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1 _______ 2 _______ 3 _______ 4 _______ 5 _______ 6 _______

7. A. Once. B. Twice. C. Three times. D. Four times.

8. A. 50 years. B. 15 years. C. 25 years. D. 40 years.

9. A. ¥80. B. ¥40. C. ¥35. D. ¥70.

10. A. They?re a strong team B. The players are very weak.

C. The players are strong and the team is strong, too.D. They are a weak team though the players are strong.

11. A. Play tennis. B. Go fishing. C. Stay at home. D. Watch movies.

12. A. Having dinner with the man. B. Cooking in the kitchen.

C. Ordering food in a restaurant. D. Shopping in a supermarket.

13. A. No. 66. B. No. 16. C. No. 60. D. No. 56.

14. A. In the hospital. B. On the road. C. On the phone. D. In the office.

15. A. Because her watch is fast. B. Because she wants to catch the flight.

C. Because it?s 8:30 now. D. Because her watch is lost.

16. A. In Miss Blair?s class. B. In a drawing class.C. After class. D. After school.

( ) 17. The countryside is changing in some countries.

( ) 18. We can see all the villages now although life has become different.

( ) 19. Young people don?t come back after they live in big cities.

( ) 20. Some people want to find jobs in big cities.

( ) 21. The people from villages usually buy a “second house” in big cities.

( ) 22. The houses in the villages become too expensive for the local people to buy.

( ) 23. Farmers sell their land because the pollution is too serious.

24. The students are visiting a ______ now.

25. On the first floor, they can find some information about the technology in the ______ days.

26. They can read the ______ stories in the Inventors of the 20th Century Room.

27. The students are asked to think about how the inventions make our lives more ______.

28. They can take a ______ to the fourth floor to have a drink.

29. For more information, the students can buy books or ______.

30. The students should hand in their reports next ______.

31 I like music, but I don?t like _______ music of that TV series (电视连续剧).A. a





36 B. an C. / D. the My aunt?s baby was born _______ the morning of the National Day.A. on B. in C. at D. of They got much important _______ for their survey from those new books.A. ideasB. photosC. informationD. stories My new computer is different from _______.A. you B. your C. yours D. yourself Simon: Is this your shoe? Mary: Yes, it is. But where is ______A. the otherB. anotherC. other one D. the one Eddie: How much does it cost to build the school? Ann: Forty _______ yuan.

A. millions B. million C. millions of D. million of

37 Hainan Island is _______ than any other island in China.A. large B. larger C. largest D. the largest

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38 Landing on the Moon sounds _______. I hope I can go there one day.

A. wonderful B. wonderfully C. terrible D. terribly

39 Children under 1.2 metres in height _______ take a free bus ride.A. can B. should C. must D. need

40 _______ my grandpa is 72, he is strong enough to grow and sell vegetables every day.

A. Since B. Because C. So D. Though

41 Soon you _____ a senior high school student. Isn?t it exciting?A. becomeB. will becomeC. becameD. have become 42 The old man was upset because his favourite vase ___ by his grandson.A. brokeB. breaksC. is brokenD.was broken 43 If it _______ tomorrow, we won?t go on a trip to Hangzhou.A. rains B. rain C. will rain D. raining

44 She______ a member of “Friends of the Earth” for two years.A. was B. has been C. has gone D. was being 45 The teacher often tells Jim and John _______ too much time playing video games.

A. not to spend B. to not spend C. don?t spend D. doesn?t spend

46 Because of the terrible weather, out school sports meeting has to be _______ till next week.

A. put out B. put off C. put up D. put on

47 Could you tell me _______?A. which computer I can choose B. how can I used the DVD player

C. if he had given us a lesson D. why would he deal with the case

48 Judy: I?m sorry I?ve broken your alarm clock.Kin: _______ I?ll have it repaired in a moment.

A. Excuse me. B. Never mind.C. What a pity! D. You?re welcome.

49 The underlined letter ?o? in the word ?? is pronounced ?______?.A. /??/ B. /??/ C. /u:/D. /??/

50 ?Walk _______ ahead and you will see the cinema at the end of the road.? The phonetic symbol for the missing word

in the sentence should be ?_______?.A. /strait/ B. /streit/ C. /steit/ D. /stɑ:t/

The fishing trip Scene 1




Dad: Dad, this is the day for boating and fishing. Yes. Do you remember the last time we came out here to fish? No, it was a long time ago. I just remember we didn?t catch anything. I think you?re right. I we never caught any fish. Look! It?s Mr Chen. He?s also out here


Eric & Dad: Hi, Mr Chen!

Mr Chen: Shhhh … You?ll the fish away.

Dad: Wait Mr Chen, look! I think you?ve caught a fish!

Eric: You?ve got it, Mr Chen! Get that fish!

Dad: Don?t be so excited! Stop jumping ?ll fall over.

Scene 2






Mr Chen:


Mr Chen: Please … Help me up to the boat! Hold on. I?ll you up. Thanks, Dad. Hey, what happened to the fish? Did you get him, Mr Chen? No, you fools! I didn?t! You scared him away all that shouting and splashing! Don?t be , Mr Chen. Fish can?t hear. They can?t hear but they can feel the shaking movements in the water. When you talk loudly or make large

movements, fish can feel them.

Eric & Dad: Oh …

Dad: Eric, we have to be quiet when we fish Eric: OK, Dad.

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IV Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms(用括号中所给单词 的适当形式完成下









66 Tomorrow will be my grandma?s ____________ birthday. We?ll celebrate it at a restaurant. (ninety) They always think more of others than ____________. (them) We were busy doing our work and were____________ of his coming. (aware) Parking is not allowed during the hours of ____________ here. (dark) We need to learn to be ____________ because we will live on ourselves one day. (dependent) A dog will love you ____________ for many years so it?s nice to keep a dog as a pet. (faithful) You will have to work hard if you want to ____________. (success) The basic rule for all ____________ in China is that everyone is equal before the laws. (city)

V Rewrite the following sentences as required(根据所给要求,改写下列句子。每空格限填一词):(共14分) 67 The students in our school have eight classes every day.(改为否定句)

The students in our school ____________ ____________ eight class every day.

68 Miss Wu is not only our class teacher but also our friend.(保持原句意思基本不变)

Miss Wu is our class teacher and our friend ____________ ____________.

69 It is great fun to ride a horse in the park.(改为感叹句)

____________ ____________ it is to ride a horse in the park!

70 We must keep the hand-made chocolate at a low temperature.(改为被动语态)

The hand-made chocolate must ____________ ____________ at a low temperature.

71 There is something unusual in our school today.(改为反意疑问句)

There is something unusual in our school today, ____________ ____________?

72 He hasn?(就划线部分提问)

____________ ____________ hasn?t he heard from Kitty?

73 wasn?t, enough , He ,careful , knife, the ,with(连词成句)


Part 3 Reading and Writing(第3部分 读写)

VI Reading comprehension(阅读理解):(共50分)

A Choose the best answer(根据对话内容,选择最恰当的答案):(12分)

74. The three passages are from ________.

A) newspapers B) websites C) magazines D) e-mails

75. The word “” in Passage 1 means ________.

A) a place for entertainment B) a zoo for injured animals

C) a shelter from danger or hardship D) an area away from noisy cities

76. Brussels is a city in ________.

A) Belgium B) the UK C) Eastern Europe D) France

77. It can be referred from the passage that ________.

A) Wang Feng and his wife has a good relationship

B) Wang Feng might be invited to an award ceremony

C) Wang Feng had no choice but to admit he was responsible for his divorce

D) Wang Feng?s mother is a brave and determined woman

78. Which of the following passage can be arranged together with Passage 2?

A) Li Na, Djokovic open China charity match

B) 2 killed, 15 injured in blast in Peshawar, NW Pakistan

C) IMF sees China growing 7.75% in 2013

D) Holocaust Museum barracks going back to Poland

79. Which of the following is true? ________

A) The Brazilian family?s neighbours also enjoy living with the tigers.

B) Only Europeans can enjoy series of Taoism performances.

C) It?s been about 100 months since Ary Borges saved the giant man-eaters.

D) People focus on Wang Feng because he is the image ambassador.

B Choose the words or expressions and complete the passage(选择最恰当的单词或词语完成短文):(12分) About a year ago, a couple with 3 children moved into the apartment next door to me. I never heard any noise from the children, but the parents were always ___80___ them, in a frightening way. We met often in the hallway. I always spoke, but the only answer I ever got was a hello from the 4-year-old girl.

One day when I returned, they were just coming from their apartment .The little girl was holding the door open for the others. I sat in the car doing unnecessary things ___81___ I wasn?t in a hurry. The parents were telling her to get in the car immediately. I looked up and saw the little girl was still holding the door open, waiting for me.

As a handicapped (有残疾的) man, I can?t hurry at anything, but I hurried as much as I could and thanked her. She was smiling like a lovely angel. I was so touched (感动的) by her small act of kindness. That afternoon I was shopping at the K-mart and I saw a white bear. I thought of ___82___ and said to myself, “I believe she would like that”. So I bought it.

The next day there was a knock on the door. It was the little girl and her father. She was so proud of her bear and thanked me like I had never been thanked before. The mother and father both thanked me.

Now when we meet in the hall, we all speak in a friendly manner. As time passes, I don?t hear that shouting as often. ___83___, hardly at all.

Last night we had about four inches of snow. I looked out at my car and wondered how I was going to keep my doctor?s appointment.

When I opened the outside door, there was my car with all the snow cleaned. I can?t say how I felt at that moment. The man next door was the only person I knew in the whole building. So when I saw him the next day, I asked him if he was the good man that cleaned my snow. He said ___84___. He wanted to, but his wife said she wanted to do it.

Isn?t it amazing how a 4-year-old girl can change so many things for the better? My guardian angel (守护天使)

2013学年第一学期九年级英语期中试卷 共8页 第4页

says that good things usually come from ___85___.

80. A) worrying about B) shouting at C) playing with

81. A) when B) although C) because

82. A) the apartment D) unless D) the girl D) laughing at B) the snow C) the parents

83. A) In fact B) In addition C) At first

84. A) SORRY

85. A) small act B) NO D) For example D) YES D) good neighbors C) TNANKS B) little children C) nice presents

C Read the passage and fill in the blanks with proper words(在短文的空格内填入适当的词,使其内容通顺,每空


If you don?t have much time for your diary, don?t worry. The 9 Square Diary(九宫格日

记), which is q__86___ becoming popular with middle school students online, can help you to

remember your best and w__87__ moments in life.

The 9 Square Diary is a finished-in-minutes type diary. The 9 simple grid(方格) squares

represent nine different areas in the writer?s life. Squares on the grid might include plans,

feelings, food, dreams, happiness and so on.

The 9 Square Diary was created by a Japanese named Satoh Den. It has become popular

online for at least one year, e__88___ among young people. Yin Wen, 15 from Beijing, started his Square Diary late last term. “I spend less than five minutes finishing one diary every day. It is very c_____89___” said Yin. “I always make each grid a different color. It makes my life c____90______.”

Tang Jiahao, 14, is now writing in a 9 Square Diary notebook. She b__91___ her diary this term with one of her friends. “We write in the same notebook every day for about 10 minutes. It is really fun and interesting,” She said. “I like this simple way of recording my life and expressing my f__92___.”

D Answer the questions(根据短文内容回答下列问题):(12分)

Penguin or … Puffin?

Many people wrongly think that puffins and penguins are the same. They are only alike in some ways. Below is a

Puffins Penguins

How are they the same?

Both are black and white birds living in cold areas. Both birds are very good swimmers, but penguins are the better divers. Some can dive about 244 metres. Puffins can dive only about 24 metres. Both birds have thick fat that helps keep them warm. Their feathers are also waterproof. In the water, the black and white bodies of penguins and puffins help them hide from enemies. As seen from below, the belly (腹部) is similar to the colour of the seawater. From above, the dark back is the colour of the dark sea floor.

How are they different?

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Penguins live in the icy southern part of the earth but puffins live in the opposite side. Penguins have a thin pointed (尖的) mouth. It can be black, purple, red or orange. The puffin?s looks like a triangle. It may be orange, yellow, blue or red. Because the shapes of their mouths are different, puffins have been called ?sea parrots? and ?clowns of the sea?. And unlike the penguin, puffins can fly.

93 Where do puffins live?

They live in ______________________________.

94 How much deeper than puffins can some penguins dive?

They can dive ______________________________ deeper than puffins.

95 What helps to keep puffins and penguins warm?

______________________________ help(s) to keep puffins and penguins warm.

96 Both penguins and puffins have the ability to fly, don?t they?

__________, ______________________________.

97 Why are puffins called ?sea parrots??

Because ______________________________.

98 What is the passage mainly about?

It is about ______________________________.

VII Writing(写话):(共20分)

Write at least 60 words about the topic “Is it good for more people to own cars?”. (以“更多的人拥有小汽车是




More and more people own private cars. Do you think it is good or not to own cars? Why or why not? Show your opinion to us.

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