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we,take,fast, help,come, difficult , also , get, it, make, they, work,

Robots have a long history, The first one was made by a Greek inventor.(希腊发明家)

You may see robots in some movies. The robots in these movies are stronger, __1__and cleverer than people .In real life, most robots are used in factories. They do many dangerous, __2__or boring jobs.

Some people can’t look after __3__and robots are used to help them. For example, some people can’t see, so they use a dog __4__themselves move around. This dog is called a guide dog, Scientists are __5__a robot to help them. In the future, robots might take the place of (代替) these dogs.

Robots are __6__used in hospitals, In one hospital ,a robot __7__meals from kitchen to the sick people’s rooms, It never loses __8__way because it has a map of the hospital in its computer systems(系统).

In the future, robots __9__in space, But robots will never take the place of human, they can, however, help __10__ in a lot of different ways.


for ,I ,always, different , read, same , clever ,much , well , quiet, not, like

My family __1__ spend the summer vacation by the beach.Usually we go to Qingdao, but this year we’re going somewhere __2__ ,We’re going to Hainan. My dad says Hainan is __3__ than Qingdao, and he says the beaches are __4__ beautiful. My friend Zhao Fei went to Hainan last year, and he said it was a great place __5__swimmming.Zhao Fei is really __6__ at swimming, but I`m __7__ . I`m __8__ than him. I __9__sitting on the beach and ___10__a book


show, at ,read,English, invite,think, answer,in ,ask, sure, for, begin

My little sister is in Grade Seven this year, her favorite subject is math, and she is very good __1__it.

One day, a friend of my father’s from America __2__us some pictures about America and

__3__us to his home. My sister wanted to go there very much, but my father said she must speak __4__very well. From then on(从那时起),she __5__to work hard, She kept __6__English for about half an hour every morning ,In class ,she listened very carefully and __7__the teacher’s questions as soon as possible. There was an American teacher in her school. After school , she often talk to him __8__Englishand asked him __9__help about English. Now she always says‖ My dream is to be a diplomat(外交官)― I am__10__her dream will come true one day.


buy,like,for,when,food,eat,hard,either,habit,health,to ,many

Lots of children in the cities love junk food. It’s very bad their health. Their parents and teachers don’t want them to eat junk food. Although they know it’s not a good to eat junk food, they still (仍然) eat this kind of food. They can stop eating it.

Jim enjoys junk food very much. When he was six years old, he usually asked his grandpa junk food for him. When he was ten, he would like junk food twice a week. he was fifteen, he would like junk food once a day. He’s sixteen now, but he still eats it twice a day! More junk food and less exercise make him heavy. His families are worrying about (为……担忧) him. But he says, ―Maybe I’m , but I really enjoy eating this kind .‖

Maybe Jim is happy when he is eating junk food, but he lost health for it.


everything, robot, spend, factory, fly, able, housework, answer, other, work, space, science

In one hundred years everyone will carry a small computer. The computer will give people the to all their questions. We will all have at our homes. So we’ll be to let robots do most of the . While making a telephone call, we’ll also be able to see the people on the end at the same time.

A lot of people will live and work under the sea or in the because there will be big towns and there. Robots will do most of the work, and people will just two or three days a week. They’ll be able to to the moon in a spaceship and their holidays there.

短文填空April 5, 2012

so,but,chocolate,quiet,because,hear,grandfather,,some,take,after,loud,before John was six years old and he liked ---1---very much. But his mother never gave him ---2---, because they were bad for his teeth. John had a very nice ---3---. The old man loved his grandson very much, and sometimes he ---4---chocolates when he came to visit him, Then his mother let him eat them---5----she wanted to make the old man happy.

One evening, a few days ---6---John’s 7th birthday, he was saying prayers(祈祷)in his room before he went to bed. ― Please, God,‖ he said in a ---7---voice(声音), ―make them give me a big box of chocolates for my birthday on Sunday. ―

His mother was in the kitchen, but she ---8---the small boy shouting and went into his bedroom quickly.

―Why are you shouting, John?‖ she asked her son.‖ God can hear you when you talk ---9---.‖

―I know,‖ answered the clever boy with a smile, ―---10---my grandfather is in the next room, and he can’t.‖

短文填空April 11, 2012

I’m a lucky kid. My parents told me to volunteer when I was seven. My---1--- would travel to different old people’s homes and helped others. I always remember ---2---about getting up early on Sunday morning. I didn’t know how much this lifelong habit would ---3---my life.

From new experiences to new skills(技能), ---4--- has changed my world. The people I have met are the best; many people become lifelong friends.

Do you ---5---re than half of the teenagers the USA volunteer? All kinds of people volunteer, doing----6---you can think of. The world is a better place when people help each other. Being volunteers doesn’t –7—much time or need any special skills. If you have new ideas you can change the way others think.

Before you jump in and –8---volunteering, take a few minutes to think about the following ---9---.What catches (吸引)your interest? ---10---do you like to do ? What would you like to do? Then you can do it.

短文填空April 24, 2012

I often watch a little girl basketball every day from my kitchen window. One day I asked—1—why she practice so much. She said, ―I want to go to college. The only way is to get a scholarship(奖学金). I like basketball and I want to be ---2—player in college. My dad told me,’ If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.’‖

She never changed her mind. I watched her through those junior high school years into senior high school. One day before she graduated from high school, I saw her ---3---on the grass sadly. I asked her what –4—wrong. She told me that her coach(教练)said she was too short to be a good basketball ---5---, so she should stop –6—about going to college. She was heartbroken and it made me feel sad too. The she smiled and told me her father said that coach was wrong. He did not know the power(力量)of dream. Her father said to her,‖ If you –7—want to play for the scholarship of a good college, nothing but(除了)yourself can stop your dream.‖ He told her again, ―If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count.‖

The next year, she and her team –8—to a big game. –9--, a coach of a famous college team saw her and offered her a scholarship to the –10—basketball team of their college. And finally her dream came true.

―If the dream is big enough, the facts don’t count. ―It’s true.

Mr Brown went swimming with his friendsone afternoon.They all put on their swimming trunks(游泳裤)except him because he—1—there would be some ---2---for the swimmers to change (更换)clothes near the beach..However,when they got to the beach , he –3—nowhere to change clothes. So Mr Brown had to go to a car and changed his clothes in it. But while Mr Brown was –4---on his swimming trunks , an old woman –5—near and stood by the car. Mr Brown had to be ---6---. Then he ---7---the door of the car and shouted –8—to the woman ,‖Do you always –-9—people change their clothes?’ The woman shook (摇)her head and said ,‖Do you always change your clothes in –10—people’s car?‖

短文填空March 28, 2012

Hello,everyone.I’m ZhouBo,a graduate from Sichuan University.I’m –1-- of the volunteers in China’s rural –2--.I’m ---3---in a poor mountain village now. The food here is very simple . we ---4---ever eat meat or drink milk. The thin air here makes me ---5---sick. But I’m trying to get over the hard conditions here. Because I think I should do ---6---for our country.I also think young people today need ---7---different things to exercise ourselves.-----8----, my parents agree with my ---9----. The students here all work hard. They want to know more about the world. I hope I can open up their eyes to the outside world. I will enjoy my time here ---10--- a volunteer.

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