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高二英语学业水平语法 感叹句

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感叹句:用来表示说话时的喜悦、 惊讶等情感。英语感叹句常用 “what”和“how”引导,“what”和 “how”与所修饰的词置于句首,其 它部分用陈述句语序。

What a nice gift he sent us! What nice gifts he sent us! What fine weather it is today!

What +

a/an+ adj.+ n. (单数) adj.+ n. (复数) adj.+ n. (不可数名词)

+ 主+谓

How nice a gift he sent us! How hard they are working! How heavy it is! How time flies.
How +

adj.+ a/an+ n. (单数) + 主+谓 adj. /adv. /

a/an+ adj.+ n. (单数) What + adj.+ n. (复数) + 主+谓 adj.+ n. (不可数名词)

adj.+ a/an+ n. (单数) How + adj./adv. /

+ 主+谓

What\how 区 别: 去掉主谓部分,中心语是形容词或副词 的用how;中心语是名词的用what. What a bright boy he is! How _____ _____ bright the boy is! What good apples they are! _____ good the apples are! How _____ What cold weather it is! _____ 注:有时主谓部分可省略 How _____ cold the weather is!


注:若句中无形容词、副词,只有一个主谓部分, 则感叹词用: how ______I want to be a great teacher! How How ______ time flies!

? ?




1. It is a long story. what

What a long story it is!


2.This book is interesting. how

How interesting this book is!

What 与How 大转换
1. What a pretty girl she is! How pretty _______ _______ the girl is! 2. How difficult the questions are! What _________ difficult ________ they are. ________ questions 3. How big the factory is! What a it ____! _______ _______ big factory _____is

4.What a clever boy! is _______ _______ the boy _______! How clever 5. How tall the trees are! _______ tall trees ______ ______! they are What 6. What interesting books they are! How interesting ________ _______ the books ________! are 7. How funny the girl is! What a ________ _______ funny girl they _____! ____ are

? ?

? ? ?

多么聪明的姑娘啊! What a clever girl she is! 多有趣的故事啊! What an interesting story it is! 他最近取得了好大的进步啊 What great progress he had recently!

? ?

? ? ?

多漂亮的一张图片啊! How nice a picture it is! 今天多冷啊! How cold it is today! 她显得多高兴啊! How happy she looks!

? ?

他学习多么努力啊! How hard he worked! how 还可以修饰主谓句,例如 How time flies!

1. It is a beautiful rose.(改为what 和how 引导 的感叹句) What a beautiful rose it is! How beautiful a rose it is! 2. The students are playing football happily. (用how 改写为感叹句) How happily the students are playing football!

Multiple choice
1. ____ fine the weather is! A. What a B. What C. How D. How a 2. ____ exciting film we saw yesterday! A. What a B. What an C. How a D. How 3. ____ great fun they had! A. What a B. How C. How a D. What

_____ dangerous the animals A. How B. What C. What

a D. 5. _____ fast he ran! A. How B. What C. What a D. 6. _____ nice fish they cooked! A. How B. What C. What a D.

are! How a
How a

How a

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