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灿烂在六月 易错题

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灿烂在六月 易错题


1. 岛屿(n.)___________ 自然(n.)____________ 自然的(adj.)_______________

比以往____________ 像往常一样______________ 形成好的阅读习惯____________

2. ______ you are coughing a lot, you should give up smoking at once.

A. While B. Since C. So D. Although

3. The shop where we did some shopping just now is _________ every day.

A. more busy B. busier C. busiest D. the busiest

4. John won’t start the magic until the teachers and classmates _________.

A. will come B. come C. comes D. came

5. Excuse me, what is the best way ________ my urgent parcel to my friend?

A. sending B. send C. to send D. sent

6. be/系动词 +____________ 行为动词+___________

a/ an / the + ______________ 主语+ _______________

副词可以修饰_______ _______ ________ __________ ____________ 形容词+ _________________

7. The film I saw yesterday had a ___________ ending. (drama)

8. The shop assistant should listen to their customers __________.(patient)

9. It’s fun to have a barbecue on a sunny Saturday.感叹句

_______ _______ it is to have a barbecue on a sunny Saturday!

10. Tom told us a funny story yesterday.感叹句

_____ ______ funny story Tom told us yesterday!

11. The price of flat is so high that many people can’t afford it now.

The price of flat is _______ ________ for many people to afford now.


12. 生病的(adj.) ________ ________ 在周围(adv),在…周围(prep)____________

工厂 ((n.)________ (复数)__________ 数字(n.) _______________

13. 去上大学__________ 遗留_____________ 敲门_________________

证明_________=____________ 指出__________ 极冷的天气______________ 解决,计算出_________=_________ 坐电梯__________=_________

冷冻食物______________ 整个晚上,通宵___________=_________________

14. ----Where is your secretary?

------She _______ out to post the letters.

A. goes B. went C. has gone D. had gone

15. There is a little apple tree in front of your house, ____________?

A. is it B. isn’t it C. is there D. isn’t there

16. He ______ the big house for many years. He is proud of it every much.

A. has bought B. has borrowed C. has been D. has had

17. Our physics teacher told us that light ______ much faster than sound.

A. will travel B. travels C. would travel D. travelled

18. Tom ______ the text many times and he felt very upset.

A. made copy B. was made to copy C. was made copy D. made to copy

19. ----I don’t like this film. It’s too dull. ----______________.

A. So am I B. Neither am I . C. So do I D. Neither do I


20. His pen-friends often give him some ________ advice on English study.(use)

21. Mrs. Brown looks very _______. She likes jogging every morning. (health)

22. The students from Class One did worse than us in the contest.同义句

We did _______ _______ the students from Class One in the contest.

23. 提问

_______ _______ is the shopping center from your home?



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