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Unit7 How much are these socks?

? 短语

1. 多少钱 how much

2. a.谢谢(三种表达)Thank you/Thanks a lot/Thank you for your help.

b.不客气(六种表达)You’re welcome /Not at all/That’s all right/ That’s OK./It’s a pleasure/ My pleasure.

3. a.帮助某人做某事 help sb.(to)do sth.

b.在某方面帮助某人 help sb.with sth.

4. a.需要某物 need sth.

b.需要做某事(need的主语是人) need to do sth.

c.需要做某事(need的主语是物)need doing sth.

d.需要...去做... need...for

5. ...怎么样?How about=what about

6. 给你 a (单数)Here it is.

b.(复数)Here you are.

Here they are.

7. 一双 a pair of

8. a.两美元一双 two dollars for one pair

b.三美元两双 three dollars for two pairs

9. a.这件T恤 this T-shirt

b.那件棕色毛衣 that brown sweater

c.这些袜子 these socks

d.那些黑色裤子 those black trousers

10. 服装店 clothes store

11. a.一套衣服 a suit of clothes

b.穿衣服 put on one’s clothes

c. 脱衣服 take off one’s clothes

12. a.以一个非常合理的价格 at a very good price.

b.以...价格 at the price of...

13. 我们在大甩卖 at our great sale

14. 看一看 have a look at

15. a.(商场宣传牌)促销中 on sale

b.待售 for sale

16.正反义词 a.买-卖 buy -sell

b.长-短 long-short

c.大-小 big-small

d.带来-取走 bring-take

17. a.把某物卖给某人 sell sb.sth=sell sth to sb.

b.把...卖给 sell...to

从...购买 buy...from

c.卖完;售完 sell out

d.以...价格卖 sell...at

18.紫色的裙子 have skirts in purple


19.来...come to

? 句型总结填空

1.a 这件T恤多少钱?How much is this T-shirt?

七美元。It’s seven dollars.

b.这些袜子多少钱?How much are these socks?

它们两美元。They’re two dollars.


a.How much is +单数可数名词/不可数名词

How much are +可数名词复数?

b.What’s the price of....?

c How much +do/does +商品+cost?

2.我能帮助您吗?a .Can I help you? 肯定回答 Yes, please.

(常见三种句型) 否定回答 No,thanks.

b.May I help you?

c.What can I do for you?

3.我需要为上学买一件毛衣。I need a sweater for school.

4.你想要什么颜色?What color do you want?

5.它看起来很漂亮。It looks nice.

6.a.我买下了 I’ll take it.

b.我买两双 I’ll take two pairs.


Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs.

8.我们在大甩卖,快来买衣服吧。Come and buy your clothes at our great sale.

9.我们卖的所有服装价格都很优惠。We sell all our clothes at very good prices.

10.a.我们有绿色的毛衣,仅售$15!We have green sweaters for only$15! b.黄色的毛衣仅售12美元!Yellow sweaters are only $12!

11.a. 对于男孩而言,我们有黑色的裤子仅售22美元。

For boys,we have black trousers for only $ 22.

b. 对于女孩而言,我们有紫色的裙子仅售20美元。

For girls,we have skirts in purple for only $20.

12.现在快来酷先生服装店吧!Come to Mr.cool’s clothes store now!


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