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二. 现在进行时结构;Be+ving



主语+be (am, is, are)+现在分词,如:

I am reading English.我正在读英语。

He is writing.他正在写字。 You are running.你正在跑步。


Be(Am, Is, Are)+主语+现在分词, 如:

1. -Are you singing?你正在唱歌吗? -Yes, I am.是的,我在唱歌。 (No, I'm not.不,我不在唱歌。)

2. -Is he (she) listening to music?他(她)在听音乐吗?

-Yes, he (she) is.是的,他(她)在听音乐。

[No, he (she) isn't.不,他(她)不在听音乐。]


疑问词+be (am, is, are)+主语+现在分词,如:

1. -What are you doing?你正在干什么?

-I am doing my homework.我正在做作业。

2. -What is he (she) doing?他(她)正在干什么?

-He (She) is riding a bike.他(她)正在骑自行车。


主语+be (am, is, are)+not+现在分词

I am not reading English我不在读英语。

【注】 这里的现在分词指的是ving形式;像look(看)、listen(听)、now(现在) 常出现在现在进行时态句子中。请看:

1.Look! Jack is swimming.看!杰克正在游泳。

2.Listen! She is singing.听!她正在唱歌。



2.以不发音的e结尾,去e加ing,如:make-making, taste-tasting

3.假如末尾是一个元音字母和一个辅音字母,双写末尾的辅音字母,再加ing, 如:run-running, stop-stopping




play________ run__________ swim _________make__________ go_________ write________ read________ have_________ sing ________ dance_________ see________ buy _________ live_______ take_________ come ________ get_________ stop_________ sit ________ begin________ shop___________


1.The boy __________________ ( draw)a picture now.

2. Listen .Some girls _______________ ( sing)in the classroom .

3. My mother _________________ ( cook )some nice food now.

4. What _____ you ______ ( do ) now?

5. Look . They _______________( have) an English lesson .

6.They ____________(not ,water) the flowers now.

7.Look! the girls ________________(dance )in the classroom .

8.What is our granddaughter doing? She _________(listen ) to music.

9. It’s 5 o’clock now. We _____________(have)supper now

10.______Helen____________(wash )clothes? Yes ,she is .


12.I_____________(sing) an English song.

13.We_______________(play) games now.

14.Mr Zheng 15. The rabbits (jump) now.

16.. Look ! Tom and John (swim).

17. Look! The bus (stop).

18. We (have) an English class now.

19. Listen! Someone is (come).

20. Look! He (dive) now.

21. Tom ( watch ) TV in the dining room.

22. The doctors (get ) off the bus.

23. Come on. They ( leave ) now.

24. It (eat) fish now.

25. My father (work) in the office now.

26. Where is your mother? She (answer) the phone.

27. The teachers (run) now.

28、Jeffrey ________(make)his cake now.

29、 Be quiet! Three boys _________(sleep).

30、 What ______ your mother ______(do)now?

31、 Look! ______your dog _____ now?(swim)

32、Where is your father? He ______ ______ (read) books.

33、Look, Miss Lin _________ (play)the piano.

34、 Tom and his brother ________(see)the film now.

35、Now, We_______(have)a test.

36、 Listen! Mr. Zhao _________(sing)in the classroom. 2

37、Where is Mr. Shi? He ________(sit)on the chair in his office.


1. They are doing housework .(分别改成一般疑问句和否定句)

_____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________

2.The students are cleaning the classroom . ( 改一般疑问句并作肯定和否定回答) _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________

3.I’m 对划线部分进行提问)




5. The boy is playing basketball.



肯定回答:__________________________否定回答:______________________ 对“ The boy”提问:__________________________


1).she, the window ,open ,now.(用现在进行时连词成句.)


2).is, who, the window, cleaning?(连词成句)


3).She is closing the door now.(改成否定句)


4.)You are doing your homework.(用"I"作主语改写句子)


5).they, the tree, sing, now, under.(用现在进行时连词成句.)


6).The children are helping the old woman.(改成一般疑问句)


四、. 选择填空:

( )1、 Look! Spark _____his mother do the housework.

A. is helping B. are help C. is help D. is helpping

( )2、_____are the boys doing ? They are singing in the room.

A .Who B. How C. What D. Where

( )3、 Don’t talk here. My mother _____.

A. is sleeping B .are sleeping C. sleeping D .sleep

( )4、Daisy ______. Don’t call her.

A. is writeing B .is writing C.writing D .writes

( )5、 Who _____ over there at the moment?

A. singing B. are sing C. is singing D. sings

( )6、Look! they _________ a good time, _________ they?

A. have, do B. have, don't C. are having, are D. are having, aren't 3

( )7、We _____ music and often _____ to music.

A. like/ listen B. likes/ listens

C. like/ are listening D. are liking/ are listening

( )8、 Listen! The baby _____ in the next room.

A. crying B. cried C. is crying D. cries

( )9、It’s eight o’clock. The students _____ an English class.

A. have B. having C. is having D. are having

( )10、 Be quiet. Grandparents _____.

A. is sleeping B. are sleeping C. sleeping D. sleep

( )11、 Michael _____ the windows every day.

A. is cleaning B. clean C. cleans D. is cleaning

( )12、On Sunday, Bruce sometimes _____ his clothes and sometimes _____ some shopping.

A. wash/ do B. is washing/ is doing C. washes/ does D. is washing/ does

( )13、Some are _________ in the river and some are _________ games.

A. swiming, playing B. swimming, plaiing

C. swimming, playing D. swimming, plaing

( )14、 Eve_____ to do his lessons at 6 every evening

A. is beginning B. is beginning C. begin D. begins

( )15、 Are the boys looking at the blackboard?

Yes, they____.

A. aren’t B. do C. don't D. are

五、 将下列句子改成现在进行时:

1、Daniel speaks Chinese.

Daniel ________________ Chinese.

2、We have four lessons.

We ______________ four lessons.

3、I watch TV every day.

I _________________TV now

4、Julia works in a hospital.

Julia _________________ in a hospital.

5、Do you read this book?

_____ you _______ this book.

6、Mary and Susan have lunch at about twelve.

Mary and Susan ______________ lunch at about twelve.

7、His father often helps them.

His father __________________them.

8、Oven opens the door.

Oven _ __________________ the door.

9、Charles watch TV in the evening.

Charles ______________TV now.

10、Donald sometimes walks on the beach.

Donald ______________ on the beach.


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