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Module 3 unit 1 初中三年级上册

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table tennis




This is my favorite sport star. His name is Yao Ming. Who is your favorite sport star? ? Why He is good at playing basketball. ) do you like him or her? (opinions

He does a good job.

Unit 1 When will the match be held?

Listen and check the sentences
1. 2. 3.

5. 6.

Tony is tired because he is training with BIG. HAS stands for Hainan All Star. BIG won the match last time. Daming is also a member of the team this time. Betty is a fan of HAS. The boys are not very pleased to hear what the girls say.

Activity 4 Read and complete the table. Competition
The School’s Basketball Competition




Next match
Next Saturday

Last match score
All Stars (HAS) 98 points to Globetrotters (BIG) 52

Betty’s favourite team to win

Activity 5Complete the sentences .
1. Tony looks tired because he is training with BIG for the ____________________________ School’s Basketball Competition ____________________________ .
2. Betty is coming to the match because she is going to write a report for ____________________________ the school magazine ,New Standard ____________________________ .

3. Betty has seen HAS play this season they are great. and she thinks ___________________ . 4. Tony and Daming think they will win the match ____________________ . 5. Betty and Lingling say they think that BIG will lose in order to make Tony and other players try _________________________________ harder to win/to ______________ . show they’re wrong.

Activity 6 Read the sentences from the conversation . Say who the underlined words refer to . 1. You look tired . Tony 2. You were defeated last time . the Beijing International Globetrotters 3. Are you coming ? Betty (and Lingling, possibly) 4. And if you want my opinion … Tony 5. … you’ve got no chance ! the Beijing International Globetrotters 6. … you won’t be allowed to watch with our fans … Lingling and Betty

Read and learn(1).
1.You were defeated last time . 2.I wasn’t chosen this time .

肯定句: was /were +过去分词 否定句:wasn’t /weren’t +过去分词

Read and learn(2).
1.When will the match be held ? 2. You won’t be allowed to watch with our fans if that’s what you think . 3.We will be asked to play in the Olympic Games.

一般将来时的被动语态 肯定句:will +be+ 过去分词 be going to +be +过去分词 否定句:won’t +be +过去分词 be not going to +be +过去分词

1. The 32th Olympic Games A. is held B. will hold
C. will be held

in Tokyo in 2020 D. will hold

2. His new book last month. A. will be published B. was published C. is published D. was publish

3. The old bridge in Taozhuan
A. is going to be rebuilt

next month.

B. will rebuilt C. are going to be rebuilt D. will be rubuild
4.What languages ______________(speak) in

Canada? A.is spoken B. will be spoken C. are spoken D. are going to speak

如何表达同 意与不同意
I think Yao Ming is a good basketball player. I agree.I agree with you. I think you’re right. It’s true. So do I . I think so. I don’t agree. I don’t think so.

关于so do I
So +be 动词 /助动词 /+情态动词 倒装句 1.She likes swimming . So does _____________ her sister. 2.I have seen the film . So has _____________ Betty . 3.I can finish my work . So can _____________ he .

Neither +be 动词/ 助动词/情态动词
1.She doesn’t like swimming . Neither does _____________her sister. 2.I haven’t seen the film . Neither has ______________Betty . 3.I can’t finish my work . Neither can ______________he .

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