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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball Section A2

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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section A

Period Two

1. 能够正确使用动词的第三人 称单数形式,区分do和does, have和has. 2.学会使用句型: Let’s…和 That sounds …。

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions great 美妙的;伟大的 play 玩;打(球) sound 听起来

Match the words
basketball baseball

5 6

3 4

volleyball ping-pong ball

tennis ball
soccer ball ping-pong bat computer game



Sports Things
ping pong ball

baseball bat

ping pong bat




A: Do you have a volleyball?

B: Yes, I do.
A: Let’s play volleyball. B: Great!

Does he have a …?
Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.

Does she have a …?

Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.

I have..., but I don’t have….

Look and say
have don’t have I_____ a soccer ball, but I__________
a tennis ball.

have a basketball I________________, but I don’t have ___________ a soccer ball ______________.

I________________, but___________ have a volleyball I don’t have a soccer ball ______________.

has doesn’t have He____ a tennis ball, but he___________ a basketball.

She____ a soccer ball, but she___________ has doesn’t have a tennis racket.

3a Write each word in the correct place in the chart. I he they you we she it Eric do they you we He does she it Eric


3b Fill in the blanks with do or does. Then practice the conversations with your partner. Do A: ______ you have a baseball?

B: Yes, I ______. do A: Great! I have a bat. Let's play!

A: ______ John have a soccer ball? Does B: No, he _______. doesn’t A: ______ he have a ping-pong bat? Does does B: Yes, he ______. I think he has a ping- pong ball, too. A: Hmm… let's ask.

A: ______ your friends have a Do basketball? B: Yes, they ______. They have two do basketballs A: Well, let's play basketball. B: That sounds good.

Let’s play...
ping-pong Let’s play __________.

___________________. Let’s play basketball

Let’s play...
________________. Let’s play soccer

Let’s play tennis _______________.

祈使句 祈使句主要用来表示请求、命令、叮嘱、 号召等,谓语动词用原形。 标点符号一般用感叹号或句号,视说话 的语气而定。祈使句一般都用降调。 Let’s 句子就是一种祈使句, 表示建议。 如: Let’s play soccer. 我们踢足球吧。

3c Remember the things in Bob's room. Then close your books and ask and answer questions with a partner. A: Does he have a soccer ball? B: Yes, he does.

Make conversations with your partner. Talk about the picture below. A: Let’s play soccer. B: I don’t have a soccer ball.
A: Well, let’s play volleyball. B: That sounds good.

have / has的用法
肯定句 谓语动词have在句中有两种形式,即have 和has。 have用于第一人称 (I, we), 第二人称 (you), 以及第三人称复数 (they或其他复数名词 等) 后; has用于第

三人称单数(he,she,it或单数 名词)后。

如: I have a baseball. 我有一个棒球。 They have some interesting books. 他们有一些有趣的书。 Tom has a Chinese friend. 汤姆有一位中国朋友。 The school has three grades. 这所学校有三个年级。

否定句 变否定句时,需要借助助动词do或 does 的否定形式。 主语为非第三人称单数时, 句型为: 主语+don’t have... 如: I don’t have a baseball. 我没有棒球。 主语为第三人称单数时, 句型为: 主语+doesn’t have... 如: My sister doesn’t have a watch. 我的妹妹没有手表。

变一般疑问句时,也需要借助助动词do 及其第三人称单数形式does。 主语为非第三人称单数时,句型为: Do+主语+have...? 主语为第三人称单数时,句型为: Does+主语+have...? 肯定回答: Yes, 主语+do / does. 否定回答: No, 主语+don’t / doesn’t.

如: - Do you have a basketball? 你有篮球吗? - Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. 是的,有。/ 不,没有。 - Does he have a tennis racket? 他有一个网球拍吗? - Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. 是的,他有。/ 不,他没有。


New words:
let 让, us 我们, play 玩, sound 听起来, well 那么;好(副词); have/has 表示建议的句式及其回答: A: Let’s play soccer. B: I don’t have a soccer ball. A: Well, let’s play volleyball. B: That sounds good.

Translate and write them down. 1. 咱们去踢足球吧。 Let’s play soccer. 2. 你有棒球吗? Do you have a baseball? 3. 那听起来不错。 That sounds good.

4. 我有一个乒乓球。
I have a ping-pong ball. _______________________

5. 我有两个排球。 I have two volleyballs. ____________________
6. 我有一个足球。 I have a football. _________________

7. 你有钢笔吗?

_________________ Do you have a pen?
8. 我有一个篮球。 I have a basketball. __________________

9. 你有棒球拍吗? Do you have a baseball bat? __________________________

1. 抄写新单词并默写一次。

2. 复习今天所学的内容, 用所学的句型

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