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七年级英语Unit1Section A

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Unit 1 My name’s Gina

? Section A ? Go for it ? Book One

? A: What’s your name? ? B: ×××.

Complete the conversations with the words in the box.
I’m is name name’s his your ? ? ? ? Tony: Hello. What’s ______ name? your Jenny: My _________ Jenny. name’s Tony: _____ Tony. I’m Jenny: Nice to meet you, Tony.

Bill: What’s ______name? his
Maria: His ______ is Tony name

Bill: And what’s her _____? name
Maria: Her name ______Jenny. is

? A: What’s your name? ? B: My name’s ×××. I’m ×××.

? C: What’s his/her name? ? D: His/Her name’s ×××.

? Notes
?What’s =What is What’s your name? What is your name?

?I’m = I am
I’m Polly. I am Polly.

?name’s =name is
My name’s Li Lei. My name is Li Lei.

? I’m Bill Green.
? My first name is Bill.

? My last name is Green.
First name Bill Last name Green

What’s your first name?
What’s your last name?

Name Game

His name is Tony. Her name is Linda. My name is Ben.

Name guessing 要求学生用 What’s his/her name ? His/ Her name is… 来完成,以进一步巩固这些句型。

赵本山 David Beckham

刘德华 Michael Jordan Bill Clinton

George Bush


Albert Einstein



Period 2


Pair work: 两人一组就下列对话进行操练,然后 act it out. Sa:What’s your name ? Sb: My name is …. Sa: What’s your first name? Sb: My first name is… Sa: What’s your last name? Sb: My last name is…

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