music. We all enjoy it.

A interested B boring C interesting D loud

2.--How______ is it from here to the bookstore?--About 20 minutes by bus.

A long B soon C far D often

3.--______ was the best performer?--Eliza was.

A What B Whose C Which D Who

4. The store is the______ my home. I usually do some shopping in it.

A close B closer C closest to D farthest

5.--Which is ______month of the year?--July, I think.

A hot B hottest C hotter D the hottest

6. I often go to Movie Palace because it has the ______.

A most comfortable seats B most boring movies

C most expensive tickets D least comfortable seats

7. All these talent shows have one thing _________ comcmon.

A. on B. in C. at D. for

8. Which subject is_ _________ of all? A. the most interested B. the most interesting C. the more interested D. the more interesting 【课堂巩固Unit5】

1. --_____ do you _____ Japanese food? -- It’s very delicious. A. What, think B. How, think C. What, like D. What, think of 2. _____ fact, I don’t like reading. A At B. For C. In D. To 3. Lisa is a little poor at Chinese. I think she needs ___________ it every day.

A. practice to speak B. to practice speaking

C. practice speaking D. to practice to speak 4. An accident happened _______ him yesterday.

A. on B. to C. of D. for 5. --- Do you like Er Bao? --- No, I don’t like _____, but I like _____ brother, Xiao Bao. A he, his B he, him C him, his D him, him

6. All the children expected their parents______ them to the cinema on Green Street.

A. to take B. takes C. taking D. took

7. This summer they didn’t plan _______ to London for their holiday.

A. to go B. going C. gone D. went 8.Who can tell us _______ about over there? A. what they talk B. what do they talk


纪中雅居乐凯茵学校 英语科组 复习学案设计

C. what are they talking D. what they are talking 9. Do you mind me ______ the window ? A. close B. closed C. closing D. to close 【课堂巩固Unit6】

1.—What is he going to ______ when he ______ up? —He’s going to be a doctor. A. do, grow B. does, grows C. be, grow D. be, grows

2. \

3.The girl is listening to______pop music.

A. a B. many C. a piece of D .a few

4.My uncle is going to______Dalian next year.

A. moves B. move to C. live D. leaves for

5.She is ______tired______help them study English.

A. so, that can’t B. very, can’t C. too, can’t D .too, to

6.I’m going to write articles and send ______some famous magazines and newspapers when I’m older.

A. it to B. they to C. them for D. them to

7. There______ a basketball match tomorrow morning.

A .has B .is going to be C. is going to have D. have

8.—I’m going to learn the piano when I retire.

—That sounds ______a good idea.

A. like B. as C. about D. of


1. —Will people live to be 300 years old? —_________.

A. No, they aren't B. No, they won't

C. No, they don't D. No, they can't

2. There will be _________ pollution this year than last year.

A. fewer B. much C. less D. many

3. I think people here are friendly. Do you agree _________ me?

A. with B. to C. on D. from

4. —Where is Miss Wang?

—She went to Hainan Island last week and will return _________ six days.

A. ago B. later C. behind D. in

5. —How many birds can you see in the trees?

—I can see _________ birds in them.

A. hundreds of B. five hundreds C. hundred of D. five hundreds of

6. There is_______meat but_______cakes on the plate.Please have one.

A.a little;a few B.a few;a little

C.few;little D.little;a few

7. I hope your dream will _________.

A. come true B. come out C. come in D. come on

8. This coat doesn't fit him well, as he has _________ a huge body and the coat is _________ small.

A. so; such B. so; so C. such; such D. such; so


1. Five years ago, Li Mei ______ soccer. A. plays B. played C. will play D. play

2. _____ more buildings in our school in the future.

A. There are B. There were C. There will be D. There will have

3. Her grandmother lived____103 years old. A. to B. be C. to be D. is

4.—_____________ will Mary’s cousin come back from Shanghai? —In a week.

A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How many

5. Kate, _______ your homework here tomorrow.

A. bring B. brings C. to bring D. bringing


纪中雅居乐凯茵学校 英语科组 复习学案设计

6. In 50 years there _________ more robots in people’s homes.

A. were B. will have C. will be D. have

7. --- Will people live to be 300 years old? --- _______.

A. No, they aren’t B. No, they won’t C. No, they don’t D. No, they can’t

8. I hope your dream _____ true one day.

A. come B. comes C. will come D. came

9. How much water do you want, Tom?----_______

A. Three glass water B. Three glasses water C. Three glasses of water

10. –-What ______ the students ______ tomorrow? -- They will clean the classroom.

A. do; do B. did; do C. will; do D. is; doing


1. ---Must I go with them tomorrow? ---No, you ___.

A mustn’t B shouldn’t C needn’t D can’t

2 ---Sorry, but I have to look after my brother. ---That is too ___. Maybe ___ time.

A bad, another B bad, other C good, another D good , other

3 ---How about ___ out ___ a walk? --- Good idea!

A go, for B going , for C to go, for D goes, to

4 ---Andy, can you come to play baseball?---___. I have to finish my work first.

A OK B Thanks C Sorry, I’m afraid I can’t D Not at all

5 ---Would you like to go to the movies with me? --- ___.

A Yes, please B Sure, I’d love to C Sorry, I wouldn’t D Yes, I would 6 Thanks a lot for ___ me ___ your party.

A invite, for B invite, to C inviting, for D inviting, to

7 --- What’s today? ---___.

A It’s Monday. B It’s May 12th C It’s March D It’s Monday the 12th 8 ---Would you like ___ with me this weekend?

A to go fish B going to fish C to go fishing D going to fishing

9 ---What’s Kate doing ? ---She is practicing ___ the piano every day.

A to play B play C playing D plays


1. ---Listen! Somebody is coming. ---No, _____ is coming. I can’t hear_____.

A. somebody, anybody B. anybody, somebody

C. nobody, anything D. somebody, somebody

2. What an______ story! I’m much ______ in it.

A. interested, interesting B. interesting, interested

C. interesting, interesting D. interested, interested

3. I don’t know if she____. If she____, let me know.

A. comes; comes B. will come; comes C. comes; will come D. will come; will come

4.Get up early, or you can’t ______ the early bus.

A. catch B. catch up C. catches D. catches up with

5. Da Shan speaks Chinese ______ for us to understand.

A. good enough B. enough good C. well enough D. enough well

6. If you don’t want to go swimming, I ______.

A.won`t; too B. also won`t C.won`t, either D. won`t ,neither

7. He was_________ tired _________ he couldn’t go on working.

A. too…to B. such…that C. so…that D. too…that

8. It’s hard___________ the work in two days.

A. finishing B. to finish C. finish D. finishes


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