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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball Section A1

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Unit 8 Do you have a soccer ball?

Section A

Period One

1.能够掌握本节课所学的单词。 2.能够正确使用一般疑问句询问物品 所属关系并作简略回答。

What’s this? How do you spell it?

a basketball play basketball

a soccer ball

play soccer


a volleyball

play volleyball


a baseball

a baseball bat

play baseball

a tennis ball

play tennis


a ping-pong ball a ping-pong bat
play ping-pong

a badminton play badminton


soccer ball


Guessing game
tennis ball baseball ping-pong ball

baseball bat

ping-pong bat

Words and expressions have 有 has (have的第三人称单数)有 soccer 英式足球 ball 球 soccer ball 英式足球 tennis 网球 let 让 us 我们(we的宾格) Let’s = let us 让我们(一起) late adj. 迟到

Words and expressions

go we ping-pong volleyball basketball bat do does get

去;走 我们 乒乓球 排球 篮球 (乒乓球等的) 球拍;球棒 做;干 疑问句的助动词 去取(或带来);得到

根据人物说出你能联想到的物 品。

soccer ball


ping-pong ball

ping-pong bat


tennis ball

Let’s chant!!
Do you have a soccer ball? Do you have a soccer ball? Yes, I do. Yes I do. Do you have a volleyball? Do you have a volleyball? No, I don’t. No, I don’t.

1a Match the words with the things in the picture. (将单词与图中物品配对。)

1. tennis ball __ a
2. ping-pong bat __ f

c 3. soccer ball __
4. volleyball __ e 5. basketball __ d

6. baseball bat ___ b

Pair work
Do you have a … ?

Do you have a …

Yes, I do. I have a…
No, I don’t. I don’t have a…

don’t=do not

Does she have a …? Yes, she does. No, she doesn’t.

doesn’t=does not

Does he have a …? Yes, he does. No, he doesn’t.


I we

复数 单数





复数 第三人称



they, boys, Lucy and Lily… he, she, it, has Jack…

变一般疑问句时,需要借助助动词do 及其第三人称单数形式does。 主语为非第三人称单数时,句型为: Do+主语+have...? 主语为第三人称单数时,句型为: Does+主语+have...? 肯定回答: Yes, 主语+do / does. 否定回答: No, 主语+don’t / doesn’t.

1b Listen and circle the words you hear.

ping-pong bat volleyball

soccer ball ping-pong ball

Listen again and fill in the blanks.

Do have ping-pong bat A: ____you _____a______________?
Yes, I do B: ___________.

a ping-pong ball A: Do you have_______________?
No, I don’t B: ___________.

2a Listen to the conversations and number the pictures [1-4]. (听对话,为图片编号。)




2b Listen again. Match the pictures in 2a with the balls. (再听一遍录音,将2a




Listen again. Fill the blanks.
? ? ? ? ?

? ? ? ? ? ?

(再听一遍听录音,填空。) Conversation 1: Bob: Do you have a soccer ball , Paul? Paul: No, I don’t. Bob: Does your brother Alan have one? Paul: Yes, he does. Conversation 2: John: Hi, Mike. Mike: Hi, John. John: I want to play basketball . Do you have a basketball? Mike: Yes, I do . John: Great!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Conversation 3: Jane: Hi, Sally. Sally: Hi, Jane. Jane: Sally, this is my friend, Anna. Sally: Hi, Anna. Nice to meet you. Anna: Nice to meet you, Sally. Sally: Let’s play tennis. Do you have a tennis ball, Jane? Jane: Sorry, I don’t. Conversation 4: Frank: Do you have volleyball, Dale? Dale: No, I don’t. But my brother does . Let’s go and find him.

2d Role-play the conversation.
Cindy: Hey, Helen, let's go! We're late. Helen: OK. Cindy: Do you have the baseball? Helen: Yes, I do. It's in my bag. Cindy: And where's our baseball bat? Helen: Bill has it. Cindy: Oh, yeah. And do you have your jacket? Helen: Oh, no, I don't. It's on the chair. Let me get it. Cindy: And your hat, too! Helen: OK, I have my jacket and hat. Let's go!

- Do you have a baseball? - Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. I have a Grammar volleyball. Focus - Do you have a ping-pong ball? - Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. I have a ping-pong ball. - Does she have a tennis ball? - Yes, she does. / No, she doesn’t. she has a baseball.

- Does he have a soccer ball? - Yes, he does. / No, he doesn’t. he has two ping-pong bats. -Do they have a basketball? -Yes, they do. / No, they don’t. they have a volleyball.

Grammar Focus

1. Gina has___, but she doesn’t have___. A. watch, balls B. a clock, watch C. clock, a ball D. a watch, a baseball bat 2. Kate has ___, but she doesn’t have___. A. a watch, ball B. ball, a clock C. book, CDs D. a clock, a watch

3. Li Lei___ a basketball. A. hasn’t B. haven’t C. don’t have D. doesn’t have 4. Jim likes to play ____ football. A. the C. an B. / D. a

Translate and write them down. 1. - 你有网球吗? - 是的,我有。 - Do you have a tennis ball? - Yes, I do. 2. - 他有乒乓球拍吗? - 不,他没有。 - Does he have a ping-pong bat? - No, he doesn’t.


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