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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball Section B1

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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section B

Period One

1. 能够掌握下列单词: interesting ,boring , fun, difficult, relaxing, watch, watch TV 2. 能够熟练运用Let’s …句型和That sounds …句型。


What do the pictures mean?






Look at the pictures and guess what he / she says. (看图猜测他/ 她说的话。)

It’s interesting.

It’s difficult.

It’s boring.

It’s fun.

It’s relaxing.

play volleyball

play soccer

play basketball

Let’s play volleyball . Let’s play soccer . Let’s play basketball.

Let’s play ping-pong . Let’s play tennis .

Let’s play baseball.

A: Let’s play basketball. B: I don’t have a basketball. A: Well, let’s play ping-pong.
B: That sounds good.

A: Let’s(让咱们) play volleyball.

B: I don’t have a volleyball.
A: Well, let’s play soccer. B: That sounds good/interesting/fun…

A: Let’s … B: That sounds good/interesting/difficult/

play computer games

play soccer ball
play basketball

play volleyball

play tennis watch TV

play basketball

Look and say
Let’s play A: __________ping-pong.
B: That sounds__________. interesting

A:___________ basketball. Let’s play B: That______ ________. sounds boring


A: Let’s play __________baseball.

B: __________________. That sounds difficult
困难的 A: Let’s play computer games _______________________. B: __________________. That sounds fun


1a Match the words with the pictures.

e a c 1. interesting __ 3. fun __ 5. relaxing __ d 2. boring __
4. difficult __ b

1b Listen and check (∨) the description

words you hear in 1a. a. interesting ∨ b. boring ∨ __ __
c. difficult ∨ __ d. relaxing __

e. fun ∨ __

1c Listen again. What does Paul say about

these activities? Choose a word from 1a to fill in each blank. play computer games interesting __________

play volleyball
watch TV play basketball

__________ difficult
(2) (3)

boring __________ __________ fun


You are Paul. Your partner is Paul’s friend Jenny. Talk about the activities in 1c. Paul Jenny

Let’s play computer games.

That sounds interesting.

A: Let’s … B: That sounds …

play computer games

watch TV

play baseball

play tennis

play volleyball

play soccer ball

play basketball

play computer games. play volleyball. watch TV. play basketball. sing .... interesting. difficult. boring. fun. relaxing. ....

A: Let’s

B: That sounds

Translate and write them down. 1. - 我们玩电脑游戏吧。 - 听起来很有趣。 - Let’s play computer games. - That sounds fun. 2. - 我们看电视吧。 - 听起来很轻松。 - Let’s watch TV. - That sounds relaxing.

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