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Unit 10 How much are these socksSection A2

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Unit 10
How much are these socks?

Section A

Period Two

1.能够掌握本节课所学单词。 2.能够用所学句型就衣物价格进行询问。 3.能够为他人提供帮助或对别人的帮助 礼貌的作出应答。 A: Can I help you? B: Yes, please. 4.能够表达感谢或对别人的感谢有礼貌 地作出应答。 A: Thank you. B: You’re welcome.

Remember the clothes and the colors!

the clothes in the flash
a a a a a a a pink shirt blue skirt yellow sweater red coat pair of write socks pair of black shoes pair of blue pants

green blue brown







Look and say
$7 A: How much is this_______? T-shirt seven dollars B: It’s _____________. $9 A: How much is the_______? sweater B: It’s _____________. nine dollars

A: _________ is the_____? shirt How much B: _______________. It’s eight dollars $5

How much is the skirt A: ____________________? It’s five dollars B: _______________.

A: How much________ trousers? are these B: ________six dollars. They’re

A: How much______________? are these shorts B: ____________________. They’re four dollars


A: How much_____________? are the socks B: They’re two dollars ___________________. $2

$10 How much are these shoes A: _______________________? They’re ten dollars B: ___________________.

What colors are your clothes?

How much are they?

3a Make sentences in the chart with the

words in the three boxes.

How much is (the yellow Tshirt)…?
How much are…?

3b Look at the pictures and write the

questions and answers.
How much is the hat? _________________ It’s five dollars. How much is the bag? It’s ten dollars. _________________ How much is the T-shirt? It’s six dollars. ___________________

How much are the socks? __________________ They’re three dollars. How much is the sweater? _____________________ It’s nine dollars. ____________________ How much is the skirt? It’s eight dollars.

3c Students A, look at the pictures in 3b

for a minute and then close your book. Student B, ask questions. B: How much are these socks? A: Um, they’re three dollars.

Fill in the blanks. Can I help you? A: ________________ B: Yes, please. I ____ a hat. want A: What color do you want? _______________________ B: Black. A: Here you are. _______________ How much is it? B: _______________ A: 5 dollars. B: I’ll take it. Thanks. A: You’re welcome. _________________

课时重点回顾 the green T-shirt; eight dollars; the black bag; two dollars; the red shorts; nine dollars; like this green sweater; seven dollars; like big blue hats; have this one here; five dollars; like those long, blue and yellow socks; two dollars

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Translate and write them down. 1. - 你想要什么颜色的? - 蓝色的。 - What color do you want? - Blue. 2. 她想要一件红色的毛衣。 She wants a red sweater.

3. 我能帮你吗?是的。

Can I help you?

Yes, pleas


4. 我能为你做些什么?我想要件毛衣。 What can I do for you? I want a sweater. 5. 给你。 Here you are.

6. 我买了。 I’ll take it.

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