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Unit 9 Do you like bananas Section B1

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Unit 9
Do you like bananas?

Section B

Period One

1.能够掌握本节课所学习的单词及短 语。 2.能够根据听力内容抓取关键词,并 区分他人的喜好。

Words and expressions

Read the words and expressions loudly.

Words and expressions breakfast 早餐 lunch 午餐 dinner 晚餐 have breakfast 吃早餐 have lunch 吃午餐

have dinner 吃晚餐

Look at the pictures for 2 minutes, then say the food words. (看图两分钟,说出食物名称)

breakfast have breakfast


have lunch


have dinner

have 用法集锦

? ? ? ? ? ?

1. “有;拥有”,强调所属关系,其主语常为人或物 I have two soccer balls. He has a computer. 2. “have+表示一日三餐的名词”表示“用餐”。 have breakfast/lunch/dinner 3. “have+表示食品、饮料等的名词”表示“吃、 喝”。 ? have some bread 吃面包 ? have a cup of tea 喝一杯茶 ? have eggs for breakfast 早餐吃鸡蛋

? 介词for与三餐饭搭配,根据其出现的具体语境, 有两个含义。 ? 1. 表示“作为”,“for+表示一日三餐的名词” 表示各餐所吃的食物。 ? I want to have chicken for lunch. ? 午饭我想吃鸡肉。 ? 2. 表示目的。 ? Let’s go home for dinner. ? 我们回家吃晚饭吧。

for breakfast

for lunch

for dinner

I want to have … for breakfast/ lunch/ dinner.

1a Write the number of each word next

to the correct food.
1. orange 2. salad 3. eggs 4. apple 5. ice cream 6. hamburger 7. banana 8. chicken 9. rice 10. carrots

3 4

7 10 6

1 2 9

8 5



How many words can you add to the lists? pears, fruit:_________________ ______________________ vegetables: ____________ carrots, ______________________ ______________________

1c Listen and circle the food you hear in


1. orange 2. salad

3. eggs 4. apple 7. banana

5. ice cream 6. hamburger 8. chicken 9. rice

10. carrots

1d Listen again. Fill in the chart.

likes Tom carrots, vegetables (salad) salad, fruit( apples bananas oranges) ice cream

doesn’t like apples



1e Ask and answer questions about what

Sally and Tom like and don’t like.

--Does Tom like tomatoes? --Yes, he does.

Does Sally like salad? Yes, she does. She likes salad.
Does Tom like apples?

No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t like apples.

A: Does he /she like…? B: Yes, he /she does. He/she likes … B: No, he/she doesn’t. He/she doesn’t like …
food name

Translate and write them down. 1. - 汤姆喜欢胡萝卜吗? - 是的,他喜欢。 - Does Tom like carrots? - Yes, he does. 2. 杰克喜欢沙拉和苹果,不喜欢蔬菜。 Jack likes salad and apples. He doesn’t like vegetables.

Make a survey:
What do your family like for breakfast/lunch/dinner?

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