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人称代词和物主代词练习题(简单) 2

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1.________(我) am a teacher.

2.My father is talking with _______(我).

3._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

4._______(他的) teacher is good.

5._______(我们) buy a pair of shoes for _______(他).

6.Please pass_____(我们) the ball.

7._______(他们) are listening to the radio.

8.This is _______(我的) book. That is__________(他的)

9._______(他的) chair is blue. _____________( 我们的) is yellow.

10._______(我们的) classroom is big.__________( 你们的) is small.

11._______(他) often plays basketball after school.

12._______(他的) teacher is good. _____(她的)is good too.

13.My book is blue. _________(you) is red.

14.Our chair is better than _________ ( they).

15.I will give the presents to________(they).

19.Can you show _______(I) your book?


23.25._____ is my friend.

26.My dog likes _____.




32.These are ______ photos.

33._____ like ______ very much. 他们非常喜欢它。

34.Let _____ give _____ a book. 让我给你一本书。

35.This is _____ father. 这是我的爸爸。

36.Is that bike ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆自行车是你的吗?是,它是我的。

37._____ like ______ car. 我喜欢他们的小汽车。

38.Our school is here, and _______ is there. 我们的学校在这儿,他们的在那儿。

39.Whose bike is this? It’s ______ (= _____ ______). 这是谁的自行车?是她的。

40.Is that car ______? Yes, it’s ______. 那辆车是你的吗?是的,它是我的。 三:选择填空.

1. Mr. More has more money than Mr. Little . But he doesn’t enjoy _______.

A. he B. him C. his D. himself

2. Lily was 9 years old. _____ was old enough to go to school ________.

A. She , she B. She , herself C. Her, herself D. Her. she

3. Jim’s watch is much newer than _________.

A. hers B.she C. her D. herself

4.Would you like _____for super?

A: something Chinese B:Chinese something C: anything Chinese D: Chinese anything

5.______ piano is too old ,but she still liked playing it.

A. She B. She’s C. Hers D. Her

6.——Who taught you English last year?

——Nobody taught me . I taught ______. A. me B. myself C. mine D. I

7.That bike is _________? A.he B. him C. his D. it

8. We bought ______ a present, but _______ didn”t like it.


1.There is a letter for________ (her 、hers) mother.


3.Whose pens are these? _______(their) are ______ (we).

4.Give _______(he) a toy, please.

5.6.Tim and Bill are twins. _______ (their)Middle School.

7.Give the book to __________(I ). 8.


12.13.I can find my toy, but wher


20.1. She is a student, _____ name is Julia.

A. its B. her C. hers D. his

2. Could you help _____ with _______ English, please.

A. I, my B. me, me C. me, my D. my, I

3. A friend of _____ came here yesterday.

A. my B. his C. him D. himself

4. ______ pencil-box is beautiful. But ____ is more beautiful than ______.

A. Toms, my, he B. Tom's, mine, his

C. Tom's, mine, him D. Tom's, my, his

5. Most of ______like Chinese food.

A. they B. Their C. Them D. theirs

6. Don't you let ____ help you ?

A. I and my friend B. my friend and I

C. my friend and me D. my friend and I to

7. How hard______ works!

A. we B. him C. he D. his

8. ______ have been chosen.

A. I, you and he B. He, you and I C. You, he and I D. You,and me

9. She gave the erasers to Lucy and _______ .

A. I B. me C. my D. mine

10. That's not ______, it is_______. I made it ______ .

A. ours, mine, myself B. your, mine, myself

C. yours, her, myself D. yours, my, myself

11. We bought _____ English-Chinese dictionaries.

A. us B. ours C. ourselves D. to us

12. Most people think ______ are winning SARS.

A. ours B. ourselves C. we D. us

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