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comic strip and welcome

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9A Unit 5 Films Welcome to the unit

Teaching aims:

To learn something about films. To learn something about director. To improve the ability of oral English.

Self-study and discuss What types of films do you know?

Types of films


war film

action film

horror film

romantic film science fiction film

Pair work:
A: what type of films do you like best? B: I like…films best. A: why? B: Because…….. What about you?

A: I would rather watch… because…..

Who makes a film? discuss
actor/actress 演员

producer cameraman

制片人 摄像

make-up artist
lighting manager

化装师 灯光师


an actor


an actress actresses

Feng xiaogang



The directors often say:
Stand by Action Take two Good take No good Get ready Start Once more Well done




A: Being a director

Stand by!


Take two !

Good take!

What would you like to be?

Would you like to be an actress? Yes. I’d love to. What about you?

I don’t like acting very much. I’d rather be a director.

Make up your own dialogues.
A: What would you like to be, an actor / actress or a director? B: I’d like to be……. B: Why ?
A: Because…… B: What about you?

Hollywood What is it famous for(因…出名)? Films and superstars

Jackie Chan


Do you think Eddie can be a superstar?

Listen and answer
1.What does Eddie think of himself?
He thinks he will be a tomorrow’s TV superstar.

2.What does Hobo advise Eddie to do?
He advises Eddie to stop daydreaming and be more realistic.

3.Why does Eddie think he should be in Hollywood?
Because he thinks he is too good for TV.


Now many young men dream to become superstars. They spend lots of money and time taking part in some amusement(娱乐) programmes such as “ Happy Girls” , “ Happy Boys” Some of them become famous. But some of them…..What’s your opinions?

Have a debate: Dream to be a superstar.
Agree: Reason: Disagree: Reason:


producer 制片人 cameraman摄影师 make-up artist 化妆师 scriptwriter编剧 lighting manager 灯光师 costume designer 服装师 set designer 布景设计师 stuntman 替身演员 sound mixer 混音师

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