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unit8 i'll help clean up the city park.SectionB1 (1)

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I’ll help clean up the city parks.

Section B Period 1

Retell the text

Special volunteer theirt ime to help others A major commitment

Li Huiping Lan Pei Zhu Ming

helps the young children to read
loves to read works in a animal hospital loves animals sings for groups of people at the city hospital to cheer them up wants to be a professional singer

Retell the text
Feelings great not only …but also … Plan
They plan to set up A student volunteer project Put off Become

Topic:My volunteer work

exercise :not only…but( also) …
1_____ Lily _____Kate speaks good Chinese , so they can communicate with these Chinese students very well. A Either , or B Both ,and C Not only , but also 2_____ the parents ______ their son have been to Japan . A Both ,and B Neither ,nor C Not only, but also 3Not only _____help your parents at home , but also you should help the teachers at school . A should you B you should C will you

兄 弟 , 还 差 两 毛 呢 ?

? He has run out of his money. ? run out of 用完,用光

The boy takes after his father. The girl takes after her mother. take after(在性格、外貌特征等方面)像

? She is fixing up the bike . ? fix up 修理,安装

? They are giving away money. ? give away 捐赠

? run out of


? take after (在性格、外貌特征等方面)像 ? fix up ? give away 修理,安装 捐赠


Match the sentences with similar meanings.(P63)

c a d

1. 2. 3. 4.
a. b. c. d.

I’ve run out of it. I take after my mother. I fixed it up. I gave it away.
I repaired it. I don’t have any more of it. I am similar to her. I didn’t sell it.

1. I’ve run out of it.
子的主语是人或使用的物。注意不能用于 被动语态。 e.g. I am running out of my money.= My money is running out of. We are running out of the gas. =

run out of = use up “用完”、“卖光”。句

Our car is running out of the gas.

2. I take after my mother. 我长得像我的妈 妈。 take after意为“(在外貌、性格等方面) 与(父母)相像”,后面多接指人的词 为宾语,一般不用于被动语态。

The twins take after their mother.

与take after意思相近的词组还有look like (看去像……)、be like (像……一样)等。

Who does the boy look like? 这个男孩看上去像谁? His brother is like his father, isn’t he?


3. I fixed it up. fix up = repair(修理); fasten(安装) 4. I give it away.
give away 意为“赠送”。

Look at the pictures and make sentences:

He has run out of his money He is fixing up the bike. He is collecting old bikes. He is giving away the bike.


Listen and number the pictures.(p63)





Listen again and circle “T” (for true) or “F” (for false).
1. Jimmy fixes up bicycles.
2. Jimmy sells bikes.


3. Jimmy takes after his mother. T F
4. Jimmy has run out of m

oney. T F

Listen again and fill in the blanks fixes up ? Jimmy is a boy who__________old bikes ,he gives them away to kids who don’t have enough _____________ money to buy bikes. People call him Bike Boy and say he _________ his father. But now he has takes after ____________his money. Can you _____________ good ways to help him? run out of

come up with

Man: This morning I’m talking with a very generous young man, Jimmy the Bike Boy. Jimmy is the boy who fixes up old bikes and gives them away. Good morning, Jimmy. Boy: Good morning. Man: So, Jimmy, tell our listeners what you do.

Boy: Well, like you said, I find or buy old bikes that nobody wants. Then I fix up the bikes and give them away to kids who don’t have enough money to buy their own bikes. Man: That’s fantastic. What gave you the idea? Boy: I guess I take after my father. He’s always helping people.

Man: Wow! Your parents must be proud of you. Boy: I guess so. But now I’ve run out of money to buy old bikes. Man: Oh, that’s too bad. Boy: Yeah. I need to come up with some way of getting money or I’ll have to stop.

一.选出与划线部分意义相同的选项。 1,I have run out of my money. ( ) B A, set up B, used up C, eaten up D, given up 2,Can you help me repair my bike?( ) A A, fix up B, prepare C, treat D, pack 3,She takes after her mother.( )C A, looks after B, takes care of C, is similar to D, is the same as 二.同义句转换,每空一词。 1,We have used up our food. We have ___ out ___ our food. run ___ of 2,He takes after his mother. is similar to He ____ ______ ____ his mother. 3, She is busy repairing his bike. fixing his She is busy _____ ___up bike. 4, They gave their money to the poor kids. gave _____ They _____ away their money to the poor kids.

Reading (3a,3b: P64)
Phrasal verbs:
cheer up, run out of, put up,

call up, hand out, set up, come up
with, fix up, give away.

Problem:___________________ He’s used up his money. Discuss: What can you do to help him solve this problem?

I could… I’d like to…

The things that Jimmy did to solve his problem:

He did a radio interview.

He put up some signs.

He handed out advertisements.

He called up his friends. He told the teachers.
He set up a call-in center for parents.

Fast reading I:
What’s the main idea of the passage? Reading strategy : Please read the first sentence of the passage, and then you may find out the main idea. Everyone was trying to help Jimmy.

Fast reading II:
Who are trying to help Jimmy?

friends parents

Reading strategy : We can take notes by looking for people in the passage.

teachers warm-hearted strangers

Careful reading I: What did Jimmy do to deal with the problem?

What did Jimmy do to deal with the problem?
structure On Monday Also actions tell put up things

old bikes
call up tell hand out the teacher a call-in center for parents


What did Jimmy do to deal with the problem?
structure On Monday Also actions tel

l put up ask for call up tell hand out tell set up things a radio interviewer about the problem some signs old bikes all his friends them about the problem advertisements the teacher a call-in center for parents


Careful reading II:
How did the ways that Jimmy came up with work(起作用)? The strategies that he came up with _________________. worked out well/fine He has sixteen old bikes to fix up and give away to children __________________. who don’t have bikes __________________ Jimmy is happy again.

Everyone helps Jimmy out. We know:

Helping others is helping ourselves . Proverb Send person rose fragrance in hand 送人玫瑰手留余香

1Retell 3a 2资源P53--55

1.Last week everyone was trying to cheer up Jimmy, the Bike Boy. 上周大家都想让那个修自行车的小男 孩吉米开心。 try to do sth. 意思是“尽力去做某 事”,但不强调所做的事是否成功。 Try to finish your work on time, please! 请尽量按时完成你的工作!

类似表示“尽力做某事”的词组还 有下列两种: try doing sth. 表示“试着去做某事”。 Yesterday the old man tried opening the door. 昨天这位老人试着把门打开了。

2. He also put up some signs asking for old bikes … [考例] —Great changes have taken place in this city. —Right. Many modern tall buildings have been _____ these years. A. turned up B put up B. C. shown up D. fixed up (07湖北武汉) [解析] put up为固定短语,意为“张贴、 搭建、举起”等。此处put up意为“修 建”, 可与set up互换。

3....and called up all his friends and told them about the problem. 给他所有的朋友打电话告诉他们他的 问题。 ① call up 表示“给……打电话”, 后 面接指人的单词。 Did the boy call up you just for a chat. 这个男孩给你打电话只是为了聊天吗?

“给……打电话”的常见说法还有: ② give …a call They were giving their teacher a call when I got there. 我到那时,他们正在给他们的老 师打电话。

③ ring up Did you ring up your father last week? 上周你给你的父亲打电话了吗? ④ give …a ring Do you know who gave Zhang Hua a ring an hour ago? 你知道一小时前谁给张华打电话了吗?

⑥ telephone /phone (to)…
Will you please telephone to the policeman? 请你给警察打个电话好吗? ⑤ telephone / phone…up Telephone up me as soon as you arrive in Shanghai . 你一到上海就给我打电话。

I. 根据句意及首字母提示补全句中所
缺单词。 1. My life is filled with p______. And I’m leasure very happy now. 2. His grandfather can’t see anything because he is b____ . lind 3. Could you help me c____ the heavy arry box?

4. Can you f____ some water for me, etch

5. Can you i_______ yourself becoming magine

famous as a writer?

Ⅱ. 根据汉语提示完成下列英语句子,

1. 吉姆和他哥哥在某些方面相似。


is ______ __ his brother in some similar to

2. 我父亲正忙着修理他的自行车。
My father is busy _____ __ his bike. fixing up

3. 你曾经在当地的超市里散发过广告吗? Have you ever handed ___ ______ out advertisements at a local supermarket? 4. 他愿意帮助我解决困难。 He would like to help me ___. ____ out 5. 由于他的帮忙,婴儿脱离了危险。 The baby was out of danger because of _________ his help.

Groupwork (4:P64)
1. I will pick up the litter in the

park near my home. Then the
paths will become clean and


2. I will work in the old people’s house and help wash their clothes and sing for them.

3. I will stand at the crossing and
help hand out papers to remind people of obeying traffic rules.

Preview the Reading.

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