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Unit7 Self-check

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? Discuss how you think a robot will help students with schoolwork in the future .Write down your group’s ideas and draw a picture of your robot. ? 1. I think students won’t need dictionaries because a robot will tell them the meanings of words. I think students won’t go to school ? 2.______________________________. a robot can teach them. _______________________________ I think students will use a robot 3.___________________________ to do homework for them. __________________________

? ? ? ? 1.Put the words in the correct columns in the chart. job people pollution robot fresh water paper planet car clean air city free time building money tree



job , people , robot , planet, car, building , tree , city

fresh water, clean air , free time, tree

? 2.Fill in the blanks in the conversation. be ? G:Mom,what will the future ____ like?
? M:Well,no one know what the future will ? be _______. like Will ? G:But ______ I be beautiful like you ?____ I be a will pilot? I want to fly up into the sky. ? M: You’re already beautiful .And you should study will hard . Then you _____ be a pilot. ? G:Ok, I must study harder then. ? M: But you should also remember that ______will there _____ both good and bad things in life. be ? G: Oh , but I’m not scared, Mom ,because you will _____help me !

1.People will have robots in their homes b 100 years. A at b in c after d with 2. Will there c more cars in people’s homes? A have b has c be d / 3. I think there will be c people and pollution. A fewer, many b less, fewer c more less d less, fewer 5.I think every home will b a car. A be b have c has d there be b 6.There are two ____on the desk. you can have one. A paper b piece of paper c papers d pieces of paper 7 will there be more trees? Yes, d . A they will b there will c there will be d there have

Exercises over and over again 1.多次,反复地_____________ get bored 2. 感觉厌烦 ____________ be fun to do sth. 3. 做某事很有趣______________ 不同意..., 与... 4. disagree with____________ 不一致 C 5. There are some people _____ in the pool. A. swim B. to swim C. swimming D. swam already 6. We ________(已经) finished the work. 7. 对我们来说,学好英语是很重要的。 important to study It's ________ for us ___ _____ English well.

1. It is fun _____ this job. A A. to do B. doing C. do D. does 2. 老板让工人们每天工作超过12 个小时。 The boss ______ the workers work over 12 hours ______ makes every day. such 3. Tom doesn't like ______(这样的) a job. 4. John thinks Sonia is a shy girl. But I disagree ___________(agree) with him. D 5. We will_______ learn English well soon. A. can B. could C. be able D. be able to

C 6. No hurry. The bus will arrive ____ ten minutes. A. at B. for C. in D. by 7. --- If there are _____ people driving, there will be _____ air pollution. D --- Yes. The air will be fresher. A.less;less B. less; fewer C. fewer;fewer D.

fewer; less 8. --- I think girls may be allowed(被允许) to go out with their classmates in holidays. ---_______. It's not safe (安全的)enough. C A. I don't know B. I think so. C. I disagree D. I agree.

look 1 People were leaving the countryside to _____for (寻找) jobs in the city. 2 ____________ (数以百计的) people were Hundreds of killed in the earthquake(地震). 3 Many houses ___________ (倒塌) because of fell down the heavy rain. 4 People will have robots at homes in the future _______________ (将来) 5 Tom wrote these words over and over again ____________________ (反复)

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