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1. Why do people go to Jane for help, but not you? Because she smiles before _______ to them.

A.speaks B.speak C.speaking D.spoken

2. I want to create a black tulip _________ will help me win the gardening competition.

A.what B. who C. when D. which

3. When Christine pulled off her mask, John was shocked ________ her beautiful face.

A. with B. at C. on D. for

4. You don’t realize ___________.

A. who are you speaking to B. who you are speaking to

C. that are you speaking to D. that you are speaking to

5. --- Who argued _________ in the speech competition?

--- Lily, of course. She won the competition.

A. Most cleverly B. more cleverly C. very cleverly D. much cleverly

6. I hear the tall girl over there is your new classmate. She’s from the UK, ___________ ?

A.has she B. hasn’t she C. does she D. isn’t she

7. A boy offered his seat to my grandpa. It was very nice _______ him to do that.

A. for B. from C. of D. with

8. The doctor told me that _________ plenty of water was also important to stay healthy.

A. drink B. drinking C. drank D. drunk

9. Mack has listened to the passage so many times that he knows it _________.

A. by heart B. in heart C. by mind D. in mind

10. I ________ along the street when I suddenly met my English teacher.

A. walk B. walked C. am walking D. was walking


Once upon a time, there lived a poor farmer in a village. One day as he was driving home from the market, he ___1___ his knife.He jumped down from the wagon and began to look ___2___ it. He looked around for a long time in all the junk ___3___ littered the road, but still could not find it. Then he took ___4___ empty bag from the wagon and began to fill it with the junk. Soon the bag was full, and he was very ___5___ to find his knife. He put the bag of rubbish in his wagon and got on it. When he looked at the ground around him, he found it ___6___ than the rest of the roadside. He decided to bring a bag to clear a little more of the land ___7___ market day. Soon all the land he passed looked green and lovely, and the farmer was pleased ___8___ at it.

Before long the King came riding along the road. He was so happy to see flowers and grass instead of rubbish on both sides. ___9___ he knew what had happened, he gave the farmer a reward. Then he ordered the people of his kingdom to follow the ___10___ example. Soon his kingdom became a land of beauty.

1. A. drops B. dropped C. has dropped D. was dropping

2. A. for B. up C. at D. after

3. A. what B. who C. that D. where

4. A. a 5. A. happiness 6. A. more clean 7. A. all 8. A. to look 9. A. If 10. A. famer’s

B. an B. happily B. more cleaner B. any B. looking B. That B. farmer

C. the C. happy C. much clean C. every C. looked C. Why C. farmers’ D. 不填 D. happier

D. much cleaner D. some

D. was looking D. When D. farmers


The next time you enjoy a sandwish of peanut (花生) butter, say thanks to George Washington Carver. This African – American ___1___ invented hundreds of products, including everyone’s favourite ___2___ Jam.

Carver was born in Missouri, the USA around 1860. It’s interesting that nobody knows the ___3___ year and date of his birth. Young Carver was very interested in plants and enjoyed looking after them, especially the sick ones. He was so ___4___ that his neighbours often asked him for advice about their plants, and he was known as the Plant Doctor. Carver went on later to become one of the most important scientists and inventors of his time.

In 1897, he ___5___ that farmers in the Southern U.S. were having a problem. These farmers grew a lot of cotton, and the cotton plants were ___6___ their soil. Carver offered to help. He believed that everything in the natural world was part of a great whole and that human beings must work with ___7___ in a friendly way. He discovered that ___8___ peanuts every other year would make the soil rich again. Southern farmers ___9___ planting peanuts, and the problem was solved.

But soon, there was a new problem. The farmers had too ___10___ peanuts! Carver got to work. He invented 325 different ways to use peanuts. Soon, people were using peanuts to make everything from cooking oil to ink --- and, of course, peanut butter! 1. A. artist B. farmer C. scientist D. doctor 2. A. peanut B. cheese C. chocolate D. fish 3. A. last B. hard C. next D. exact 4. A. unlucky B. successful C. interested D. unhappy 5. A. decided B. showed C. learned D. said 6. A. helping B. damaging C. developing D. littering 7. A. nature B. grass C. God D. cotton 8. A. eating B. cooking C. planting D. studying 9. A. began B. stopped C. enjoyed D. disliked 10. A. ugly B. few C. beautiful D. many

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Chinese people think a lot about food. My first experience of Chinese culture of this came at a banquet during a trip to Beijing in 1998. I had eaten Chinese food often, but I could not have imagined how fantastic a real Chinese banquet could be. The first six or seven dishes seemed0

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